Board of Directors Member Kristy Shaffer 


Kristy Shaffer joined SCAN's Board of Directors in 2014 and during her time with SCAN has brought energy and enthusiasm.   


Kristy is the Director of Procurement for CarMax, and has worked there for 19 years, and continues to love the company culture.


Kristy was involved with CarMax's Richmond Giving Community for about 5 years, and through CarMax was introduced to SCAN through their program to connect employees with a non-profit organization that aligns with their goals and interests.


"In my last year with SCAN, I have most enjoyed the interactions with the staff," Kristy said. "Through the busiest times at SCAN, everyone continues to be unrelenting with their work towards the mission."


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Recently SCAN's Board of Directors created a Word Cloud using words that describes SCAN.




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Vol. 55,  June 2015
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Resilience Trumps ACEs


Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) are significant childhood traumas that result in actual changes in brain development; changes that affect a child's cognitive, social, and mental health. Resilience is the ability to counter the risk factors that endanger our health. The Centers for Disease Control view ACEs as "one of, if not the leading determinant of the health and social well-being of our nation."


Within our 5 programs, SCAN works with many children and parents who have experienced adverse childhood experiences. The work done within our programs helps build resilience to overcome the lasting effects of this trauma. Research has shown that children who have social and emotional difficulties early in life are more likely to experience expulsion from school, drop out of school, be arrested, develop substance abuse problems and die at a younger age.


The Trauma Informed Community Network (TICN), which SCAN helped develop in 2011 and continues to lead, is comprised of representatives from various non-profit, for-profit and government agencies in the Greater Richmond area. They are dedicated to supporting and advocating for continuous trauma informed care for all children and families

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Thank you to Innsbrook Rotary for your donation to SCAN through Happy Dollars at the Annual Banquet Installation.


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