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Since handing the Tuscan Women Cook reigns to Coleen and Rhonda, Bill and Patty have started preparations for a new winery in Fredericksburg Texas, Andreucci Wines. Nestled in the heart of Texas Hill Country, the Sutherland's have partnered with Flavio Andreucci, their neighbor from Montefollonico, whose family has been making wine since the 1700's. You can reach
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April 2016. Tuscan Women Cook, LLC
Ciao da Montefollonico!
An Italian getaway was something Jim Henson had been dreaming about for years. He discovered the Tuscan Women Cook website from a friend and was immediately captivated by the music from the minute he opened the web page. He decided to book a three-week trip to Italy with Tuscan Women Cook scheduled for the second week. Upon reflection, he shared that it was the perfect vacation "sandwich" itinerary. Jim traveled alone and was touched by how warm and welcoming his fellow Tuscan Women Cook guests were. He was introduced to many single women who were also confidently traveling alone. "Tuscan Women Cook is the perfect trip for a solo traveler."

Jim said, "I have never been around a group of people who bonded like family so quickly. We shared the experiences in such a warm, intimate setting. I've established such close ties with my fellow Tuscan Women Cook guests that have developed into friendships that will last a lifetime." Jim became close friends with three other guests and continues to stay in touch and enjoy dinners together. 
He found the La Chiusa hotel to be a magnificent Tuscan home for his week at Tuscan Women Cook. Returning to his room after a full day was a luxurious treat. "The room was charming. The grounds were stunning and the staff was extraordinary. And Dania!!"
Jim was a chef instructor for Williams-Sonoma for 13 years and currently works as a catering rep for Central Market in Dallas, so he went to Tuscan Women Cook with impressive culinary expertise. However, he marveled at how the week was really
designed for everyone, regardless of previous culinary experience. Jim noted that even the guests that were there purely for the social aspect of Tuscan Women Cook came away with some impressive new cooking skills. He fondly recalls an initially reluctant husband of one of the more engaged guests say to his wife, "When we get back home I want to spend more time in the kitchen."

Jim loved that Tuscan Women Cook was an instructional hands-on experience with the real women from the village, not slick professionals. Having traveled extensively through Europe and Asia, Jim said nothing compares to this experience. "I've been to cooking schools before with professional chefs and the Tuscan women cooks are utterly authentic and generous with their knowledge. And the hugs are pretty great too! I fell in love with Dania, the personification of an Italian woman chef. Together, we strolled through her fragrant herb garden as she snipped fresh fragrant rosemary, basil and thyme for the evening meal." Jim wistfully recalled that the farewell seven-course dinner prepared by Dania was one of the most memorable meals he's ever had.
Inspired by his week with Tuscan Women Cook, Jim prepared a formal Christmas dinner for 22 guests in his home that featured all the recipes he brought back from Tuscan Women Cook. He prepared sensational fresh pasta from scratch. His flavorful sauces and succulent stuffed pork loin were all prepared with confidence and finesse thanks to his week with Tuscan Women Cook. He even featured wines he shipped directly from Italy. Vacation photos revolved on his flat screen television and his Italian music playlist was reminiscent of his very first visit to the Tuscan Women Cook website.
Jim ended our conversation with this heartfelt reflection:
"I do hope I have the opportunity to go back. It had a lasting impact on me, more than any other trip I've ever taken." 

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