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  As seen through a night-vision device, U.S. Senior Airman Larry Webster scans for potential threats using night-vision goggles after completing a cargo airdrop in Ghazni province, Afghanistan, Oct. 7, 2013. U.S. Air Force photo by Master Sgt. Ben Bloker
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BBB serving Louisville, Southern Indiana, and Western Kentucky was proud to partner with the Garrison Command for the 2nd Annual Fort Knox and BBB Accredited Business Expo in June 2013.

This FREE event was held at the pavilion, right outside the U.S. Army Human Resource Command, which houses over 5,000 employees. Military, Newcomers, and Civilian Personnel stopped by the Expo to meet the nearly 60 Accredited Businesses that displayed their products and services. A local Accredited Business competition race team even brought their newest car for all to see.

During the five hour event, our BBB was proud to share information about BBB Military Line.  We handed out literature that focuses on- Scams that target the Military, Identity Theft, Avoiding Common Scams, BBB's Accredited Businesses Directory,  and the Wise Buying Guide.

Family Readiness Groups handed out BBB purchased popcorn at the event and were able to collect more than $250 in donations for their units. Discussion is already underway for the 3rd Annual Fort Knox and BBB Accredited Business Expo!

This month's contribution to our new "BBBs in Action" column was submitted by Cathy Williamson, Branch Manager, Lincoln Trail Area (LTA).


Marines navigate through an obstacle course on Marine Corps Base Camp Geiger, N.C., Oct 4, 2013. For the first time, the Infantry Training Battalion on Camp Geiger is collecting data on the performance of female Marines when executing existing infantry tasks and training events. U.S. Marine Corps photo by Chief Paul S. Mancuso  



ATroops Will Get Mid-Month Pay and Bonuses on Time

All active-duty troops will receive their usual pay and allowances on time for the mid-month pay period on Oct. 15, and the check will likely include most incentive pays and re-enlistment bonuses, Pentagon officials said Tuesday.

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PCS Moves Put on Hold Until Shutdown Ends

If you were planning to PCS soon you've probably already figured out that your move could be in jeopardy - at least temporarily.


According to the Army, at least, moves for any Soldiers whose new orders were issued after Oct. 1 are on hold until the government reopens. The other services have issued similar guidance.

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Government Shutdown Halts Tuition Assistance

While the "Pay our Military Act" spared military paychecks from the impact of a partial government shutdown, tuition assistance and other military educational programs fell victim to it.

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CFPB Takes Action Against Nonbank and Bank for Inaccurate Mortgage Loan Reporting

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) ordered Mortgage Master, Inc. and Washington Federal to pay civil penalties for violating the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA), which requires certain mortgage lenders to accurately collect and report data about home mortgage loans. Mortgage Master will pay $425,000 and Washington Federal will pay $34,000 in civil penalties. The CFPB is also releasing a bulletin today that puts mortgage lenders on notice about the importance of submitting correct mortgage loan information under HMDA

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BAffordable Care Act: No Impact on Tricare, But Some Coverage Isn't Equal

Tricare beneficiaries should see little impact from implementation of the Affordable Care Act because the military health care system was excluded from the law and Congress later passed legislation defining Tricare as meeting the act's insurance coverage requirements.

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C"Obamacare" Scams Emerge as New Policies Take Effect

Scammers are exploiting the Affordable Care Act (ACA) as a way to fool Americans into sharing their personal information. Many key provisions of the ACA go into effect on October 1st, so don't let confusion around the new law cause you to fall for a scam.

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Facebook Love Breaks the Bank

Christina* was contacted on Facebook by an attractive man, Mark Bond, who had recently lost his wife.  She didn't know how he found her.  Perhaps, it was meant to be, but she couldn't believe her luck.  He was good looking, about the same age, with a steady income, and best of all... he was SINGLE!  He lived in Los Angeles, California and worked as a Civil Construction Engineer.

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DWarning: Security Holes Found in New iPhone iOS7 Update

Several stories have recently emerged regarding security breaches found in the iOS 7 update, which was released on September 18th to iPhone users. The two most talked about security holes allow hackers to make phone calls, send messages, and view apps, such as Facebook and Twitter, despite the phone's widely used passcode lock feature.

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Yellow Pages Scam Targets Small Businesses

Business owners, watch out! Scammers are invoicing companies for online ads they never placed and using the Yellow Pages name to lend them credibility.

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Protect Your Identity: Don't Get Phished!

It's Cyber Security Awareness Month. Do you know how to protect your identity online?


"Phishing" - the act of targeting victims via email in the hopes of spreading viruses and gathering personal information - can happen to anyone. Cybercriminals have become quite savvy in their attempts to lure people into clicking on links or opening phony email attachments. Online phishing attacks can not only spread computer viruses, but they can pose a significant risk for identity theft. 

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As a partner in the Joining Forces Initiative and DOD Financial Readiness Campaign, BBB Military Line brings BBB consumer education and services to military personnel (including Reservists and National Guard), retirees, DoD civilians, and their families.