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Latest Range of the Quietest Modular Power Supplie from Excelsys


Excelsys Release Ultra Low-Leakage Current Modular Power Supplies



Application Note: Low Leakage Xgen 




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Xgen Customer Newsletter 03



Welcome to the latest Xgen Customer Newsletter. In this edition we are delighted to announce the release of the latest range of products from our XGen Ultra-Quiet Family. The new XB and XW are the quietest modular power supplies in the market, provide up to 800W and will allow our customers to dramatically reduce system noise and vibration, which are often critical issues particularly in the medical, scientific, laboratory and audio-broadcast industries.

Excelsys is also pleased to introduce to the market the Xgen Ultra Low-Leakage products. With optional <150uA Earth Leakage Current, available on all our medically approved (IEC60601-1 3rd Edition) power supplies, which are ideal for a wide range of medium and higher power medical applications.
Our latest newsletter also includes an application note on Earth Leakage Current written by our expert Applications Engineering team. This application note examines the method and implications of reducing Earth Leakage Current.


Your feedback on our newsletter is always welcome. Please feel free to contact us with your comments, opinions and suggestions for future feature topics.
Grace Mulqueen
Marketing Executive
Excelsys Technologies Ltd



Latest Range of the Quietest Modular Power Supplies from Excelsys

Excelsys Technologies, leaders in high efficiency modular powerUltra Low Noise 6 Slot

supply announces the release of the latest Ultra-Quiet products from their market leading Xgen platform of user configurable power supplies.


The Excelsys XB and XW families consist of six models offering up to 800W output power. With only 38.3dBA of acoustic noise over all load conditions this new family is the quietest modular, configurable power supply in the market.



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Excelsys Release Ultra-Low Leakage Current Modular Power Supplies

We are pleased to announce the release of a new range of EN60601-1 3rd

edition approved Ultra-Low Leakage Current Modular Power Supplies suitable for a wide range of medium and high power medical applications.


With optional earth leakage currents of <150uA, system designers can install two Xgen power supplies in a single system while still meeting stringent medical leakage current requirements.


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Application Note: Low Leakage Xgen

In our featured application note, Excelsys Director of Applications, Shane Callanan discusses Earth Leakage Current, methods to reduce earth leakage current and their implications from an Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) performance perspective. 


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