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Celtic Airs Concert Series 2015


     The concert series is back in full swing and we've got great shows planned for you in March and April.  


     Dervish, acclaimed as the best Irish traditional band touring today by numerous authorities, celebrated their 25th anniversary in 2014. The renowned sextet made their U.S. concert debut on June 6th, 1996 here in the University of Hartford's Wilde Auditorium. They have made it a point to return to their American birth place as often as possible. They will conclude their 2015 St Patrick's tour of the United States on Saturday March 21st at 7:30 in the University of Hartford's Lincoln Theater.


     In 1988, Liam Kelly, Shane Mitchell, Michael Holmes, Brian McDonagh and Martin McGinley were asked to record an album of traditional Sligo music that was eventually titled "The Boys of Sligo". The "boys" came up with the name Dervish shortly thereafter. In truth though, their relationships go back much farther. Mitchell and Kelly were already playing traditional music together while in primary school, and at ages 10 and 12, appeared on RTE radio. While in high school, at ages 16 and 18, they appeared on the legendary Gay Byrne's Late Late Show with their band Poitin. While in college, they met another Sligo native, Michael Holmes, and with vocalist Yvonne Cunningham formed a band called Who Says What? Holmes and Kelly then moved to London, but returned to Sligo often to re-unite with Mitchell and another Sligo resident, Brian McDonagh. At just 16 years of age, in the late 70's, Brian, his older brother and Geraldine McGowan formed the group Oisin, one of the seminal bands of the Irish traditional music revival. 

Though the band has been together for 25 years now, there have been very few line up changes. Singer Cathy Jordan, from Roscommon, joined the boys in 1991 and the first album with this ensemble, "Harmony Hill",  was released in 1993. Fiddler Shane McAleer replaced Martin McGinley in 1991 and was himself replaced by current fiddler Tom Morrow in 1998. There have been no other changes in the line up except for the short tenure of Seamie O'Dowd , yet another Sligo native, in the early years of the new millennium.


     I hope you will join us for a great night of music when Dervish return to the Lincoln Theater on 3/21/15 at 7:30PM. We'd like to fill the house to give them a great welcome, so bring your friends, relatives and neighbors to  enjoy this one!!


     Len Graham and Brian O'hAIrt will present a beautiful and entertaining program called "In Two Minds" on Friday April 17th at 7:30 PM in the Wilde Auditorium. The balance of Len's brassy, rich baritone and Brian's silver clear tenor will strike a chord that will touch your heart. Their singing is complemented and balanced by stories. lilting and step dancing in a performance that will create a magical, enriching evening. On the Spring 2015 tour of New England, they will showcase selections from their newest album, which is being formally launched during this tour.


     Ireland's singing tradition draws on singers, poets and stories from ancient history through today! To blend traditions as disparate as Ulster's ballads with Connemara's lyrical sean-nos would seem contrary, but Graham and O'hAirt pull it off in brilliant fashion! "You'll have a hard job finding these songs sung better." ( The Living Tradition). "These two singers' phrasing is performed in such close concert, you would assume they are blood relatives." (The Irish Times). 


     Len Graham is from Co. Antrim. He's been a professional singer now for four decades. He began to learn his trade in the early 1960's and by 1971 had progressed to the point of winning the Senior All Ireland singing title at the Fleadh Cheoil. His reputation has grown continually since then. In addition to his acclaimed solo albums, he has recorded duets with his equally talented wife Padraigin Ni Uallachain, Garry O' Briain and Cathal McConnell and with his famed band Skylark. Over the years he has won numerous awards including TG4's "Traditional Singer of the Year", the "Keeper of the Tradition" award at the Tommy Makem Festival of Traditional Singing and the U.S. Irish Music Award for "Best Sean-Nos Singer." 

    Brian O'hAirt is the ONLY American to win the coveted Senior title for traditional singing at the All Ireland Fleadh!! In his teens, he took part in Chicago's vibrant Irish speaking community. In his 20's, he moved to Connemara, Co. Galway, where he was immersed in and honed his skills in the Irish language. He also found time and talent to become an award winning sean-nos dancer and accomplished instrumentalist on concertina, accordion and whistle. He is already known to Celtic Airs concert goers as a member of Chicago based Irish band Bua who have performed here twice in years past.


     Irish Music Magazine said "Len Graham and Brian O'hAIrt present a lively selection of rhythms, duets and solos, spiced by lilting, dancing and whistle." Dan Neely, writing in The Irish Echo, said "Singing legend Len Graham and young lion Brian O'hAirt are both brilliant singers. The musical relationship between this pair of vocalists of different generations produces the best kind of collaboration in traditional music."


     Give yourself a treat and an education in traditional Irish singing by coming to the "In Two Minds" concert featuring Len Graham and Brian O'hAirt on Friday April 17th at 7:30 in the University of Hartford's Wilde Auditorium.


     Tickets for the WWUH/Celtic Airs concert series are only available from the University of Hartford Box Office, open 10:00-5:00 Tuesday through Friday. On line purchases can be made using the direct links available for each show on the WWUH web site's benefit concerts page OR via the box office web site at www.hartford.edu/hartt.

     You will still find Celtic Airs , now in it's 21st year, filling the air waves Tuesdays 6:00-9:00 AM at 91.3 FM. I look forward to entertaining you every Tuesday morning and will keep you up to date on the concert series each week.



Steve Dieterich

Producer/ Host of Celtic Airs 

Promoter Celtic Airs Concerts


Hartford Hawks Basketball onWWUH
It's that time of year again, Sports Fans!


Live coverage of the Hartford Hawks women's basketball games returns to the airwaves on WWUH again this year, including coverage of 
post-season games in March.

For full listings of the Hawks' upcoming season, check out http://www.hartfordhawks.com/.

GO Hawks!


WWUH Classical Programming - March / April 2015

Sunday Afternoon at the Opera... Sundays 1:00 - 4:30 pm

Evening Classics... Weekdays 4:00 to 7:00/ 7:30/ 8:00 pm

Drake's Village Brass Band... Mondays 7:00-8:00 pm  









Barber: Piano Sonata, Violin Concerto; M. Bates; Violin Concerto; Ives: Symphony #3 "The Camp Meeting"; Copland: Quiet City; Cowell: Hymn and Fuguing Tunes; 

Drake's Village Brass Band...Fennell & Eastman Wind Ensemble - British Band Classics Vol 1



Couperin: Concerts Royaux, No. 8 (Huitieme Concert dans le gout Theatral); Shostakovich: Violin Concerto No. 1 (1948); D. Scarlatti: Keyboard Sonatas; J.S. Bach: Cantata BWV 213 "Lasst uns sorgen, lasst uns wachen", a.k.a. "Hercules auf dem Scheidewege" (Dramma per Musica); 

Alfred Schnittke: String Quartet No. 3; Bruch: Symphony No. 3, in E, Op. 51; Jennifer Higdon: Scenes from the Poet's Dreams; C.P.E. Bach: Sonatas for Connoisseurs and Amateurs (selections)



Lalo: Symphony in G Minor; Giacomo Carissimi: Historia di Jepthe; Stravinsky: Octet for Wind Instruments; Jacob Froberger: Toccatas; Johann Fischer: Ariadna Musica; John Alden Carpenter: Symphony No. 1



Weyse: Etudes Op. 51; Hasselmans: La Source Op. 44; Foote: Nocturne and Scherzo, Serenade Op. 45, Serenade for Strings Op. 25; Villa-Lobos: A Lenda do Caboclo, Guitar Concerto; Hadley: I sing of a maiden; Parrott: Fanfare Overture for a Somerset Festival; David Matthews: Adagio for String Quartet; Stamp: Gavorkna Fanfare; Vaughan Williams: The Wasps - Aristophanic Suite



In poker, they call it high-low; we'll call it "piccolo - tuba"



Adams: The Gospel According To The Other Mary



Special Marathon programming



Special Marathon programming



Ernst Eichner; Sinfonia in F; Franck: Symphonic Variations; Christian Cannabich: Symphony No. 63 in D; Johann Mertz: Guitar Works; Philipp Buchner: Sonatas; Gaspar Fernandes: Music from the New World



Special Marathon programming



It's our annual Marathon week. PLEASE CALL IN YOUR SUPPORT as we take a series of short trips on The 20th Century Limited today



Sullivan: Trial by Jury



A. Butterworth: Romanza for Horn; Bridge: Phantasie Quartet; Britten: Four Sea Interludes and Passacaglia from Peter Grime: Variations on a Theme of Frank Bridge: G. Butterworth: A Shropshire Lad;

Drake's Village Brass Band...Fennell & Eastman Wind Ensemble - British Band Classics Vol 2



Special program for St. Patrick's Day, honoring the contribution of Ireland to classical music.



Frantisek Tuma: Sinfonia in B Flat; Vladimir Ussachevsky: Missa Brevis; David Popper: Requiem, Op. 66; Robert Schumann: Piano Quintet in E Flat; Alban Berg: Three Pieces for Orchestra, Op. 6; Theodor Kirchner: Piano Pieces



Instrumental Music at the Courts of 17th Century Germany; Verhulst: Symphony in e Op. 46; Reger: Ballet Suite in D, Violin Sonata #2 in c; Maconchy: Clarinet Concertino #2; Muczynski: Sonata for Saxophone and Piano Op. 29; Rodrigo: Concierto Andaluz



Spring has sprung...



Handel: Judas Maccabaeus



Rorem: Piano Album 1; Vaughan Williams: Fantasia on a Theme of Thomas Tallis; Five Variants of Dives and Lazarus; Copland: A 81st Birthday Concert

Drake's Village Brass Band...Philip Jones Brass Ensemble - Brass Now and Then



Rózsa: Sinfonia Concertante for Violin, Cello & Orchestra, Op. 29; Boccherini: Cello Concerto #6 in D; Vaughan Williams: A Pastoral Symphony; Dvořák: String Sextet in A, Op. 48



Bruckner: Symphony No. 7 in E Major; William Byrd: Prospers for Pentecost; Janacek: Suite for String Orchestra; Mihaly Mosonyi: String Quartet #1 in D; Felix Blumenfeld: Piano Etudes



New Releases. A Sampling of New Acquisitions from the WWUH Library. Music by Rudorff, Busch, Mozart, D'Indy, Rossini, Rachmaninoff



Music of Poul Ruders to celebrate his 66th birthday



CPE Bach: Die Letzten Leiden des Erlosers



Prokofiev: Alexander Nevsky Cantata; Stravinsky: Song of the Nightingale; Tippet: Fantasia Concertante on a Theme of Corelli; Little Music for String Orchestra; Concerto for Double String Orchestra; Mahler: Songs of a

Wayfarer; Kindertotenlieder

Drake's Village Brass Band...Fennell: Eastman Wind Ensemble -Hindemith/Schoenberg/Stravinsky



Special program for Holy Week featuring J.S. Bach's Passion according to St. Matthew, in a new recording directed by René Jacobs




Louis Theodor Gouvy: Symphony No. 4, Op. 25; Luis de Freitas Branco: Symphony No. 4; Jehan Titelouze:  Hymns; Constanzo Festa: Variations; Bernstein: Sonata for Clarinet and Piano



New Releases. A Sampling of New Acquisitions from the WWUH Library



Richard Tucker does a Passover Seder



Elgar: The Dream of Gerontius; Walton: Belshazzar's Feast



Bernard Herrmann- The Impressionists; Vaughan Williams: Concerto Grosso; Concerto for Oboe;

Herrmann: Symphony

Drake's Village Brass Band...Canadian Brass - Magic Horn



Couperin: Concerts Royaux, No. 9; Kabalevsky: Violin Concerto in C major (1948); D. Scarlatti: Keyboard Sonatas; J.S. Bach: Cantata BWV 215 "Preise dein Glücke, gesegnetes Sachsen" (Dramma per Musica); Louise Farrenc: Symphony No. 1 in C minor, Op. 32; C.P.E. Bach: Sonatas for Connoisseurs and Amateurs (selections)



Gliere: Symphony No. 1 in E Flat Major; Copland: Eight Poems of Emily Dickinson;  Prokofiev: Egyptian Nights, Op. 61; Lowell Liebermann: Sonatas for Flute and Harp; Alexandre Boely: Caprices; Anton Rubinstein: Piano Concerto No. 4



Kerll: Ave Regina coelorum a 5, Passacaglia in d; Mascagni: Cavalleria Rusticana - Intermezzo; Monn: Cello Concerto in g; Tosti: Songs; Price: Dances in the Canebrakes; Schumann: Symphony #2 in C Op. 61; Sallinen: String Quartet #3 Op. 19 "Some Aspects of Peltoniemi Hintrik's Funeral March"; Puccini: La Boheme - D'onde Lieta Usci; Pfitzner: Das Fest auf Solhaug - Incidental Music; Howells: 3 Dances for Violin & Orchestra Op. 7



Ben Yarmolinsky's music for the season



Verdi: Ernani



Kancheli: Simi for Cello; Tüür: Concerto for Violin; Vali: Concerto for Flute; Corigliano: Conjurer - Concerto for Percussionist

Drake's Village Brass Band...United State Marine Band - Be Glad Then America



Holmboe: Chamber Concerto #10, Op. 40; Stamitz: Concerto in D for Viola & Orchestra; Goldmark: Ländliche Hochzeit (Rustic Wedding Symphony), Op. 26; Dvořák: Bagatelles for 2 Violins, Cello & Harmonium, Op. 47



Frederic Lamond: Symphony in A Major; Karol Szymanowski: Symphony No. 4; Mahler: Folk Songs for Voice and Orchestra; Joseph Bohuslav Foerster: String Quartet #4 in F; Shostakovich: Piano Quintet; August Kuhnel: Sonatas



Morel: Suite #2 in d; Weiner: Serenade in f Op. 3; Mompou: Musica Callada - Book 1; Vasks: Musica Dolorosa; Dvorak: Slavonic Dances Op. 72 - Orchestral and 2-Pianos versions



Guitar transcriptions - performances of music not originally written for guitar



Kyr: A Time for Life



Music for Earth Day - Delius: A Song Before Sunrise; Iannaccone: Waiting for Sunrise on the Sound; Sculthorpe: Earth Cry; Blackford: Great Animal Orchestra; N. Clarke: Earthrise; J. L. Adams: Become Ocean; 

Drake's Village Brass Band...Pickard: Symphony #4 "Gaia Symphony"



Thuille: Piano Quintet in Eb, Op. 20; Wesley: Symphony in Bb; Reicha: String Quartet in c, Op. 49, #1; Röntgen: Cello Concerto #2



Ignaz Brull:Symphony; Vaughan Williams: Mass in G Minor; Carl Stamitz: Flute Concerto in G; Antonio Lolli: Violin Concerto; Andre Jolivet: Sonata for Flute and Piano; Alessandro Rolla: Sonatas; Jacques Ibert: Flute Concerto     



Fayrfax: Magnificat Regale; Reinagle: Overture in G; Rolla: Sonata; Lewandowski: Ma Towu; Leoncavallo: Opera Arias, Mattinata; Prokofiev: Sonata for Cello and Piano in C Op. 119, Piano Sonata #7 in B Flat Op. 83, Symphony #7, Violin Concerto #1 in D Op. 19; Albinoni: Trio Sonatas Op. 1



We are leaving for a vacation in Sedona...  We also hope to see the Grand Canyon - two Suite places



Lehar: Friederike



Monday Night at the Movies - Glass: Neverwas; Herrmann: Obsession

Drake's Village Brass Band...Alwyn: Film Music for Band



Couperin: Concerts Royaux, No. 10; Roy Harris: Violin Concerto (1949); D. Scarlatti: Keyboard Sonatas; J.S. Bach: Cantata BWV 205 "Zerreisset, zersprenget, zertrümmert die Gruft", a.k.a. "Der zufriedengestellte Äolus" (Dramma per Musica); Louise Farrenc: Symphony No. 2 in D major, Op. 35; C.P.E. Bach: Sonatas for Connoisseurs and Amateurs (selections)



Host's Choice



Kennis: Sonata #1 in e; A. Scarlatti: Concerti Grossi; Lehar: Operatta Arias, Gold und Silber Waltz; Raphael: Sonata for solo violin #2 in E Op. 46 #2; Zwilich: Sonata in 3 Movements for Violin and Piano; Walton: Symphony #2; Mozart Symphony #6 in F K 43


Thursday Evening Classics - 

Composer Birthdays for March and April


Pierre Boulez
Composer Birthdays



Mar 5

1748 William Shield

1751 Jan Křtitel Kuchař 

1774 Christoph Ernst Friedrich Weyse

1845 Alphonse (Jean) Hasselmans

1850 Daniel Brink Towner

1853 Arthur Foote

1876 Jindřich Jindřich

1887 Heitor Villa-Lobos

1899 Patrick Hadley

1916 Ian Parrott

1931 Anthony Hedges

1932 André Hajdu

1943 David Matthews

1950 Becky Llewellyn

1954 Jack Stamp


Mar 12

1515 Caspar Othmayr

1710 Thomas Augustine Arne

1768 Carolus Antonius Fodor

1793 Augustin-Philippe Peellaert

1826 Robert Lowry

1837 Felix Alexandre Guilmant

1848 Cyrill Kistler

1855 John White

1859 Josef Cyril Sychra

1860 Salvatore di Giacomo

1874 Edmund Eysler

1875 Julio Garreta

1878 Joseph Gustav Mraczek

1888 Hall Johnson

1900 Zoltan Vasarhelyi

1912 Paul Weston

1912 Theodore "Ted" Norman

1914 Jan Kapr

1921 Ralph Shapey

1922 Thomas Hugh Eastwood

1925 Georges Delerue

1926 Rolv Yttrehus

1930 Stanko Horvat

1938 Tona Scherchen-Hsiao

1938 Dimitri Terzakis

1941 Erkki Olavi Salmenhaara

1958 Davide Zannoni

1961 Daniel Schnyder


Mar 19

1604 King of Portugal Joao IV

1673 (bapt) Pedro Vaz Rego

1715 Charles-Joseph van Helmont

1740 (bapt) Johann Georg Roser

1745 Nicolas Sejan

1752 Jose Mauricio

1767 Leonhard von Call

1785 Pierre-Joseph-Guillaume Zimmermann

1809 Fredrik Pacius

1816 Johannes Josephus Hermanus Verhulst 

1847 Constantin Dimitrescu

1873 Max Reger

1879 Joseph Haas

1883 Josef Matthais Hauer

1892 Robert Denzler

1896 Jean Wiéner

1904 Tadeusz Zygfryd Kassern

1906 Normand Lockwood

1907 Dame Elizabeth Maconchy

1907 Marc Vaubourgoin

1917 Dinu Lipatti

1929 Robert Muczynski

1929 Herman van San

1930 Sir Ernest Hall

1931 Nancy Laird Chance

1944 Joseph Celli

1944 Tom Constanten

1954 Mathew Rosenblum

1965 Kevin Franz Josef Harris

1969 Paolo Pessina


Mar 26

1634 Giovanni Domenico Freschi

1684 (bapt) Johann Graf

1717 Manuel Jeronimo Romero de Avila

1758 Johann Daniel Ferstenberg

1783 Johann Baptist Weigl

1806 Josef Slavik

1819 Francisco Eduardo da Costa

1827 Emanuel Kania

1830 John Rogers Thomas

1840 Carli Zoeller

1854 Braulio Dueno Colon

1859 Nikolai Alexandrovich Sokolov

1874 Oskar Nedbal

1885 Julius Harrison

1889 Vaclav Kapral

1896 Richard Flury

1898 Renzo Massarani

1899 William Baines

1900 Isadore Freed

1904 Hermann Schröder

1905 Pablo Garrido

1907 Louis Saguer

1907 Leigh Harline

1916 Harry Rabinowitz

1923 James Clifton Williams

1925 Pierre Boulez

1925 Claudio Spies

1936 Erich Urbanner

1978 Rebecca Lloyd


Apr 2

1628 Constantin Christian Dedekind

1632 (bapt) Georg Caspar Wecker

1728 (bapt) Franz Asplmayr

1733 Giacomo Tritto

1735 Christian Gotthilf Tag

1735 Franz Vollrath Buttstett

1763 (bapt) Giacomo Gotifredo Ferrari

1803 Franz Lachner

1817 Teodulo Mabellini

1867 Felix Rosenthal

1886 Charles Marie Courboin

1900 Anis Fuleihan

1902 Danilo Svara

1909 Jean Kurt Forest

1924 Frank Stiles

1930 Girolamo Arriego

1931 Imre Olsvai

1942 Enid Sutherland


Apr 9

1598 Johannes Crüger

1611 Giacomo Maria Predieri

1627 Johann Caspar Kerll

1716 Johann Georg Zechner

1717 Georg Matthias Monn

1754 Antonin Frantisek Becvarovsky

1757 Wojciech Boguslawski

1846 Sir Francesco Paolo Tosti

1847 Francis William Davenport

1850 Herman Zumpe

1854 Seaborn McDaniel Denson

1883 Renzo Bossi

1884 Franco Vittadini

1874 Julius Bittner

1887 Florence Beatrice Smith Price

1890 Efrem (Alexandrovich) Zimbalist

1894 Ernest Kanitz

1895 Rudolf Kattnigg

1906 Antal Dorati

1908 Fred Lohse

1909 Ivan Ivonovich Dzerzhinsky

1923 Bruno Kiefer

1924 Harald Heilmann

1931 Myriam (Lucia) Marbe

1935 Aulis Sallinen

1952 Magnar Ĺm


Apr 16

1673 Francesco Feroci

1697 Johann Gottlieb Gorner

1800 Jozef Stefani

1838 Karel Bendl

1858 Stanisław Barcewicz

1871 Martin Lunssens

1882 Seth Bingham

1885 Leo Weiner

1886 Jekabs Graubins

1889 Charlie Chaplin

1893 Federico Mompou

1893 Joseph Yasser

1897 Arthur Charles Ernest Hoeree

1897 Jaap Vranken

1901 Karel Albert

1923 Warren Barker

1924 Henry Mancini

1940 Stephen Pruslin

1943 Jorge Pitari

1944 Dennis Russell Davies

1946 Peteris Vasks

1956 Gabriel Senanes


Apr 23

1464 Robert Fayrfax

1649 Andreas Kneller

1715 Johann Friedrich Doles

1735 Ildephons Haas

1747 Abbe Alexandre-Auguste Robineau

1756 (bapt) Alexander Reinagle

1757 Alessandro Rolla

1809 Eugčne (Prosper) Prévost

1812 Louis Jullien

1821 Louis (Lazarus) Lewandowski

1857 Ruggero Leoncavallo

1872 Arthur Farwell

1881 Otakar Sin

1882 Albert Coates

1883 Armond Crabbé

1891 Sergei Prokofiev

1900 Henri Barraud

1900 Ary Verhaar

1908 Hans-Georg Görner

1913 Jan Meyerowitz

1920 Louis Barron

1924 Arthur Frackenpohl

1927 Russell Smith

1941 Elizabeth Vercoe

1942 Jorge (de Freitas) Antunes

1943 Hugh Davies

1953 Jody Diamond

1955 Tatyana Divina


Apr 30

1717 Willem Gommaire Kennis

1792 Johann Friedrich Schwencke

1837 Alfred Gaul

1870 Franz Lehar

1883 David John de Lloyd

1884 Albert Israel Elkus

1885 Luigi Russolo

1886 Frank Merrick

1889 Chalmers Clifton

1889 Acario Cotapos

1889 Rudolph Hermann Simonsen

1902 Andre-Francois Marescotti

1902 Rudolf Wittelsbach

1903 Gunther Raphael

1911 Hans Studer

1932 Anton Larrauri

1939 Ellen Taaffe Zwilich

1941 Wilfried Jentzsh

1956 Adrian Williams

1958 Philip Czaplowski

1970 Josué Bonnin de Góngora

1979 Casey Mongoven


 Sunday Afternoon at the Opera


Your "lyric theater" program

with Keith Brown

programming selections

for the months of March and April,  2015 

Sunday 1-4:30pm


Trial by Jury




PREEPMTED by broadcast of a University of Hartford women's basketball game.


Adams, The Gospel According to the Other Mary 

     This Sunday's audio presentation looks forward to Easter Sunday. You could describe John Adams' The Gospel According to the Other Mary as a twenty first century take on the Passion oratorio of centuries past. The "Other Mary' in question is Mary Magdalen,who with her sister Martha and brother Lazarus were friends and followers of Jesus. For the modern American musicmaster of minimalism Peter Sellars crafted a libretto combining Old and New Testament sources with the poetry of writers as divergent as the twentieth century Catholic activist Dorothy Day and the medieval mystic Hildegard of Bingen. Three solo singers portray an alternative Holy Family of two sisters and brother. Jesus' miracles, His suffering, crucifixion and resurrection are witnessed from their perspective. There is no solo voice of Jesus. Instead, a trio of countertenors deliver some of His words and provide the commentary of the Evangelist. The strident minimalist style is much toned down in the more recent compositions of John Adams (b. 1947). 

     The world premiere recording of what might alternatively be called Adams' "Passion of Mary Magdalen" was issued through Deutsche Grammophon in 2014 on two compact discs. The premiere took place in Los Angeles at the Walt Disney Concert Hall. Gustavo Dudamel directed the Los Angeles Philharmonic and LA Master Chorale. Reviewer Ronald E. Grames praised the recording in the pages of Fanfare magazine (July/August,2014 issue). "Without a doubt," he wrote,"The Gospel According to the Other Mary is controversial in concept. It could not be otherwise with Peter Sellars at the helm. But it is also powerful theater, given extraordinary depth by music of remarkable authority, variety and nuance." 



MARATHON Sullivan, Trial by Jury 

      This Sunday your "lyric theater" program takes part in WWUH's annual week of intensive on-air fundraising. Now is the moment to show your support with dollars for more than three decades of "Sunday Afternoon at the Opera." My program carries forward into the twenty first century a longstanding tradition of Sunday opera programming at 91.3 FM going way back to 1970 with the broadcasts of my predecessor in the timeslot, Joseph S. Terzo. Help maintain that unbroken tradition by phoning in your pledge. I'll be going on mike at certain points during the afternoon to urge you listeners to pick up the phone and dial the Marathon 2015 pledge hotline 860-768-4009 or toll free 1-800-444-9984. (Also pledge online at wwuhpledge.org.) You faithful listeners have never failed to help us meet or even exceed our fundraising goals in Marathons past, so I thank you in advance for your generosity.

      Unfortunately, there's a possibility that my Marathon fundraising pitch will be cut short or preempted altogether by broadcast of a women's basketball tournament game.  As for the music you'll hear, I will dispense with the religious works I usually feature at this time of year in favor of lighter weight, more popular lyric theatrical fare. Listen for Gilbert and Sullivan's Dramatic Cantata in one act Trial by Jury (1871) in a 2005 Chandos recording that I have featured once before. The late Richard Hickox directs the BBC National Orchestra of Wales and the Chamber Choir of the Welsh College of Music and Drama. I'm presenting Trial by Jury now in advance of its upcoming staged production by Simsbury Light Opera Company,March 21st and 22nd,28th and 29th . 

I've broadcast interviews with members of SLOCO over the years, notably veteran singing actress Pat Edge and stage director Ron Luchsinger. In 2015 SLOCO celebrates its 70th anniversary as a G & S dedicated musical organization. Selections from the G & S canon of comic operas will follow the airing of Trial by Jury, plus some less familiar music of Sir Arthur Sullivan.



Handel, Judas Maccabaeus 

     Lenten programming already began on Sunday, February 22nd, which was the first of the five Sundays in Lent this year,as accounted for in the traditional Christian calendar. (Remember hearing that new Harmonia Mundi recording of C.P. E. Bach's Magnificat ?) Lent is the forty day penitential period leading up to Easter Sunday. During this period the opera houses in old Catholic Europe shut down and sacred oratorio prevailed. I have often presented one or another of Handel's oratorios on these Lenten Sundays. So, on this the fifth and last Sunday in Lent,2015 you get to hear Handel's Judas Maccabaeus, which premiered in London during Lent of 1747. I have broadcast recordings of this work several times before. It's probably the next most popular oratorio by George Frideric Handel after his immortal Messiah (1741). Central to the Old Testament story told in Thomas Morell's libretto is the figure of Judah the Maccabee, the Jewish military hero. Morell took his tale from the first of the three Apocryphal Books of the Maccabees. There's an American recording of Judas Maccabaeus released through Harmonia Mundi USA in 1993 on two CD's. (This HM release I previously broadcast on Sunday, March 20,1994.) The British baroque expert Nicholas McGegan leads the period instrumental Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra and the University of California Berkeley Chamber Chorus. The distinguished Belgian tenor Guy de Mey was brought in to sing the title role. Enjoy for a second time this Sunday the American choral forces in their rousing version of the memorable number "See, the conqu'ring hero comes!" and the famous march tune that follows it.    



C.P.E.Bach, Die Letzten Leiden des Erlosers    

     It had originally been my intention to broadcast on Palm Sunday 2015 the new Ramee CD release of Reinhard Keiser's setting of Brockes Passion (1712). But into my hands has come an even more important, newly recorded example of 18th century Eastertide music in the North German Lutheran tradition: the 2014 Berlin Classics release on two CD's of Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach's Passions-Kantate in two long parts Die Letzten Leiden des Erlosers (The Last Suffering of the Savior," 1770). This is not a setting of one of the Passion accounts from the Gospels. It dramatizes in music a contemporary poem meditating upon the events leading up to Christ's sacrificial death. C.P.E. Bach's cantata approaches the operatic in its treatment of the story. The music is in the early classical mode: not "galant," but the "expressive" or "sensitive" style, the Empfindsamer Stil of which C.P.E.Bach was the principal exponent.

     Recordings of Die Letzten Leiden are rare indeed. The only other one I know of I broadcast on Palm Sunday, March 22,1997. Harmonia Mundi issued  in 1990 a recording made in 1986 with the Collegium Vocale of Ghent and the period instrumental ensemble La Petite Bande, under the direction of Sigiswald Kuijken. On March 8,2014, to mark the 300th birthday of C.P.E.Bach, the Passion cantata was performed before a live audience in Berlin's Konzerthaus. That champion of C.P.E.Bach's music, Hartmut Haenchen led the chamber orchestra he founded in the composer's name, along with the RIAS Chamber Chorus. The distinguished German soprano Christiane Oelze was one of the vocal soloists


Elgar, The Dream of Gerontius; Walton, Belshazzar's Feast  

     Over the decades I have broadcast Edward Elgar's oratorio The Dream of Gerontius (1900) many times at Easter, employing a variety of different recordings of it. Sir Malcolm Sargent (1895-1967) recorded Gerontius three times during his career as a conductor. He recorded the very first complete Gerontius for EMI in 1945, as originally pressed onto twelve 78rpm discs. That historic recording was heard on this program long ago on Easter Sunday, 1984 in a Vox/Turnabout LP reissue. Almost a full decade later Sargent essayed Gerontius  a second time for EMI with the same musical resources as in 1945: the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra and Huddersfield Choral Society. The recording venue was the same, too: Huddersfield Town Hall in Yorkshire in the North of England. To be sure, the 1955 mono LP Gerontius has different vocal soloists; tenor Richard Lewis as Gerontius the mortal man, baritone John Cameron as the Priest and mezzo Marjorie Thomas as the Angel of the Agony. Sargent conducted Elgar's masterpiece so Many times he made it his own. His colleagues all considered him the best choral conductor in England. He got the most out of the Royal Philoharmonic, too. The 1955 Gerontius came back into circulation on CD transfer in 1990 in EMI's line "Great Recordings of the Century." 

     Keep listening for Sargent's 1958 recording of Sir William Walton's dramatic choral cantata Belshazzar's Feast (1931). This work, too, was a Sargent specialty. Again, he leads the Huddersfield singers and Liverpool players, with the declamation of the Old Testament story by bass-baritone James Milligan. Belshazzar's Feast was piggybacked onto the two CD's of the EMI reissue of Gerontius.   



Verdi, Ernani  

     I broadcast a classic old recording of this Giuseppe Verdi's fifth opera from 1844 on Sunday, November 9th of last year. It was taped live in performance at the metropolitan Opera in New York City, December 1,1962. Sony Classical has been issuing in digitally upgraded sound and in CD format a series of airtapes of radio broadcasts derived from the Met's archives. These tapes preserve for posterity the voices of operatic greats in the Golden Age of opera singing. Well, why present another old classic recording of Ernani from that era so soon again? Because the Sony release suffers from drastic cuts to its musical numbers. Verdi lovers deserve to hear Ernani in its entirety as Verdi wrote it. There's an RCA stereo LP release of Ernani from 1968 that is musically complete, and is similar on several counts to the Met's 1962 taping. Again, Thomas Schippers is on the podium, only this time he's conducting the RCA Italiana Opera Orchestra and Chorus. Again, tenor Carlo Bergonzi takes the title role as the Spanish outlaw nobleman Don Juan of Aragon,aka Ernani. Again, soprano Leontyne Price is heard opposite Bergonzi as Donna Elvira, Ernani's truelove. The RCA recording was a production of RCA Italiana studios, Rome. 




Kyr, A Time for Life  

     International Earth Day falls on this coming Wednesday the 22nd. In anticipation of the special day devoted to environmental concerns, I'm proud to present A Time for Life: An Environmental Oratorio (2007) by American composer Robert Kyr (b.1952). This Earth oratorio was inspired by the initiatives of Bartholomew, the Archbishop of Constantinople and Ecumenical Patriarch of the Orthodox Church. He has made the preservation of all the teeming lifeforms on our planet  his holy cause. The composition itself was commissioned by the Cappella Romana, a vocal ensemble based in the Pacific Northwest (Portland/Seattle). 

      This is a choral work on an intimate, chamber scale. The eight voices of the Cappella are joined by the three string players of Third Angle New Music. For his text Kyr took passages from the Judeo-Christian Scriptures, the Orthodox liturgy and the sayings of Native American peoples, to which he added his own lyrics, More than any other musical artwork of our time, A Time for Life should remind us of the importance of the issue of climate change. The Cappella Romana released their world premiere recording of Kyr's oratorio under their own label on a single CD.



Lehar, Friederike 

      Now is the time when flowers bloom and little lambs frisk about. Springtime has always been beloved of poets. Franz Lehar's Friederike (1928), unlike so many ditsy, sentimental works in the genre, portrays on the lyric stage with some historical accuracy the single most famous love story in all of German literature: the "Sesenheim Idyll,"that brief but passionate courtship Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, the Shakespeare of Germany, conducted with a seventeen year old Alsatian girl, Friederike Brion, in 1770. The young poet lost heart in less than a year's time. He went off to further his literary career; poor Friederike had to resign herself to his departure. Some elements in the libretto Ludwig Herzer and Fritz Lohner proffered to Lehar tweaked history, to be sure. Other elements they made up for theatrical purposes. 

     In Friederike, Lehar gave his own operetta-style treatment to several of Goethe's lyrics, especially Heidenroslein ("Hedge Rose"), the poem Schubert set in one of his immortal Lieder. In the operetta the poet is depicted communing with the lambs, and he sings to them. A couple of numbers from Friederike became popular circa 1928. Despite the beauties of its music, this Lehar operetta had to wait until 1980 for its first complete recording. It was made in the studios of Radio Bavaria,Munich. Heinz Wallberg conducted the Munich Radio Orchestra and Chorus of Bavarian Radio. Friederike is soprano Helen Donath. Goethe is tenor Adolf Dallapozza. First issued in 1981 on vinyl discs, Friederike reappeared in 2014 on two silver discs courtesy of Warner Classics



        Those Warner Classics CD's, Elgar's The Dream of Gerontius on EMI CD's and the Berlin Classics CD issue of C.P.E. Bach's Passion cantata all come from my own record collection. John Adams' The Gospel According to the Other Mary and Robert Kyr's Earth Day oratorio come on loan from Rob Meehan, former classics deejay at WWUH, and a specialist in the alternative musics of the twentieth and twenty first centuries. All the other featured recordings in this two-month period of programming are derived from our station's ever-growing library of classical music on disc. My thanks as always go to our station's operations director Kevin O'Toole for his invaluable assistance in the preparation of these programming notes for cyber-publication.  


Simsbury Light Opera Company
 The Simsbury Light Opera Company presents its 
70th anniversary season: 

Trial by Jury and SLOCO's Greatest Hits
Saturday March 21 and 28 at 7:30pm
Sunday March 22 and 29 at 2pm
Eno Memorial Hall, 754 Hopmeadow Street, Simsbury

For tickets and more information, visit http://sloco.org
West Hartford Symphony Orchestra
WHSO Concert Season 2014 Concert Season 

In Collaboration with the WWUH Classical Programming we are pleased to partner with the West Hartford Symphony Orchestra to present their announcements and schedule to enhance our commitment to being part of the Greater Hartford Community. 

West Hartford Symphony Orchestra

2015 Spring Classical Concert

Sunday, March 29, 2015 from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM (EDT)

Roberts Theater, Kingswood Oxford School, West Hartford, CT

Featuring Beethoven's Piano Concerto #1 with pianist Eric Ouellette, an excerpt from Brahms' Requiem featuring the Eastern CT State University Orchestra with David Belles, Director, and more chorus and orchestra works.

For over ten years, the West Hartford Symphony has been providing a musical outlet for residents of West Hartford and the Greater Hartford Area. Musicians from the ages of 14 to 86 come together once a week to play a variety of pieces and perform four concerts each year. 

For tickets and information, 860-521-4362 or http://whso.org/.
Farmington Valley Symphony Orchestra

Concert III: "Calling Mr. Beethoven"

Saturday, March 7th, 2015 at 8pm 

Hoffman Auditorium, University of St. Joseph

1678 Asylum Avenue, West Hartford, CT



Overture to Bride of Messina


Violin Concerto, D major

with Michelle Painter, soloist


Symphony No. 5 in C minor



Concert IV: Life's Journey

Friday, May 8th, 2015 at 8pm

Lincoln Theater, University of Hartford

200 Bloomfield Avenue, West Hartford, CT



Götterdämmerung: Siegfried's Death & Funeral Music


Death & Transfiguration


Symphony No. 5 in D minor


The Musical Club of Hartford

The Musical Club of Hartford, Inc., is a non-profit Connecticut organization celebrating its 123rd anniversary this year. Each year, from October to May, ten or more concerts are presented by performing members, featuring soloists and vocal or instrumental ensembles. These concerts take place on Thursday mornings at 10 am at Westminster Presbyterian Church, 2080 Boulevard, West Hartford, unless otherwise noted.

Sun., Mar. 22, Piano Ensemble Day, at Hartt, 3 p.m.

Thurs., Mar. 26, Piano Recital E.B. Storrs Scholars

Thurs., Apr. 9 Music by Members.

Thurs., Apr. 16 Music by Members

Thurs., Apr. 23 Music by Members


 For more information, visit:  
Hartford Symphony Orchestra 
The Hartford Symphony Orchestra, marking its 70th Season in 2013-2014, is Connecticut's premier musical organization. The Hartford Symphony is the second largest orchestra in New England and is widely recognized as one of America's leading regional orchestras.

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Jorgensen Center for the Performing Arts
Opened in December of 1955, Jorgensen Center for the Performing Arts is the largest college-based presenting program in New England. Each season, Jorgensen events attract more than 70,000 students, faculty and staff from the University of Connecticut, as well as residents from Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Jorgensen presents 25-30 nationally and internationally acclaimed artists and ensembles annually, ranging from classical music to world music and dance, classical and contemporary dance, comedy, family programming and contemporary entertainment. 

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