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WWUH Program Guide for
March and April 2013

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March and April 2013 




The WWUH/ Celtic Airs benefit concert series has a feast of shows to entertain you in the next two months! Please take advantage of these opportunities to see some of the best Celtic musicians touring the world today right here in you own back yard.



                                                    Goitse, March 8th, Wilde Auditorium                                           

                Goitse returns on March 8th. Goitse means "come here" in Irish, and we would like to invite you to do so that evening. The band's debut album was recorded in 2010 while they were all students in the prestigious Irish World Music Academy at the University of Limerick. Since then, they have become one of the most sought after young  bands among connoisseurs of Irish traditional music.

                Among those impressed by the talent and stage presence of Goitse was the legendary Donal Lunny. He selected Goitse's Tadhg O'Meachair to be the pianist for his "Lorg Lunny" project, an RTE television series that chronicled the formation and development of a band called Ciorras. When the time was ripe for Goitse to record their second album, it was Donal Lunny they asked to produce and mix the CD. The result was "Transformed", released to critical acclaim in late 2012. In his review of the album for Irish Music Magazine, John O'Reagan stated "Goitse has clearly transferred from the periphery to the big league."  Sean Laffey, editor of Irish Music Magazine added "They are glowing examples of the potential energy locked up inside Irish traditional music, and they have the spark to make it explode."

                The band members include Colm Phelan from Portlaoise on bodhran. In 2006, he hit the trifecta, winning the first World Bodhran Championship, and later that year, the second of two consecutive All Ireland Bodhran titles.

                Aine McGeeney is the band's vocalist and fiddle player. Her voice has been described as "sweet and charismatic with an attractive innocence that draws audiences into the performance." She is also an energetic, high octane fiddler with remarkable stage presence gained from her time with Michael Flatley's Lord of the Dance. Most recently she has become a highly regarded composer of new tunes in the traditional style, many of which are featured on the two Goitse CD's.

                Conal O'Kane grew up in South Philadelphia, but spent his summers in his father's home town of Buncrana, Co. Donegal where he began learning traditional Irish tunes on the fiddle. By 17, he had switched his efforts to the guitar. After finishing high school, he enrolled in the BA program in Irish Music and Dance at the University of Limerick where he met his future band mates.

                The afore-mentioned Tadhg O'Meachair has won the All Ireland piano title and is also a gifted piano accordion player. The band's usual banjo player, James Harvey, is still a student at the University of Limerick and unable to be part of this tour. He has been replaced by Matt Griffin, a 2009 graduate of the University's Irish World Music Academy with first class honors. He has already toured with other well known Irish musicians including Michael McGoldrick, Seamus Begley and the Chieftains!

                Siobhan Long, music writer for Dublin's Irish Times, says "Goitse perform with the wisdom of musicians with many more miles beneath their belts." Come see for yourself when Goitse appear in the University of Hartford's Wilde Auditorium on Friday, March 8th at 7:30 PM




                                           Dervish, March 23rd, Lincoln Theater


                We have a post St Patrick's Day treat in store for you on March 23rd when Dervish appear in concert at the University of Hartford's Lincoln Theater, a new venue for the Celtic Airs concert series. This band is reputed by many to be the best Irish traditional band touring the world today!

                The band's origins go back to 1988 when Liam Kelly, Shane Mitchell, Michael Holmes, Brian McDonagh and Martin McGinley were asked to record an album of traditional Sligo music that was eventually called "The Boys of Sligo." The "boys" came up with the name Dervish at that time. In truth though, their relationships go back much further. Mitchell and Kelly were already playing traditional music together in primary school, and at ages 10 and 12, appeared on RTE radio. While in high school, at ages 16 and 18, they appeared on the legendary Gay Byrne's Late Late Show with their band Poitin. While in college, they met another Sligo native, Michael Holmes, and with vocalist Yvonne Cunningham formed a band called Who Says What? Holmes and Kelly then moved to London, but returned to Sligo often to re-unite with Mitchell and yet another Sligo resident, Brian McDonagh. At just 16 years of age, in the late 1970's, Brian, his older brother and Geraldine McGowan formed the group Oisin, one of the seminal bands of the Irish traditional music revival. So you see, the band members were very comfortable and familiar with each other by the time they recorded "The Boys of Sligo" and became Dervish.

                Though the band has been together for over 20 years now, there have been very few line up changes. Singer Cathy Jordan, from Roscommon, joined the boys in 1991 and their first album "Harmony Hill"  was released in 1993. Fiddler Shane McAleer replaced Martin McGinley in 1991 and was himself replaced by current fiddler Tom Morrow in 1998. There have been no other changes in the line up except for the short tenure of Seamie O'Dowd, another Sligo native, in the early years of the new millennium.

                The first Dervish concert in America took place in the University of Hartford's Wilde Auditorium on June 6, 1996 and they have made it a point to return to their American birth place as often as possible. This year's concert on 3/23/13 will be the final stop on a nation wide tour designed to promote their new studio album (title not available at "press time"). If you've seen Dervish live, I know you'll be there. If you've yet to see them in person, add that to your "bucket list" and make it happen this year!




                                            Litha , April 5th, Wilde Auditorium


                April 5th, 2013 will see the concert series debut of the band Litha (pronounced Leef-a), but we have met all four members during appearances with other bands. Claire Mann (flute, fiddle, whistle, backing vocals) appeared with Tabache and the Christy O'Leary band. Aaron Jones (bouzouki, guitar, lead vocals) has been here with Craobh Rua and the Old Blind Dogs. Gudrun Walther (Lead vocals, fiddle, accordion) and Jurgen Treyz (guitar, dobro, backing vocals) are members of Cara who have appeared twice in our concert series.

                Claire and Aaron met in the thriving Edinburgh folk music scene twelve years ago. Since then, they have been performing a mixture of traditional Scottish and Irish music and song as a duet and produced and album called "Secret Orders" in 2005. Sean Laffey, editor of Irish Music Magazine, said "Aaron is one of the best bouzouki players I have ever seen." To second that opinion, the Scots Trad Music Awards named Aaron it's Instrumentalist of the Year in 2005.

                Gudrun and Jurgen have long been regarded as two of Germany's leading folk musicians. Gudrun has been playing fiddle since age six and performing professionally since age nineteen. In addition to her work with Cara, she has also been a member of the multi-national ensemble More Maids. Jurgen perfected his guitar playing as a university student in Munich, then opened a recording studio to promote the musical careers of German folk musicians. Prior to his co-founding of Cara, he was the leader of the highly praised German traditional band Adaro

                Litha came into being at a European folk festival in 2006.Under the name Two Duos they released a debut album in 2009 called "Until the Cows Come Home." It wasn't until 2011 that their name evolved to Litha. Litha is and Anglo-Saxon word that represents the season of light, festivals and music, very appropriate for the time that the band's members first met. They released their second album "Dancing of the Light" in 2012. With great stage presence, two fantastic lead singers, tight four part vocal harmony singing, fiery fiddle, flute and accordion and a dream team rhythm section, there's nothing this quartet can't do!!

                I encourage you to come  and enjoy some old friends in a new guise when Litha makes it's Celtic Airs Concert Series debut , Friday April 5th at 7:30 in the Wilde Auditorium.



Jim Malcom  

                                            Jim Malcolm, April 26th, Wilde Auditorium


                Speaking of old friends, Jim Malcolm will return for his third solo concert here on Friday April 26th. He has also performed here as lead singer of the Old Blind Dogs on a number of occasions over his eight year tenure with that Scottish folk band.

                Jim is both singer and songwriter, the ultimate Scottish troubadour. He has one of the most distinctive voices in Scottish music and is in of the top handful of simultaneous guitar and harmonica players in the world. His concerts are always highly entertaining, the music peppered with Jim's funny stories and observations. In fact, he has developed his between song wit into an art form all it's own! "A Jim Malcolm concert is quietly and undeniably stunning." (Mojo Magazine)

                Jim has been a professional musician since graduating from Edinburgh University and over the years has released ten solo albums, both before and after his time with the Old Blind Dogs, with whom he released four band albums. In 2004 he was voted "Songwriter of the Year" at the Scots Trad Music Awards. He is also a noted interpreter of the songs of Robert Burns, culminating in an entertaining DVD called "Bard Hair Day; The songs of Robert Burns".

                Over the years, reviewers have showered Jim with accolades: "The new voice of Scotland" (Radio Scotland), "One of the finest singing voices in Scotland" (Living Tradition), "A pure warm folk voice that one never tires of listening to." (Dirty Linen), "Persuasive vocals and sheer irrepressible rhythm." (Rock 'n' Reel).

                I'm sure you too will be singing his praises if you take the opportunity to see Jim Malcolm in concert at the Wilde Auditorium Friday April 26th at 7:30 PM.



                Tickets for the WWUH/Celtic Airs Concert Series are only available from the University of Hartford box office, open 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM Monday-Friday. Call 1-800-274-8587 or 860-768-4228. You can purchase on line at www.hartford.edu/hartt  or use the links for ticket purchase that you will find on the WWUH web site. (wwuh.org)

                If hope you'll continue to support the concert series.  YOU ARE THE REASON, it continues entertaining Celtic music fans in the greater Hartford area!!

Don't forget to tune into Celtic Airs Tuesday mornings from 6:00 to 9:00 AM on WWUH, 91.3 FM.





 University of Hartford Box Office


                                                               Steve Dieterich, Producer/Host of Celtic Airs

                                                         Producer /Promoter of the Celtic Airs concert series.



WWUH Classical Programming -

March and April 2013

Sunday Afternoon at the Opera... Sundays 1:00 - 4:30 pm

Evening Classics... Weekdays 4:00 to 7:00/ 8:00 pm

Drake's Village Brass Band... Mondays 7:00-8:00 pm





Short selections for Marathon Week



Massenet: Thais



Monday Night at the Movies: Bernard Herrmann at Fox

Drake's Village Brass Band...TenThing



Clement: Violin Concerto; Arensky: String Quartet #2; Miaskovsky: Symphony #5; Holst: St. Paul's Suite



Mozart: Symphony No. 40;  Vejvanovsky: Vespers; Mendelssohn: String Quartet No. 6 in F Minor; Menotti: Triplo Concerto a Tre; Giulio Regondi: Etudes and Reveries



Wilbye: Madrigals; Verdi: MacBeth Prelude; Ravel: Le Tombeau de Couperin, Pavane Pour Une Infante Defunte, Concerto for Piano Left Hand in D, Introduction and Allegro; Eller: Five Pieces for String Orchestra; Caturla: Tres Danzas Cubanas; Dorff: Sonatine de Giverny; Classical Happy Hour Vitali: Chaconne in g; Beethoven: Piano Concerto #5; Mozart: Clarinet Concerto.



"And God Created Great Whales" and other works of Alan Hovhaness



Part: Creator Spiritus, Stabat Mater, etc.; Vigneault& Fecteau: Grand Messe



Persichetti: Concerto for Piano Four Hands; Hovhaness: Historic Moscow Recordings; Khachaturian: Symphony #3

Drake's Village Brass Band...Gaudate Brass- Chicago Moves



Haydn: String Quartet in Eb, Op. 33, #2; Sibelius: Symphony #5; Shostakovich: Piano Trio #2; Handel: Dettingen Te Deum



Samuel Wesley: Symphony in B Flat Major; Ravel: Chansons Madecasses; Reger: Concerto for Piano & Orchestra, Op. 114; Finzi: Clarinet Concerto; Respighi: The Pines of Rome;

Giuseppe Ferlendis: Trios for Oboe, Flute and Bassoon



Telemann: Violin Concerto in A TWV51:A3, Double Horn Concerto TWV 54:Es1; In Dulci Jubilo, Goldberg: Harpsichord Concerto #1 in E Flat; Pearsall: In Dulci Jubilo; Johann Strauss, Sr: Chinese Galop, Eisele und Beisele-Sprünge Polka, Radetsky-March; Erkin: Sinfonietta for Strings; Rakov: Violin Concerto #1; Verdi: I Masnadieri Prelude; Wagner: Tristan und Isolde - Mild Und Leise.



Visit the Emerald Isle for St. Paddy's Day



Dvorak: St. Ludmila



Bolcom: Open House; Thomas Oboe Lee: Concertos; Hindemith: Symphony Mathias der Mahler

Drake's Village Brass Band...United States Marine Band play Morton Gould



Badings: Symphony #10; Dvořák: String Quartet #13; Bartók: Music for Strings, Percussion & Celesta; Haydn: Mass #12, "Theresienmesse"



Edward German: Symphony No. 2 in A Minor, "Norwich"; Healey Willan: Hymns; Tippett: String Quartet No. 2: Frantisek Tuma: Partitas; Antonio Rosetti: Oboe Concerto in C Major; Antonin Reichenauer: Violin Concerto in G



J.S. Bach: Cantata #147 "Herz und Mund und Tat und Leben", Passacaglia in c BWV 582, Viola da Gamba Sonata #1 in G BWV 1027, Toccata in e BWV 914, Concerto for Oboe and Violin in c BWV 1060, Brandenburg Concerto #2 in F BWV 1047; Moussorgsky: Khovantchina - excerpts, Pictures at an Exhibition; Skalkottas: Greek Dances - Sifneikos; Fussl: Fünf Tön - Fünf Finger; Verdi: Il Corsaro Prelude; Tchaikovsky: Sleeping Beauty Suite.



Spring has sprung...



Wagner: Parsifal Act one; Keiser: Passion Music



Albright: King of Instruments; Thomas Oboe Lee: Concertos;

Lutoslawski: Concerto for Orchestra

Drake's Village Brass Band...Bibi Black -Soviet Trumpet Concertos



Music for Holy Week and Passover



Host's Choice



New Releases. A Sampling of New Acquisitions from the WWUH Library.



Sir William Walton would have been 111



Wagner: Parsifal Acts Two and Three




Music for April Fool's Day

Drake's Village Brass Band...London Brass - Clowning Around



A 20th-century clarinet quintet, a set of Scarlatti keyboard sonatas, a piano trio, a 20th-century violin concerto; music recently performed--and/or soon to be performed--locally



Etienne-Nicholas Mehul: Symphony No. 1 in G Minor; Alessandro Melani: Motets; Dvorak: Octet-Serenade, Op. 22; Rimsky-Korsakov: Suite from the Golden Cockerel; Robert Volkmann: String Quartet No. 3 in G Major; Enriquez de Valderrabano: Silvas et Sirenas



Howe: Spring Pastoral; Bozza: En fôret; Verdi: Jerusalem Prelude, La Battaglia di Legnano Overture; Elmer Bernstein: Film Music; Langgaard  String Quartet #3; Chen Yi: Romance of Hsiao and Ch'in; Classical Happy Hour Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg-Prelude; Chopin: Ballade #3 in A Flat; Beethoven: Triple Concerto, "Eroica" Variations Op. 35.



Two Firstts - Stravinsky's Rite of Spring (1914) & Barber's Cello Concerto (1946)



Handel: Solomon



Sibelius: Symphony #1; Joshua Bell Plays Bernstein Drake's Village Brass Band...Czech Philharmonic Horn Section Performs



Haydn: String Quartet in C, Op. 33, #3; Shebalin: Orchestral Suite #1; Mendelssohn: Piano Trio #1; Bruckner: Te Deum



Bechara El-Khoury: Symphony, "Les Ruines de Beyrouth"; Francisco Guerrero: Songs; Brahms: Piano Trio in A Major; Johann Kaspar Mertz: Bardic Sounds;

Charles Tournemire: Poeme, op. 32; Francesco Veracini: Sonata No. 6 in A Major



Melgaz: Motets; Anne Danican Philidor: Sonata in d; Mouret: Suite de Simphonies; Ginastera: Estancia, Piano Sonata #1 Op. 22; Verdi: Luisa Miller Overture; Mendelssohn: Symphony #4; Debussy: Arabesque #1 in E.



Ben Yarmolinsky's music for the season



Gounod: Romeo et Juliette



Janacek: Sinfonietta; Bruckner: Symphony #6; Brubeck: American Poets

Drake's Village Brass Band... U S Air Force Band of the Rockies - Fantasies and Heroes



Godard: Violin Concerto #2; Rautavaara: Suite de Lorca; Peeters: Sonata for Trumpet & Piano; Mahler: Symphony #8



Franck: Symphony in D Minor; Debussy: String Quartet in G Minor; Johann Vierdanck: Capriccios;

Nancy Van de Vate: Divertimento for Harp and String Quartet; Charles Koechlin: Symphonic Variations;

Alfonso Ferrabosco the Younger: Fancyes



Carissimi: The Story of Jonas, Vittoria mio core; Ludwig Berger: Grande Sonata in c Op. 7; Suppe: Overtures; Rozsa: Spellbound Concerto, Violin Concerto Op. 24; Kennan: Night Soliloquy; Buxton Orr: Piano Trio #1; Verdi: Stiffelio Overture; Mendelssohn: String Quartet #6.



Tax Season is over! I should be vacationing at Niagara Falls. Or should it be the Grand Canyon?



Verdi: Il Trovatore



Music for EarthDay

Drake's Village Brass Band...Maurice Andre - La Belle Epoque



Sgambati: Symphony #1; Grieg: String Quartet in g; Coleridge-Taylor: Petite Suite de Concert; Mendelssohn: Psalm 42



Pavel Vranicky: Symphony in C Minor; John Adams: Chamber Symphony; Schumann: Piano Trio in F Major; Fasch: Concerto in D; Alfred Schnittke: Sonata for Violin and Chamber Symphony; Florian Gassmann: Overtures



New Releases. A Sampling of New Acquisitions from the WWUH Library.



Charles Ives' 4th Symphony first performance - posthumously in 1965



Sullivan: Ivanhoe



Monday Night at the Movies Rozsa: The Red House; Williams: Lincoln

Drake's Village Brass Band...Philip Sparke: Harmony Music - Leyland Band



A 20th-century clarinet quintet, a set of Scarlatti keyboard sonatas, a piano trio, a 20th-century violin concerto; music recently performed--and/or soon to be performed--locally.


Blue Monday

9 PM to midnight

Hosted by Bart Bozzi


Tune in to Blue Monday during March and April for the following features:


Featured Artist


March 4                                Sugar Ray & The Bluetones

March 11                               Lightnin' Slim - 100th DOB (3/13/1913)

March 18                               Roomfull Of Blues                                                               

April 1                                    Jimmy McCracklin (1921 - 2012)

April 8                                    Elvin Bishop

April 15                                  Smokey Wilson   

April 22                                  Lynwood Slim

April 29                                  Daddy Mac Blues Band


Back to the Roots



March 4                                 Delta Blues

March 11                               Kansas City Blues

March 18                               Chicago Blues

April 1                                    West Coast Blues

April 8                                    Classic Women Blues Singers                          

April 15                                  British Blues        

April 22                                  Mississippi Blues

April 29                                  Memphis Blues


Tune in as we also go back in my blues history, featuring a cut I aired 20 and 10 years ago on my weekly blues shows previously aired on Overnight Blues and Blue Monday.


Join us as we explore the diverse and interesting world of "the blues" every Monday night at 9 PM on WWUH's long running blues show, "Blue Monday."
WWUH Scholarship Fund
  In 2003 WWUH alums Steve Berian, Charles Horwitz and Clark Smidt helped create the WWUH Scholarship Fund to provide an annual grant to a UH student who is either on the station's volunteer Executive Committee or who is in a similar leadership position at the station. The grant amount each year will be one half of the revenue of the preceeding year.     
   To make a tax deductable donation either send a check to:
WWUH Scholarship Fund
c/o John Ramsey
Univ. of Hartford
200 Bloomfield Ave.
W. Hartford, CT 06117
Or call John at 860-768-4703 to arrange for a one-time or on-going donation via charge card.
  If you would like more information please contact us at wwuh@hartford.edu.

 Do you like live music?  

Well..we have live music!




A Listener Supported Community Service of the University of Hartford - Information call: 860-768-4703


DATE                   PERFORMER                           VENUE                    TIME                                                   



                   March  8                     Goitse                                      Wilde                  7:30 pm
                   March   23                  Dervish                                   Millard                 7:30 pm
                   April 5                         Litha                                         Wilde                  7:30 pm
                   April 26                       Jim Malcolm                           Wilde                  7:30 pm

Shows are added all the time, check wwuh.org for up to date information.

Doors open 30 minutes prior to show time.  UH student ticket price for most shows: $10.

All shows in Wilde are general admission; Millard & Lincoln seats are reserved. 

Tickets go on sale 2 months before the event and are ONLY available from the 

University of Hartford Box Office.  


Tickets, if available, are placed on sale at the venue one hour before show time the night of the show.

Tickets for all shows are available from the University Box Office:

860-768-4228 or 1-800-274-8587

Thursday Evening Classics

Composer Birthdays

March and April 2013

Presented by Steve Petke




March 7

1574 (Baptism) John Wilbye

1663 Tomaso Antonio Vitali

1783 Gottfried Wilhelm Fink

1820 Gustav Graben-Hoffmann

1822 Victor Masse

1875 Maurice Ravel

1887 Heino Eller

1895 Juan Jose Castro

1906 Alejandro García Caturla

1945 Amílcar Vasques Dias

1956 Daniel Dorff


March 14

1623 (Baptism) Adam-Nicolas Gascon

1681 Georg Phillip Telemann

1726 (Baptism) Josef Antonin Stepan

1727 Johann Gottlieb Goldberg

1755 Pierre-Louis Couperin

1795 Rubert Lucas Pearsall

1804 Johann Strauss, Sr

1815 Josephine Lang

1826 William Fisk Sherwin

1831 Leon Leopold Lewandoski

1835 Manuel Fernandez Caballero

1845 August Bungert

1875 Norman Houstoun O'Neill

1883 Juan Manen

1884 Wintter Watts

1887 Sir Lawrance Collingwood

1894 Josef Schelb

1906 Ulvi Cemal Erkin

1908 Nikolay Petrovich Rakov

1913 Witold Rudzinski

1915 Alexander Brott

1926 Francois D'assise Morel

1930 Dieter Schnebel

1935 Jo Van Den Booren

1949 Dennis Báthory-Kitsz

1972 Keeril Makan


March 21

1527 Hermann Finck

1624 (Baptism) François Roberday

1642 Georg Schmezer

1685 Johann Sebastian Bach

1703 Georg Andreas Sorge

1708 Caspar Ruetz

1716 (Baptism) Josef Ferdinand Norbert Seger

1749 Andrew Law

1779 Alexis de Garaude

1820 Frank Mori

1836 Jesus Monasterio

1839 Modeste Moussorgsky

1863 Hugo Kaun

1878 Thurlow Weed Lieurance

1881 Hermann Sandby

1883 Jules Van Nuffel

1900 Paul Kletzki

1904 Nikos Skalkottas

1921 Antony Hopkins

1924 Karl Heinz Fussl

1928 Ruth Anderson

1935 Saul Cosentino

1936 Marek Stachowski

1944 Henrik Colding-Jorgensen

1944 Jamary Oliveira

1950 Richard Cooke

1950 Elena Firsova

1951 Fred Sturm

1954 Gilles Raynal


March 28

1592 Jan Amos Komensky

1603 (Baptism) Stephan Otto in Freiberg

1621 Heinrich Schwemmer

1643 (Baptism) Jose Solana

1741 Johann Andre

1766 Joseph Weigl

1779 Angelo Maria Benincori

1817 Mariano Soriano Fuertes Y Piqueras

1868 Wojciech Gawronski

1883 William Henry Harris

1885 Marc-Jean-Baptiste Delmas

1886 Jaroslav Novotny

1887 Rudolf F W Boskaljon

1900 Achille Longo

1919 Jacob Avshalomov

1924 Arthur Furer

1928 Jose Luis de Delas

1930 Robert Ashley

1934 Siegfried Thiele

1936 Bozhidar Abrashev

1943 Richard Stilgoe

1945 Boudewijn Buckinx

1946 Alexandr Morduhovich


April 4

1716 (Baptism) Johann Evangelist Schreiber

1731 Francisco Morera

1740 Wolfgang Nicolaus Haueisen

1752 Niccolo Zingarelli

1753 Pedro Etienne Solere

1762 Stephen Storace

1785 Bettina Brentano

1804 Joseph Fischhof

1836 Jerome Hopkins

1837 Smith Newell Penfield

1872 Nikolai Amani

1875 Jozef Szulc

1879 Gabriel Grovlez

1882 Mary Howe

1905 Eugene Bozza

1907 Mykola Terentiyevich Kolyada

1922 Elmer Bernstein

1933 Seoirse Bodley

1935 Francois-Bernard Mache

1947 Salvatore Scirorino

1949 Pavel Kopecky

1953 Chen Yi


April 11

1586 Pietro Della Valle

1638 Diogo Diaz Melgaz

1681 Anne Danican Philidor

1682 Jean-Joseph Mouret

1715 John Alcock

1735 Pierre Nicolas La Houssaye

1769 Johann Georg Lickl

1775 Charles-François Dumonchau

1779 Louise Reichardt

1791 Marie-Desire (Martin) Beaulieu

1816 Theodore Eisfeld

1838 Joseph Leopold Rockel

1840 Johann Conrad Nordqvist

1859 Basil Harwood

1881 Harvey Bartlett Gaul

1901 Theodor Rogalski

1916 Alberto Ginastera

1922 Alexander Raichev

1927 Domenico Guaccero

1930 Francesco D'Avalos


April 18

1605 (Baptism) Giacomo Carissimi

1759 Jacques-Christian-Michel Widerker

1764 Bernhard Anselm Weber

1777 Ludwig Berger

1777 Ignac Ruzitska

1806 Ludwig Schuberth

1819 Franz von Suppe

1839 Frantz Jehin-Prume

1855 Josef Gruber

1873 Roger Ducasse

1881 Hermann Zilcher

1903 Yury Sergeyevich Milyutin

1907 Miklos Rozsa

1913 Milos Sokola

1913 Kent W. Kennan

1924 Buxton Daeblite Orr

1925 Robert Caldwell Crawford

1934 Jan Klusak

1943 Jacques Bank

1944 Rudy Shackelford

1944 Penelope Thwaites

1946 Anne Boyd

1954 Robert Greenberg

1958 Thomas Simaku


April 25

1567 Aurelio Signoretti

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1901 Ernst Gernot Klussmann

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Sunday Afternoon at the Opera

Your Lyric Theater Program

With Keith Brown

Programming Selections for

March and April 2013



SUNDAY March 3rd

Massenet,Thais    Why broadcast this opera,one of Massenet's greatest and best known,during Lent? Well,its story deals with religious devotion,and with monks and nuns who lead the religious life.Thais (1894) is based on a novel by Anatole France about religious hypocrisy. The Alexandrine courtesan Thais,born and baptized a Christian,has lapsed into paganism.The monk Athanael redeems her and she dies in a convent while he is confessing that all along he was mad with desire for her.Massenet's music so well depicts Alexandria as "Sin City" in the titularly Christian Roman empire of the  fourth century AD.His orchestration is colorful and lush;even the vocal lines are luscious to listen to.Athanael is one of opera's finest roles for baritone,and many divas have taken on Thais to popular acclaim.American soprano Anna Moffo is heard opposite the French baritone Gabriel Bacquier in a 1975 RCA Red Seal release on three stereo LP's.Julius Rudel conducts the New Philharmonia Orchestra and Ambrosian Chorus.Oh,yes...the solo violinist is Desmond Bradley in the famous and often excerpted "Meditation" orchestral interlude.

   Today "Sunday Afternoon at he Opera" participates in Marathon 2013,this station's week of intensive on-air fundraising.I will be going on mike to urge you listeners to phone in your pledges of financial support to my "lyric theater" program and the entire weeklong lineup of classical music programming here at 91.3 FM.You faithful listeners have never failed to help us meet or even exceed our fundraising goals  in Marathons past,so I thank you in advance fro your generosity.  

Sunday march 10th 

Part,Creator Spiritus,etc.,Vigneault & Fecteau,Grand Messe.The Estonian-born  Arvo Part (b. 1935) is arguably the most important living composer of Christian religious music.In 2010 Harmonia Mundi USA came out with a single disc compilation of Part's compositions for voices and strings.The release is part of HM's ongoing Arvo Part series.This particular release takes its name from the 9th century Latin hymn Veni Creator Spiritus invoking the Holy Spirit in Part's 2006 setting of the first and fourth verses of the hymn.The longest piece on this disc is Part's 1985 Stabat Mater,taking as its text the medieval devotional poem describing Mary's emotional state as she beholds her Son crucified.Some of the compositions in this compilation are performed by the six-voice chamber group Theater of Voices,led by its founder Paul Hillier.Hillier also leads the larger choral group Ars Nova Copenhagen.Certain pieces were originally written for voices,then transcribed for strings.in this case the string players being the NYYD Quartet.About this music and this HM disc,Fanfare magazine's reviewer Lynn Rene Bayley writes,"The most extraordinary quality of this music is its calming,healing effect...this disc is a perfect antidote to the ugliness and greed throughout all societies..."(Fanfare,Nov/Dec,2012 issue.)

    The Canadian province of Quebec remains staunchly French speaking and Roman Catholic.Vigneault and Fecteau's Grand Messe (2008),which premiered at the Quebec Festival of Sacred Music,is an expression of that Gallic cultural heritage.Songwriter and poet Gilles Vigneault (b.1928) and his arranger,Bruno Fecteau (1959-2011),professor at the Quebec Conservatory of Music,are natives of French Canada.Their Grand Messe builds upon the familiar Latin components of the Mass,rendered into French language,with two interpolated passages in a Native American tongue (this in recognition of the province's ethnic diversity).Musically speaking,the Grand Messe is entirely accessible and replete with melody.It may remind listeners of the pop style of the Welshman Karl Jenkins' works for chorus and orchestra,which often include lyrics in Welsh.Richard Lee directs the Symphony Orchestra of Quebec and the vocal ensemble Le Choeur de L'Osq,with seven solo singers.Grand Messe was recorded live in concert by the Canadian Broadcasting Company and was released on a single CBC Musique compact disc.


Sunday March 17th

Dvorak,Saint Ludmila On this last Sunday in Lent I'm bringing out for a third airing our station's old Supraphon recording of Antonin Dvorak's oratorio St.Ludmila.I had presented this same three-LP set on two previous occasions during the Lent/Paschal season,first on Sunday April 6,1986 and agin on March 11,2007.A thousand years ago the pagan Czechs received Christian missionaries from the West,representing the Roman Catholic faith,and from the East,bearing with them Slavonic Orthodoxy.A Bohemiam princess names Ludmila sided the the proselytizers from the East.A power struggle ensued within the royal house of Bohemia over the conversion of Ludmila to Orthodox Christianity.She was assinated and soon came to be revered as a holy martyr.The cult of St.Ludmila served in later centuries as a rallying point for Czech nationalism.Her martyrdom was exactly the right subject for the leading nineteenth century Czech nationalist composer to set to music.Dvorak's St.Ludmila premiered in Birmingham.England in 1886 with great success.(The English public have welcomed new oratorios like this since the time of Handel,and the Victorians also very much liked Dvorak's music.) Supraphon,the old Czechoslovak state record label,recorded this masterwork in1965,when Vaclav Smetacek conducted the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra and Chorus,with five vocal soloists.


SUNDAY march 24th

Wagner,Parsifal,ACT ONE,Keiser,Passion Music For a third time this Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday we will take part in a sacred drama in music based on the medieval legend of the Holy grail,the wine cup Jesus passé daround among his disciples at the Last Supper just prior to His Crucifiction.Richard Wagner's last opera,his masterpiece of Romantic mysticism Parsifal (1882) is too long in complete recorded performance to be accommodated in one Sunday's timeslot.For Wagner,like so many other nineteenth century Romantics,art was his religion.The Festspielhaus at Bayreuth was his temple.There Parsifal premiered and there it was staged exclusively for the following three decades.I first presented Parsifal  at Palm Sunday/Easter of 2008 making use of a 2006 Deutsche Grammophon recording from the Vienna State Opera and starring tenor Placido Domingo in the title role.Then at Palm Sunday/Easter of 2011 came a concert version of Parsifal recorded at St.Petersburg,Russia in 2009 with the orchestra and chorus of the Mariinsky Theatre conducted by Valery Gergiev.Marek Janowski is on the podium leading the Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra and Berlin Radio Chorus in another concert performance of Parsifal given in Berlin's Philharmonie Hall on April 8,2011.Tenor Christian Elsner is the holy fool Parsifal,heard opposite Michelle DeYoung as the temptress Kundry.The German Pentatone released this recording on four CD's in 2012 as part of their series of Wagner's most famous operas,all these releases looking toward the bicentennial of the composer's birth in 2013.

   There's time remaining this afternoon to listen to sacred music in the North German Lutheran tradition.Reinhard Keiser (1674-1739) was the leading composer of German opera at the beginning of the eighteenth century.Many of his works were staged at Hamburg's "Goose Market" theater.He also wrote cantatas,oratorios and Passions for the churches of the city.Keiser's sacred works are an extension of his operatic style.A motet/cantata from circa 1700,a large fragment of a St. Luke Passion and a major part of a Passion oratorio from 1715 were recorded for the German cpo label in 2009 in the St. Johannis church in Hamburg.Thomas Ihlenfeldt directed the period instrument players of the Capella Orlandi Bremen,with seven vocalists trained in Baroque singing practice.The cpo survey of Keiser's Passion Music came out on a single silver disc in 2010.


Wagner,Parsifal,ACTS TWO & THREE



Handel.Solomon "To my mind Solomon is probably the most magnificent...of all the Handel oratorios,"so wrote conductor John Eliot Gardiner about his historically-informed recorded interpretion of the oratorio for the PHILIPS label.I broadcast his period instrument Solomon on vinyl discs way back on Sunday May 4,1986.You get to hear it again today in its 2006 compact disc release in the PHILIPS "Digital Classics" line.The original recording was made in London following Gardiner's performances of Solomon at the 1984 Gottingen Festival of Baroque music in Germany.Gardiner leads the period instrumental ensemble he founded,the English Baroque Soloists,with the Monteverdi Choir and a lineup of vocal soloists that included English soprano Carolyn Watkinson as the Hebrew king Solomon,soprano Nancy Argenta as Solomon's Queen and tenor Anthony Rolfe Johnson as Zadok the Priest.Handel's orchestral scoring for Solomon is more colorful than that for Messiah.In fact,Messiah lacks the sharp delineation of character to be found in the vocal parts for the Queen of Sheba and the two harlots,so typical of Handel's Italian operas.The dramatic situation of the quarrel over the infant,with the king's surprising judgement,was irresistible to Handel's operatic imagination.Beyond that,the overall effect of the oratorio is that of a celebration in music of Hanoverian England,also known as the Augustan Age of the mid eighteenth century. (Solomon premiered at Covent Garden in 1749.) I value historical authenticity,yet on Sunday April 2,1989 I broadcast a set of early stereo LP's of Sir Thomas Beecham's modernized rescoring of Solomon,with Beecham leading his own Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and the Beecham Choral Society.



Gounod,Romeo et Juliet I getback this Sunday to Sony Classical's current series of broadcast airtapes made live in performance at the Metropolitan Opera.The mono or early stereo sound on these old tape reels from the Met's archives has been digitally remastered for issue in compact disc format.The old tapes captured for posterity what some consider to be the Golden Age of opera singing in the first half of the twentieth century.Charles Gounod's Romeo et Juliette (1867) was recorded live on stage on February 1,1947.Emil Cooper conducted the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra and Chorus.The incomparable Swedish tenor Jussi Bjorling is heard as Romeo,opposite Brazilian soprano Bidu Sayao as Juliet,a role in which she specialized.To the delight of audiences,Bjorling and Sayao were frequently paired in Met productions in the 1940's.


 Verdi,Il Trovatore Here's another gem in the Sony Classical series "The Metropolitan Opera." This one was taped live in performance at the Met on February 4,1961.The veteran Italian conductor Fausto Cleva took charge of the Met Orchestra and Chorus.Getting top billing in the singing cast are Italian tenor Franco Corelli as Manrico and the American mezzo Leontyne Price as Leonora.This particular item in the Sony "Met" series came out in 2011 on two compact discs.



Sullivan,Ivanhoe In the history of English opera Sir Arthur Sullivan's "serious" romantic opera Ivanhoe (1891) remains misunderstood.It was Sullivan's lifelong ambition to write an opera in the grand vein.Even Queen Victoria seems to have encouraged him to do so;he dedicated the score of Ivanhoe to her.As soon as the Gilbert & Sullivan comic collaboration The Gondoliers (1889) was done with,Sullivan set to work in earnest on his masterpiece.For its premiere production the impresario Richard D'Oyly Carte built the Royal English Opera House,which still stands in London.No expense was spared on Ivanhoe.This lavish production ran for a very impressive run of 155 performances.It was surely a success,and was revived the following season for 44 more shows.Then the public lost interest in it,and so apparently did Sullivan,who failed to promote it further.A large-cast grand operatic show like this was difficult to stage in the provinces.Ivanhoe got lost in the theatrical shuffle and was forgotten by the time Sullivan died.There have been occasional amateur stagings of Ivanhoe over the years;the opera had to wait until 2009 fro its world premiere professional unstaged recording for the UK label Chandos.David Lloyd-Jones conducts the BBC National Orchestra of Wales and Adrian Partington Singers.Wilfred,Knight of Ivanhoe is tenor Toby Spence,heard opposite soprano Janice Watson as Ivanhoe's truelove the Lady Rowena.Ivanhoe the opera captures and distills quite successfully into operatic form the novel by Sir Walter Scott,thanks to the astute libretto by Julian Sturgis.Sullivan's music is as reliably melodious as anything he wrote for The Gondoliers.If you love the G & S comic operas,you will love the music you hear of Ivanhoe.

   That Chandos recording of Ivanhoe comes from my own collection of opera on  compact disc.So does the PHILIPS CD reissue of Handel's Solomon.All the other recordings you'll hear in this two-month period of programming are to be found in our station's ever-growing library of classical music recordings.Thanks to our WWUH operations director Kevin O'Toole for assisting me in the preparation of these notes for cyber-publication.



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Susan Mullis              Director of Development

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Mary Dowst                 Acting Business Manager

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Ed McKeon                  Folk Music Director

Brian Grosjean            World Music Director               

Chuck Obuchowski      Jazz Music Director

David Schoenfeld         Web Master



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Making Contact - A program about activists and social change.  Tuesday 8:30pm


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911 Wake Up Call - Exploring the issues surrounding the 911 attacks.  Thursday 12:30pm


Rock 'N Roll Memory Machine - The Hartford Courant calls it the best oldies show in the area.  Memories, music and trivia from the golden days of rock 'n roll.  Sunday 6:00pm-8:00pm.


Saturday Morning Polka Madness - Polkas! Saturday 6:00am-9:00am, requests welcome


Soapbox - Interviews with progressive authors and activists, host Rob Tyrka. Thursday 12:00noon-12:30pm.


Street Corner Serenade - Music from the '50's "do-wop" era, and more. Saturday 1:00pm-3:00pm.


Sunday Afternoon at the Opera - Selections from the Operatic repertory ranging from Baroque to twentieth century. Sunday 1:00pm-4:30pm.


Super Sabado -Salsa - from '70's classics to current faves - and greetings, in Spanish. Saturday 3:00-5:00pm.


Synthesis - Alternative rock from all genres featuring new releases, rarities, imports, and international artists.  Including electronic, dance, fusion, funk, pop, reggae, experimental...... Weekdays 1:00pm-4:00pm.


Tevynes Garsai - Lithuanian programming. Sunday 5:00pm-6:00pm.


This Way Out - The international gay and lesbian news magazine.  Thursday 8:00pm-8:30pm.


TUC Radio - From San Francisco: a show about the global village and the global pillage.  Friday at 12:30pm.


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Voices of our World - Views from the 2nd and 3rd world on life in the real world.  Monday at 8:30pm.


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