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Here is today's summary of economic development news, a free service of the Economic Development Partnership of Alabama, representing Alabama's private sector investment in economic development.  If you enjoy NewsFlash, thank an EDPA Partner


In this issue:
Alabama industry report: Southeast U.S. auto sector continues to add jobs
Limestone County economic group says Amendment 2 will create jobs
Signs of life at Wrangler...Distribution facility work gives hope to Hackleburg
GOV. ROBERT BENTLEY: Amendment 2 will mean jobs



Alabama industry report: Southeast U.S. auto sector continues to add jobs
Published: Monday, October 22, 2012012
By Dawn Kent | dkent@al.com

Japanese automaker Nissan is creating a third shift at its plant in suburban Nashville, a move that will add more than 800 new jobs.

The Tennessean reports that the expansion will allow the company to boost output of six Nissan and Infiniti vehicles produced at the Smyrna plant, which will now operate around the clock.
The announcement comes on the heels of a similar move by Hyundai in Alabama. The Korean automaker
started up a third shift at its Montgomery plant last month.




Limestone County economic group says Amendment 2 will create jobs

Published: Saturday, October 20, 2012

By Kelly Kazek | kkazek@al.com


ATHENS, Alabama - A group of Limestone County economic leaders who met Monday with Gov. Robert Bentley to discuss the financial future of Limestone County passed a resolution Friday agreeing with the governor's support of Amendment Two.


The statewide constitutional amendment will appear on ballots at the Nov. 6 general election. The amendment would allow the state to realize savings by refunding and repurchasing refinancing bonds at lower interest rates and to issue more bonds as the bond obligations are paid. The amendment keeps the existing cap of $750 million in outstanding debt.


Bentley said passage of the amendment would allow for more jobs-creation incentives and add jobs in Alabama.

According to members of the board of directors for the Limestone County Economic Development Agency, passage of this amendment "frees up $130 million to be used to bring jobs to Alabama."



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Signs of life at Wrangler
Distribution facility work gives hope to Hackleburg
By Hannah Mask
Staff Writer

HACKLEBURG - Where there was just a large plot of dirt on the first anniversary of the April 27, 2011, tornadoes now stands the shell of the Wrangler distribution plant.


In time, it will replace the building destroyed in the storm.


Residents said the plant's reconstruction sparks hope that their town is coming back to life after the devastating tornado ripped it apart, leaving death and destruction in its path.


"We're going to come back, and it appears that we're doing better than I thought we would after the tornado," Marion County Commissioner Don Barnwell said. "I thought there would be no way we would come back in even two years. Now, it's a little over a year and we're coming back."


Sam Tucker, vice president for human resources for VF Corp., Wrangler's parent plant, said the estimated completion time for the building is mid-2013. Wrangler is the town's largest employer.


"Of course, we would like to beat that date, but we've had some weather challenges," he said. "We're still going with that target date."


Tucker said the new building initially will employ the same number of employees as the old building - 150 - but will have the capacity to add an additional 50 employees if there's a need.





[Times Daily]


GOV. ROBERT BENTLEY: Amendment 2 will mean jobs
By Gov. Robert Bentley
Special to The Times
Published: Sunday, October 21, 2012
There is a measure on the Nov. 6 ballot that will give us the tools we need to continue to bring high-quality jobs to Alabama.

Passage of Amendment 2 will allow the state to provide financial incentives that will attract new companies while also helping existing companies expand and hire more Alabamians. Amendment 2 will help us accomplish this without raising taxes, without increasing the state's debt limit and without increasing the size of state government.


Since taking office in 2011, my administration has been blessed to be able to announce the creation of more than 26,000 new jobs, and we are constantly working to create even more jobs for the people of this state. Alabama voters can help us continue our progress. I personally consider Amendment 2 to be one of the most important items on the ballot. Amendment 2 redefines existing legislation so we can refinance bonds at lower interest rates and save the state millions of dollars. In turn, that will free up funds to provide economic incentives for companies considering moving their facilities to Alabama - or expanding the facilities they already have in Alabama.




[Gadsden Times


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