Volume 6 Issue 1
March 2015


NNHVIP Moves Back to California


Goodbye, cheesesteaks! We're going back to Cali.


The NNHVIP headquarters has moved. After three productive years in Philadelphia, with the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) and Drexel University sharing the responsibility with so much dedication, NNHVIP's main headquarters is now in Oakland, CA, housed with Youth ALIVE!. However, all three organizations will continue to partner together to operate the network. Drexel remains the NNHVIP Center for Trauma-Informed Practice, and CHOP continues as the NNHVIP Research Center. 


With that in mind, we are happy to reintroduce the NNHVIP e-bulletin. Published every two months, this is a place to share news, best-practices, funding opportunities, and anything important to violence prevention and intervention. If you have something you would like to share please send it to us here.


The Marla Becker Scholarship
Healing Hurt People - Chicago  

The Marla Becker Scholarship, funded through NNHVIP, provides free training for one new or emerging Hospital-based Violence Intervention Program (HVIPs) each year. This year was stiff competition with 11 strong applications from across the country - all of them doing important work in violence prevention. The 2014-2015 Marla Becker Scholarship winner, Healing Hurt People-Chicago (HHP-C), is an HVIP in one of the most impacted communities in the country.  


Modeled after the Philadelphia group of a similar name, Healing Hurt People-Chicago is based out of Comer Children's Hospital at the University of Chicago and the Cook County Trauma Unit at John Stroger Hospital, the only public facility with a mandate to treat the thousands of gunshot and stab victims in the Chicago area every year. Patient and Family Support Coordinator, Andy Wheeler, described the motivation for providing care on a more sustained level, "My desk is right across from where patients come in the doors. Seeing so much interpersonal violence, we want to stay connected with patients once they leave the hospital and start building a relationship to set a foundation for future care and needs assessment."


Beyond treating trauma patients and providing services such as assisting with schooling, or helping situate clients with employment; HHP-C hopes to become involved in advocacy issues related to gun violence and gun control in urban spaces. "You can do as much as you want to help people heal from trauma, avoid incarceration and gun violence. But without making an impact on a policy level, by limiting access to guns and increasing access to good schools, we won't address the root of the issue," explains Wheeler.


In addition to providing care, HHP-C partners with several organizations in the Chicago area to ensure a smooth hand-off of treatment for patients and their families. Sustained partnerships throughout the city will be a great asset in providing wide-ranging services and creating an immersive environment of care for survivors of gun and blunt force trauma. It truly takes a network of resources and services to address the needs of clients, and we are extremely confident that HHP-C will uphold the high standards of treatment and care that embody the Marla Becker Scholarship Award. The application period for next year's award begins in September of 2015.


The Marla Becker Scholarship award recognizes efforts by new or emerging programs to implement hospital-based or hospital -linked violence intervention around the nation, by providing two days of technical assistance. 


To learn more, visit the NNHVIP website here.


Trauma Informed Care Corner 


Trauma Treatment Improvement Protocol  

Welcome to the Trauma-Informed Corner of the NNHVIP Newsletter! As buzz and interest around trauma, trauma-informed care, and trauma-informed practices continues to grow, this section of the NNHVIP Newsletter will provide members with access to information regarding trauma-informed care tips, resources, best practices, and research.


In the past year, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSA) released "Trauma Treatment Improvement Protocol (TIP) 57: Trauma-Informed Care in Behavioral Health Services". TIP 57 provides information and resources for behavioral health providers and program administrators in assisting people who have experienced trauma throughout their life course. Some of the highlights of TIP 57 include resources and information on:

  • The core principles & practices that reflect trauma-informed care
  • Evaluating & initiating the use of appropriate trauma-related screening and assessment tools
  • Building trauma-informed workforces, organizations, and collaborations

Electronic and hard copies of TIP 57 can be found here. 

NNHVIP E-Bulletin Contents
Marla Becker Scholarship Winner
Trauma Informed Care Corner
Articles of Interest
Research Corner

Save the date for the 2015 NNHVIP Conference
September 28-29 
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News Articles of Interest

NNHVIP Research Corner

Welcome to the inaugural Research Corner. The NNHVIP Research Community is alive and well, bantering about research ideas, grant opportunities, and learning from each other about best practices, pearls and pitfalls. Our diverse members hail from varied geographic regions including London, U.K. and Winnipeg, Canada, and have research expertise in qualitative studies, randomized trials, secondary data analyses, and more. 


Here are some recent articles that have relevance to our work. Congratulations to those authors who are also part of NNHVIP member programs Healing Hurt People in Philadelphia and Wraparound in San Francisco.

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