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SIL Europe 2012



LED Show Presentation-Light is Life but choose your power supply carefully !



Whitepaper: Sustainable Lighting - The Case for LED's



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Welcome to our latest LED Newsletter. In this edition we announce our attendance at the Strategies in Light Trade Show in September.  Excelsys will be exhibiting at this event and all the information and our booth details are listed below. 


In this edition we also have a presentation written by Shane Callanan,Director of Applications Engineering. Shane presented this paper at 'The LED Show' in Las Vegas on August the 6th.  The presentation focus's on two key areas:

  1. Challenges in ensuring that the choice of driver & partner ensures an optimization of controlling your LED's
  2. Future trends in power supplies 


We also feature a whitepaper by another member of our Applications Engineering team, Tommy O'Brien. The whitepaper entitled Sustainable Lighting: The Case for LED's explores in great detail the potential energy demand reduction that could be attained with more efficient lighting practices.


Your feedback on our newsletter is always welcome. Please feel free to contact us with your comments, opinions and suggestions for specific future feature topics.


Grace Mulqueen

Marketing Executive

Excelsys Technologies Ltd




Excelsys exhibiting at Strategies in Light Europe 2012 
SIL ImageExcelsys Technologies are delighted to announce that we will be exhibiting at the upcoming Strategies in Light Europe 2012 which takes place in Munich, Germany from the 18th to the 20th of September.


SIL Europe is in its 3rd year of providing a conference and exhibition for the rapidly growing LED Lighting Industry. We would like to invite you to visit us at our booth, D9, where we will be exhibiting our latest range of High Efficiency, High Reliability LED drivers.


To see our broad range of Dimming, Constant Current and Constant Voltage LED drivers visit our website at www.excelsys.com 


You can also visit the SIL Europe website to register for attendance http://www.sileurope.com/index.html


Excelsys Technologies Ltd, Booth D9

SIL Europe 2012,  M.O.C. Event Centre

Munich, Germany 

LED Show Presentation: Light is Life but choose your power supply carefully !
LED LightingThis presentation explains in great detail the challenges facing a design team as they go through the specification and design stages of a power supply intended to drive High Brightness LED's. It also shows the design in brief, projected performance parameters of the product, compliance standards and operational features to be met.
It will also discuss global trends and what the customer can expect to see in the future from their power supplies. 

Whitepaper: Sustainable Lighting - The Case for LED's

LED lighting, (or solid state lighting) is a rapidly expanding market for niche lighting applications, and is now making inroads into the general lighting market. Yet LED lighting is being faced with the very same consumer criticisms that plagued the introduction of CFL's, that of poor light quality and high initial costs. If LED lighting is to become the standard in lighting, these criticisms must be addressed, along with other issues such as power quality, and compatibility with existing light fittings in order to offer superior artificial lighting both in aesthetics and energy efficiency. 


In this paper, the potential energy demand reduction that could be attained with more efficient lighting practices is described. Following that a brief look at the qualities of LED lighting is discussed, and finally, the prospects of LED lighting in the future are assessed. 



Click here to read the full whitepaper