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Product Focus: XF Series of Hi-Rel/MIL-COTS power supplies


Whitepaper:Designing for a Ruggedized Environment 


XF test data covering MIL-STD-461F & MIL-STD-810G 


Video- Xgen XF Series Power Supply 

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Welcome to the latest Excelsys Newsletter with a product focus on the XF Series of Hi-Rel COTS Power Supply and their use in the military industry. 

The XF series of configurable, ruggedized power supplies provides a single solution for the vast majority of harsh environment and Mil-COTS applications. The XF is ruggedized to withstand extremes in shock and vibration and is certified to MIL-STD 810G, Integrity Test for Shock and Vibration. Ideal for use in applications subject to extremes in temperature, the XF family will deliver up to 1000W over a wide temperature range from -55 to 70C and is conformal coated as standard, ensuring additional protection from water and dust. 


This editions' technical article is entitled 'Designing for a Ruggedized Environment' which explores the key focal points when designing for extreme environments, and illustrates how the XF series meets these requirements. Finally, there is significant test and characterisation data available to assist system designers. We highlight these reports that focus on areas such as EMI (MIL-STD-461F ) and Shock & Vibration (MIL-STD-810G). 


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Grace Mulqueen
Marketing Executive
Excelsys Technologies Ltd
Excelsys Adds High Reliability, Ruggedized, AC-DC, Power Supply
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The XF series of high reliability, ruggedized AC/DC power supplies is intended for use in harsh operating environments, including Mil-COTS applications. The power chassis of the XF family are rated from 400W to 1000W in a package measuring 10.55" x 5.00" x 1.59". Employing Excelsys' innovative plug-and-play architecture, the unprecedented flexibility allows users to instantly configure DC output configurations in less than 5 minutes.

The series features efficiencies greater than 90%, a wide temperature range from -55 to 70C to meet the demands of harsh operating environments and is ruggedized to withstand extreme shock and vibration (certified to MIL-STD 810G Integrity Test for Vibration). All configurations carry full safety agency approvals, including UL60950 and EN60950 and are fully characterized for EMI according to MIL-461F. Other standard features include 47-440Hz input frequency; Single and Dual Output Modules with 1.5V to 58V output voltages and wide trim ranges; individual output control; all outputs isolated; series/parallel connections; and 5V/250mA bias standby voltage.

The unique flexibility of the XF series simplifies integration for system designers, allowing instant configuration to standard and non-standard output voltages. The XF delivers industry leading performance in terms of efficiency and power density and significantly has its technical roots in our certified, field proven Xgen platform, ensuring the highest levels of reliability even in extreme environments.


Designing for a Ruggedized Environment


This paper describes the key focal points when designing for extreme environments, and shows how the XF series meets these requirements. With the proven reliability of the Xgen series, Excelsys Technologies now takes the same high performance and incorporates this into a modular based configurable power supply and extends the environment and operating conditions on which this platform can be used.

With the introduction of the XF series, users can now extend the lower operating condition to -55 degrees Celsius and incorporate a part into their design which has specifically been designed to meet the stringent vibration requirements of MIL STD 810G, with selected tests from MIL STD 46IF, MIL STD 1399 Section 300 Type 1 and MIL-STD 704F.
XF test data covering MIL-STD-461F & MIL-STD-810G
XF Product In November 2012 Excelsys added the XF platform to its industry leading Xgen range of Modular Field-Configurable Power Supplies. With solutions from 400W to 1KW the XF platform is designed for use in harsh operating environments, is conformal coated and ruggedized to withstand extremes in shock and vibration as well as operation over a wide temperature range of -55 to 70C. 

Since launch we have seen 
unparalleled levels of design-in activity from applications including Test and Measurement, Communications, Fixed and Mobile Radar and Military Electronics which require COT's solutions. We recognize the importance of validated 3rd party test data in particular covering critical issues such as EMC and Shock & Vibration. As a result we are delighted today to release key extracts from our 3rd party test reports detailing our MIL-STD-461F and MIL-STD-810G approvals. Please contact Excelsys or your local Excelsys representative to request an Excelsys NDA to receive the complete reports. 

  Video- Xgen XF Series Power Supply
The XF range of Xgen power supplies are designed to meet the demands of harsh operating environments. Ruggedized to withstand extremes in shock and vibration and is certified to Mil-STD 810G, Integrity Test for Shock and Vibration.

This video takes the viewer through the highlights of the XF design, and will compare and contrast the design with the standard Xgen platform.

Click here to view the video
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