April 2013

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New Kitchen Remodeling Ideas for Spring


Spring is a time of change for many homeowners. Everyone desires something new in spring. A new kitchen is not only a great investment for anyone but it also will save you time along the year. It will provide you a fresh environment in your home as well as the following seasons.

Sleek contemporary designs don't have to be expensive. It comes in many sorts of materials and designs. The best is to find the style that matches your home by looking at professionals magazines. The designs that you'll find there, are perfect. Every detail has been thoroughly discussed and analyzed.

Another tip for saving money is choosing appropriate materials. Go for stone, quality timber or steel. They don't only last longer than other materials but they also look better for a longer time.

Wood flooring or exposed beams is another good idea. An exposed beam look inviting, it's actually cheaper than a wall and last a life-long.

Stainless steel is an exceptional choice for a design kitchen. Just don't overkill with it. It is nice for appliances, counter-tops, faucets and shelves. They should only set a note to the kitchen and don't disturb the design. It is rather expensive so only some details in stainless steel are more than enough.

You should remodel your kitchen so that cooking should be more a hobby than a chore. Hard and soft material, color and pastel, natural and artificial material should be in a balance. Spring asks for happy color with more blue and yellow than the gray tones of winter. Don't think about it as a building project, but as a place where you should well, come into spring feelings and identify the whole year round. Think about a place in your kitchen where you can put fresh flowers from outside (for example). That is what makes a spring remodeling different from a winter remodeling. In winter, the place should inspire warm to compensate for the weather outside. In spring it has to inspire the idea of renovation, a new beginning.



Easy Peanut Butter Cake

1 box chocolate graham crackers (there will be a few graham crackers left over)
2 (3 1/4-ounce) boxes vanilla instant pudding
1 cup peanut butter
3 1/2 cups milk
1 (8-ounce) container Cool Whip, thawed
1 can chocolate frosting

Spray the bottom of a 9x13 pan with cooking spray. Line the bottom of the pan with whole graham crackers. In bowl of an electric mixer, mix pudding with milk and peanut butter; beat at medium speed for 2 minutes. Fold in whipped topping. Pour half the pudding mixture over graham crackers. Place another layer of whole graham crackers on top of pudding layer. Pour over remaining half of pudding mixture and cover with another layer of graham crackers.

Heat the container of prepared frosting, uncovered in the microwave for 1 minute. Pour over the top of the cake. Refrigerate for at least 12 hours before serving.

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