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Accountants Networking News 
The Networking Economist Guide | October 2012

I hope your plan to be busy is bringing you results.
Fresh from helping an assortment of Professional Firms, the Federation of Small Businesses and Brunel University with networking sessions we're under self review. Listening to feedback we've discovered some clients like more time to practice so we've added this to selected briefings.
With this  in mind, we've combined a taster session with a networking event, giving you a new opportunity to practice what we show you immediately.
Engagement - curated content that networks on your behalf 
Read our latest blog about how there's a lot of white noise in marketing, and why I think engagement can be summed up as keeping in touch - with permission. Are you keeping your biggest fans informed

Does Friendship have a role in busines?

We've had some "amazing" testimonials from clients lately. The fact that they are recommending our workshops proves how happy they are with what we showed them.
It's an interesting article to think about, worth reading, not just because he quotes us.

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Networking not working?
Download your own copy of our White Paper today
Get your own copy of our White Paper today!   


Opportunities do not light fallow, other people pick them up.


Places at our Highly Recommended Company Directors Briefing are limited to 10.....October is fully booked.


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Here's what just one of our previous attendees said:


"A very useful and practical session, even for experienced networkers. Jason builds up the art of effective networking from the basics to more advanced hints and tips. I found the advice on structuring a conversation to get a real feel for what the other person has to offer their clients the most useful."
Peter Fairchild, Private Client Tax Partner at Smith & Williamson LLP

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A Ten Point Strategy for Improving Networking Results.


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Or read our blogs to find out how to avoid networking faux pas.

LinkedIn Secrets


LinkedIn allows you to move things around on your profile page. This has become more important now that they've made it so easy for your connections to recommend your specific services or skills.


We include these and more practical tips in our Briefings so you can use the tools that will help you widen your network strategically.


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Biggest Networking Group in the World

If you've already got people engaged in what you do, they might be ready to introduce you to your next client. Are you keeping your biggest fans well informed
If you're not sure how call 0207 100 2437 and we will talk you through it.  If you are already doing this and want to ramp up your level of engagement Find out how to start a free trial - your next client could be waiting to hear from you...


Video: Letting The Right People Know who you want to meet

Our new exclusive video explains that while brand dispersal is important, it is also essential that the right people know about your reputation. Through a unique Beyond Networking strategy, we can help you identify the right people and business to connect with to create an efficient network that works for you

Who do you know that would benefit from a monthly networking update? Or pehaps a highly talented team that work hard yet lack the skill or the confidence to get out there and compete for business.
Here's what one of our previous attendees said of our briefing:


"Thought provoking and a good reminder of best practice - with some good tips thrown in.


We love making Networkers Happy,


Jason Cobine
The Networking Economist
Beyond Networking - Building Profitable Networks

"Jason's event was certainly worth attending. Tips on how to escape the needy networker who pins you in the corner were worth turning up for on their own. Knowing that my own frustrations and methods of self-sabotage were common to others was both a comfort and a catalyst to rethink how I approach formal networking events."

Gavin Morton-Holmes, New Business Associate at Sandler Training

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