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Fall 2013
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Letter from the Director

Dear Jeanne d'Arcers -
Welcome to our Fall 2013 edition of e-Blue Sparks.   

We hope this newsletter gives you another opportunity to relive your camp memories, share them with the next generation, perhaps reconnect with JDA friends, and join us at reunions.  

It has been a busy Fall at the camp office. We have a super new Marketing Manager, Megan Roth, give her a call or email her with your ideas for JDA!

What's new for 2014? Some things will stay the same, like our wonderful traditions and warm camp spirit. Some things are brand new! First, we are teaming up with the acclaimed National Outdoor Leadership School to offer a CJDA/NOLS Outdoor Leadership Program for girls! Read our article on NOLS for more information on this awesome opportunity.  Second, we are very excited to announce that we are reintroducing Camp Lafayette for Boys!  See our article for more information. Lastly, we are looking for some Alums to be the Jeanne d'Arc Torch Bearers. If you are interested in learning more about this cool program, check out our article.

Thank you to those who sent us photos and news! We hope to get more for our Spring 2014 newsletter. We'd love to hear from you! Let us know what you'd like to see. You may contribute photos and written memories at any time.

[email protected]

Save These Dates
Saturday, 3/1/14
Waldorf, Astoria, New York City
Annual Reunion
Look for your Invitation

Fri. - Sun. 6/13/14 - 6/15/14
Volunteer Weekend at Camp
Alumnae and Friends! 

Saturday 6/29/14
First Day of Camp

Saturday 7/12/14
Mid-Half Parents Visit

Friday 7/25/14
Parent's Day

Friday 8/15/14
Parent's Day

Saturday 8/16/14
Camp Closes for the Summer

Fri. - Sun. 8/22/14 - 8/24/14
Alumnae Meeting at Camp 

And if you really want to plan ahead...

Fri. - Sun. 8/19/16 - 8/21/16

95th Alumnae Reunion! 

Reunions & Camp Fairs
The goal of these reunions is to rekindle friendships, meet our Jeanne d'Arc families and share camp stories with prospective campers and their families.

Saturday 11/23/13
New York City
Bowlmor Lanes - Time Square
Reunion - Bowling Party - All invited

Saturday 1/11/14
New Canaan, CT
Hosted by Concannon Joyce Family
Reunion - All invited, bring a friend!

Sunday, 1/12/14,
Newtown, CT
Hosted by Brooker Moran Family
Reunion - All invited, bring a friend!

Sunday, 1/26/14
San Juan, PR
Hosted by Hernandez Suarez Family
Reunion - All invited, bring a friend!

Tuesday, 1/29/14
Greenwich High School
Camp Fair 6:30 - 8:30pm
Come and talk to new families about JDA and all we have to offer!

Wednesday, 1/30/14 
Tower Hill School
Camp Fair 6:30 - 8:30pm
Come and talk to new families about JDA and all we have to offer!

Saturday, 2/8/14
Glenside, PA
Hosted by McGuinn Christen Family
Reunion - All invited, bring a friend!

Saturday, 3/1/14
Waldorf, Astoria, New York City
Annual Reunion
Look for your Invitation

Fri. - Sun. 6/13/14 - 6/15/14
Volunteer Weekend at Camp
Alumnae and Friends! 

Fri. - Sun. 8/22/14 - 8/24/14
Alumnae Meeting at Camp

Contact us if you are interested in helping us at one of the reunions or camp fairs!

November Special
We have enrolled our first 21 campers for the Summer 2014 season! It's going to be a great summer at JDA! Register now and received $750* off full tuition prices (*includes $250 November Special plus $500 Early Enrollment)

Remember Alumnae receive an extra 10% off of that already reduced price.

Register Today

Jeanne d'Arcer Turns 100!
Jeanne d'Arcers help Sr. Mary Clark RSCJ ('30, '31, '37) celebrate her 100th birthday.  Left to Right:  Sue Dale Cox, Regina McGranery, Fran Dellunde McIntyre, Patsy McCann, Barbara Higgins Carter, and Ceci Sullivan Murray.  Seated:  Sr. Clark and a former student and Professor of Philosophy at University of Padua.
Jeanne d'Arcer Becomes Naval Aviator 
You may remember Mary Ruttum from camp (from the 90's).....This former camper has achieved her goal of becoming a Naval Aviator. She is currently stationed at NAS Oceana in Virginia Beach. She is a single seat pilot on the F-18 Super Hornet. She is part of Squadron 81, the Sunliners. She is 1 of only 10 female pilots in the entire Navy!
Alumnae News & Notes
From the 60's
Peggy Hogan Whiney '67-'70 announced that she is about to become a grandmother. Great photo from the 60's Chickadee Cabin.  Peggy is the counselor on the right. Other known faces: Jehanne McIntyre Edwards, Danielle Binnette, Dorothy Ames, Barbara Withington Meglis, Christine Geoffrian, Lynn Francoeur

Maryanne Perrotta '68-'71 is the principal of a large urban high school, the lessons of courage, endurance and sportsmanship are lessons that she tries to impart on a daily basis to her students.

Barbara Handfield and her husband Ray brought us up to date. They have 4 children and 9 grandchildren so Barbara has become skilled at cooking for a clan of 19 at family dinners.

Barbara Carter says that she retired in 2004 after 25 years of professional fund raising. She is living in New York City and enjoys its astonishing attractions and distractions.

From the 80's 
Sharon Wiegand (was Durland) married Eric Wiegand on July 31, 2013. Their 3 sons, Simon (10), Oliver (8), and Cole (10) each played their instruments - piano, violin, trumpet - at the small wedding at First Presbyterian Church in Annapolis. They followed this with a "familymoon," sailing around the Chesapeake Bay for a week. Sharon is secretary at her church and has lived in Annapolis since 2006. The boys still talk eagerly about their 2011 reunion visit to CJDA where they got to shoot BB guns, hunt for leeches and eat delicious meals in the Hearth. 

From the 2000's  
Emma Witherington is at Vanderbilt, absolutely loving it and working hard!

From the 50's - 80's:
Virginia Pellerano French's daughter, Isabelle French, married Andrew Manton, on June 15th in Tulum, Mexico. Jocelyn Pellerano, Carla Pellerano Walker, Patricia Pellerano Lundberg, Cecile Pellerano Fanfani, Valentina Fanfani, and Fabiana Fanfani all Jeanne d'Arcers were in attendance.
Summer '13 Was a Dream
Looking back now, Summer '13 was a dream, and went by all too quickly! 


We welcomed 107 campers and Aides, 46 staff and many, many alumnae and friends from 13 different countries and a dozen different states, including two awesome sisters from the Mohawk Akwesasne Nation. One of our former campers, Susana Aramburu (from Panama, sister of Dr. Maria Gabriela Aramburu Jean) was a counselor this past summer and she was in charge of producing our camp newspaper, The Blue and The White.


The July 6th edition ran the following headlines:
"Sports Review: Les Pucelles vs. Jolis Coeurs Games" by Roz Joyce;
"Camper Council 2013, "Vespers Topics Ideas" by Isabel Diaz and Sarah Powless, T-Birds; "Thought for the Week," "A Day in the Life of Alexis Washington" by Lulu DiPaolo, Flicker. Also included: "Commentary About Three Great Counselors" by Alexis Washington, Flicker; "A Flicker Poet" by Amanda Yep, Flicker; "A Poem Named JDA" by Tara Chugh, Flicker; a "Joke of the Week" by Mary Joyce, Flicker, and all the new cabin songs. That was a strong Flicker cabin!

The August 15th edition heralded an article called "Wacky Wednesday Fun" by Jehanne Edwards, Camp Director; "Super Start to Second Half" by Eliza Price, Falcon; a "Play Update" by Jane Taylor, T-Bird; "Sunrise Canoe Trip" by Sophie Orban, T-Bird; "Fun with Oisin" by Sidney Swearingen, Falcon. Other articles talked about overnights, clubs, a new special event called "Starlight Slumber," a tennis tournament against rivals and neighbors, Camp Chateaugay, a long article about one of our awesome riding instructors: Morgan Wright, entitled "More about Moe." A great article by editor Susana Aramburu called, "Our Very Own American Archer" explained that one of our Aides (and long time camper) Madison Leap, received her 15th pin in archery thereby gaining the very rarely attained title of "American Archer." Congratulations Madison! Also included were: topics for letter home day, suggestions for our "suggestion fish," JDA dates for Summer 2014 and much, much more.

If you know camp (like we know camp) you know that all of the above stuff came on top of all of our regular activities and traditions. Wow! What a summer! How did we fit it all in?

Banquet Song 2013 - 
"Our Place, Our Time"
Air: "I Won't Give Up" by Jason Mraz
Words: Leigh Anne Amy, Erin Bailey, Maggie Joyce and Emily Sloan
Accompaniment: Caroline Brennan

At the start of the summertime
weren't sure what we would find
and then all of you arrived
and this place felt like home.

This is our place, our time
this summer you all have shined
and how we won't be the same
when we leave JDA.

And now that it's almost done
just know that you were the ones
that made each of our days
every step of the way.

This is our place, our time
this summer you all have shined
and how we won't be the same
when we leave JDA.

This is our place, our time
the summer has just flown by
but in our hearts you will stay
when we leave JDA.

National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) and CJDA Team Up!
This season we are proud to announce a partnership between Camp Jeanne d'Arc and the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS).  NOLS is an internationally well regarded and respected leader in teaching ethical values and leadership training in challenging outdoors environments. This summer Camp JDA and NOLS will offer 3 programs: one for girls who have finished grade 8 & 9, one for girls who have finished grade 10 & 11 and one for "Moms & Alums," 18 and over. The joint expeditions will include 10 days of backpacking and canoeing. Leadership is learned through experiences. The CJDA/NOLS experience will be a great addition to resumes and college applications! More information on this exciting new enhancement to our JDA program coming soon!

NOLS Website

Reintroducing Camp Lafayette for Boys on Lake Chateaugay

History of Camp Lafayette
Colonel and Mrs. Charles J. McIntyre founded Camp Lafayette on the Chateaugay Lake Narrows in the late 1920's. It was moved to the Upper Lake in the 1930's to property once owned by silent movie mogul, Jack Clifford.  As with JDA, most of the original campers were from the Philadelphia area. Lafayette closed at the start of World War II because Colonel Mac went back into the service.  It briefly reopened in the 1950's. The property has remained with the McIntyre family ever since.

Future of Camp Lafayette
The plan for this inaugural summer 2014, is to welcome 24 boys ages 8 through 14 for 2 or 4 weeks of camp.  The boys will have a home base at JDA, but will spend most of their time at Lafayette.  Lafayette Beach is the last undeveloped naturally sandy beach on beautiful 14 mile Lake Chateaugay. Camp Lafayette is comprised of approximately 75 acres of wooded, waterfront property.  The site will have platform tents for sleeping and gathering and open spaces for activities and games.  Breakfast and dinner will be camp-out style at Lafayette and lunches will vary depending on the schedule.  The boys will return to JDA every few days for hot showers and meals in the Hearth. They will have access to all of the JDA facilities on a separate schedule than the girls.

The program will allow the boys to choose their activities at the beginning of each week. Mornings and afternoons will include 2 activity periods. Activities will include instructional and recreational swimming, snorkeling, fishing, canoeing, sailing, waterskiing, wakeboarding, and SUP'ing.  Sports will include soccer, flag-football, kickball, BB's, riflery and archery, hiking and outdoor camping skills, woodworking and other camp crafts. Laser tag and special events will round out their time at Camp Lafayette. 



Dates & Rates: 2014

July 12 - July 26                 $2400*

July 26 - August 8              $2400*

*introductory pricing


Register for the 2014 Season

by March 15, 2014


Call 410-647-7733

Email [email protected]

Jeanne d'Arc Torch Bearers Wanted
Many of our Alums often ask, "Is there anything I can do?" The answer is "Yes!"  We are looking for a group of Jeanne d'Arcers to help spread the word about how wonderful Camp Jeanne d'Arc is for girls! And, to assist in projects that will benefit the camp.  Here are some things we would like help doing. Please let us know if you are interested in:
  • Attending reunions
  • Attending camp fairs
  • Calling prospective families
  • Calling other Alums 
  • Contacting Schools 
  • Editing video

Email us today if you are interested! 

90th Alumnae Reunion Recap
90th Reunion attendees: August 19-21, 2011
"Oh, we're all out camping in the Adirondacks, and we're full of pep as a carpet is of tacks, and there's not a blessed thing that the old Camp lacks...we certainly are feeling fine, and we're all coming back every summer time!"

Over 70 Jeanne d'Arcers and their families did come back to Jd'A for a fabulous 90th Anniversary Reunion at the end of  last summer.
The familiar scent of pines, beautiful blue skies, and fresh air greeted alums as they turned into the gate on Friday afternoon.   Big hugs and shrieks of recognition greeted us at the Chalet as we picked up our cabin assignments and signed up for the weekend's activities.


The highlight of that first night at Camp was campfire on the field (site of the old trampoline pits and current Smugglers' campsite).  Sitting on logs around a blazing fire, we sang every song in the new song books we had received that day.


Saturday started with "Breakfast to Order" in the Hearth.Was that an option when we were campers?Since it was a perfect "Jd'A Day", most of us spent it on the waterfront, enjoying motor boat rides to Big Lake, sailing, canoeing, swimming, chatting on the beach, or just enjoying, "Fun in the Sun."Others opted for riflery, tennis, and other land sports.Later, we gathered in our woodland chapel, Our Lady of the Snows, for a special Mass, celebrated by our good friend, Father Frank Coryer, in memory of deceased Jeanne d'Arcers. 
For many, it was the first time they had seen the beautiful stained glass windows depicting the life of Jeanne. 
Designed by Chantal Auger Couture on the occasion of Jd'A's 75th, they were executed by Jeanne d'Arc campers.
Next, it was time for cocktails and camaraderie on Fran's deck overlooking the lake. At one point, Jolis and Les vied for who had the best team song!  The group picture took place on the Hearth steps, followed by a "surprise activity": dipping hands in paint and stamping hand prints onto a sign! 


Inside the Hearth, another surprise awaited us: huge photos of Camp and campers from the 1920s to the present time--"Jd'A Over the Years"-- hung from the rafters and walls. We sat down to a traditional Banquet feast, complete with "Banquet Pie", a yummy concoction of chocolate crust, filled with chocolate and mint ice cream and topped with whipped cream. (Believe it or not, the recipe, along with our own Judy LaPoint Noreault's name, appeared in an issue of Adirondack Life a few years ago.) 


Following the meal, several people stood up and spoke movingly about what their experiences at Camp Jeanne d'Arc meant to them. (Click here for link to Sharon LaMont Charde's speech.) Jehanne McIntyre Edwards read several emails from alums who sent their best wishes. (Click here for Carla Pellerano Walker's email.) 


A super slide show of Summer 2011 allowed us a peek into everyday camp activities.  Do campers have fun?  You bet they do! Another campfire down at the waterfront provided a perfect ending to our special Jd'A day.


What would a reunion be without Jolis/Les Kickball?  Sunday morning, after our breakfasts to order, alums, spouses, children, and guests participated in a rousing game. We were soon singing "So Long, We'll See You Again," and blowing kisses as our friends departed. 


But, before leaving, we all took home a mini-Adirondack basket, lovingly made by Olivia Edwards and her team of counselors and campers under the direction and inspiration of Peg Marie, who, in the footsteps of many Jd'A alums with a talent to share, spent a weekend teaching campers and counselors how to make these adorable baskets.


The following alums and family attended all or part of the weekend.  From the 50's:  Elizabeth Ballantyne, Ann Breen, Ann-Marie Carroll and her husband, Connie Curry and her husband, Tom, Karen DeCavalcante, Sharon LaMont Charde, Barbara Leahy Brooker and her husband,David,  Carol Palmer Hallifax, Sarene Murphy Byrne, Sue Neary Greene, Jocelyn Pellerano, and Ceci Sullivan Murray and her husband, Jack.  From the '60s:  Francoise Fielding, Livvy Greer Dinneen and her friend, Michael Berns, Chris Leanza Barnes, and Peg Marie.  From the '70s:  Kim Ashton Whalen,  Francesca Carbajal Zuchetti, Anne Leahy, Suzanne Ostiguy McIntyre, Brian McIntyre, and their daughter, Madeleine, Susanne McIntyre and her husband, Marc Gouran and their daughters, Kate, and Molly, Megan Murray and Jim Steele, and their daughters, Catherine and Sarah, and Carolyn Sheehan Crosby and her husband, Scott. From the '80s:  Erika Brooker Moran and her husband, Joe, and their children, Joey, and Molly, Kristen Brooker and her daughter, Amanda, Sharon Durland and her two boys, Simon and Oliver, Stefanie Segal-Fielding Hendrick, and Michele Murray Sloan and her children, JP, Peter, and Meredith.  From the '90s:  Dawn Reres, and her infant son, Robbi, and from the 2000s:  Katie Whalen, Emily Sloan and Katie DeSantis.


Joining us for Mass and the party on the Domremy deck were neighbors, family and friends: Dottie Corbett McIntyre, Marie McIntyre McNamara and her sons, Seamus and Corbett, and Bill and Jessica Cleveland.


Greetings were received from:  Jeff Chase, Mary Hunt, Valentina Herrera, Aileen White, Barb Withington, Connie Drapeau, Stacie Battaglia, Terry Wilson, Carla Pellerano Walker, Virginia Pellerano French, and Betty Reed.  Many thanks to Lisa Zadravec for making and sending the fanciful decade signs that adorned the Chalet and directed people to their photos.  And, last but not least, special thanks to the Jd'A counselors and staff who stayed an extra week to help host our marvelous weekend: Fer Leon, Luly Campos, Liz Chaskey, Elena Young, Lasse Bendtsen, Kaela Hurteau, Stephanie Dalton, Sarah Manning, Deirdre Spilman and Adam Pelletier. And, as always, our loyal Jeanne d'Arc helpers: Judy, Bernie, Pam and Wayne.




If you know of another Alum who would enjoy our newsletter and may not be on the list, please forward this to them or send us their email address. Please continue sending in your news for our next edition.

Jehanne McIntyre Edwards
Director, Camp Jeanne d'Arc
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