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Volume 1, Issue 2

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Fall 2012 

From My Perspective:


National Awareness Growing about School Leadership!


With recent publication focused on the increasing awareness and acknowledgement of the pivotal role school leadership can play to increase student achievement, I am heartened that the importance of developing and supporting school leaders is being acknowledged as a key component for our schools!


Those of us having been in the principal's shoes have known all along how critical a role leadership plays for every single child in every school. Yes, teachers are the closest levers to making the very greatest difference for each and every student, but, the old adage of not having a great school full of teachers without a great leader still has not budged an inch in value.


Gregory F. Branch, Eric A. Hanushek, and Steven G. Rivkin recently published a piece in Educationnext (Winter 2013 / Vol. 13, No. 1) entitled Measuring the Impact of Effective Principals. This Texas- based article researched and demonstrated that effective principals increased student learning by seven months in a single school year. The longer the effective principal stayed in an urban, high poverty school, the higher the achievement of students from year to year.


The Wallace Foundation's research, upon which most of School Leaders Network's strategy is based, outlines five core levers critical for the school leader to become highly skilled at doing: shaping vision, creating climate, cultivating campus leadership, improving instruction and managing people, data and processes. Wallace proves that if school leaders can effectively hold these skills then teacher capacity and student achievement rises and accelerate.


New Leaders recent publication: Playmakers: How Great Principals Build and Lead Great Teams of Teachers points to the same outcome: invest in our school leaders, help them grow and develop their skills in managing talent, developing teachers and creating great places to work and student success will rise. Once again, school leadership is coming to the forefront of both local and national conversations. Increasing the capacity of school leadership is critical for increased student achievement!


School Leaders Network develops good to great principals into powerful leaders of change in schools across the country. The School Leaders Network's Design for Leading Framework is a pivotal engine for increasing the skills and capacities of school leaders to create change in high poverty schools across our nation. Recently, Education Week (Nov 14, 2012) featured a Commentary by Arthur L. Costa, Robert J. Garmston, and Diane P. Zimmerman Cognitive Capital: An Investment in Teacher Quality. In this opinion, they cited that "the best path to self-efficacy, and indeed collective efficacy is for a teacher to take time with colleagues.... in a continuous spiral of inquiry. When teachers join together and become more conscious of their ability to make a difference, then demonstrate true craftsmanship....they develop a vast storehouse of knowledge that enriches and expands their knowledge about teaching and learning". Indeed, the exact same quote could be used for school leaders: if they work collaboratively with a trained facilitator, collaboratively coach each other, hold each other accountable for transformational changes on each other's campus; teacher capacity and student achievement will RISE.


Lastly, Jonathan Schorr writes in the latest Stanford Social Innovation Review about A Revolution Begins in Teacher Prep (Winter, 2013, Vol 11, Nov 1): Relay Graduate School of Education in New York and its new path to teacher effectiveness. Norman Atkins, Relay's president, is looking for a "knockout punch" for performance- based teacher preparation programs. A knockout punch to me would be the increased attention to those school leaders who have pivotal roles across the whole campus, across the ability to increase teacher capacity, changing the climate of schools to one of urgency so that all children have a greater chance for academic success.


Performance-based approaches to support and develop "good to great school leaders", where there is an opportunity to increase learning, share support and mutual accountability regularly, accelerate leadership skills using the Wallace proven levers, and create transformational change on high poverty campuses across the nation is the charge of School Leaders Network. Working in conjunction with reform minded partners across this sector, we can greatly transform leadership capacity for our students' success today and tomorrow. Let's get the right candidates in the pipeline, prepare them well with innovative and effective capacity, and then continue to support and develop them with efficacious, researched based and proven evaluation - tried methods, such as School Leaders Network, so students will have the very best shot for success.



Elizabeth Neale, Ed.D.
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

School Leaders Network




School Leaders Network 2010 -11 SY Results


After our last edition of News for School Leaders in the Know went out, we published our 2010 - 11 Results.  There were some very exciting results:


In New York City SLN K-8th students had higher average math pass rate than 81% of peer schools and a higher average ELA pass rate than 86% of peer schools


In DC Metro/Prince George's County 66% of SLN High Schools improved their graduation rate.  Graduation rates in SLN Schools increased by 7.8% from 2010 to 2011, where as the overall graduation rate across DC-Metro public schools decreased by 1.7%


For Los Angeles, in English, students testing as below average in ELA decreased by 28% in SLN Schools, where non-SLN schools saw only a 4% decrease in students testing below average.


For all the details including San Antonio, Hawaii and Massachusetts see the full results.


The SY 2011 - 12 results should be out in time for our winter edition at the beginning of 2013.


News and Events From Our Networks


SLN Prince George's County Assistant Principal Network Receive Promotions Galore!


Prince George's County's 2011 -2012 AP Network has just been humming with activity as several members were promoted for this new school year.
Jeanetta Rainey, Acting Principal of Thomas Claggett Elementary School was made permanent; Brandi Stinson was named Principal, Flintstone Elementary School; Joel Nelson is now Principal of Kettering Elementary School; and Nathan Newman is Principal, Southland High School. In addition, Pamela Smith is now Supervisor, Career Academy; Viola Lynch has been named Principal, Barnaby Manor Elementary School and Viola Harris is Principal of Woodridge Elementary School. Aundrea McCall has the Principalship at Indian Queen Elementary; Shawn Hintz is now Principal at Mount Ranier Elementary School and John White is the Instructional Supervisor for Adapted Physical Education.
Congratulations to all!



New York City Lunch and Learns


This summer, the NYC Region held a series of Lunch and Learns.  The purpose of the School Leaders Network NYC Lunch and Learns is to create an opportunity for principals learn from each, take advantage of the summer to plan for the school year and learn more about School Leaders Network. This year we held 4 sessions and registered over 65 principals and members of their teams along with special invited guests who wanted to know more about SLN.


Session Focus: Together they explored how to build momentum for successful implementation of important school wide instructional initiatives and reform efforts using the "small wins" strategy. We will use  work "Winning Strategy" by Jody Spiro of the Wallace Foundation to discuss how effective school leaders strategically use benchmarks of success to motivate their school communities to work relentlessly towards school wide goals with a belief that they will achieve successful outcomes.


To download your free copy of Jody Spiro's article, "Winning Strategy", Click here.

School Leaders Network Elects New Board of Directors Chair


School Leaders Network, is pleased to announce LaVerne Srinivasan as the new Chair of the Board of Directors. Ms. Srinivasan has been a director of the Board since May 2012. Ms. Srinivasan previously served as Deputy Chancellor of Operations for the New York City Public Schools and as President of New Leaders for New Schools. In addition to her educational leadership roles, Ms. Srinivasan has more than 15 years of experience in business management and legal counsel. Ms . Srinivasan succeeds Peter McNally, Executive Director New York State Federation of School Administrators. Click here to read more
Happy Holidays


Thank you all for your devotion to the students touched by School Leaders Network. Fueled by your contributions, we are able to transform good principals into great ones who enable their students to reacher higher and acheive more.


In this season of giving, please consider donating to School Leaders Network in honor of an educator who touched you or who has lifted up a student in your life. Click here to Donate now.


We wish you all a joyful holiday season!


- School Leaders Network

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Elizabeth Neale, CEO and Founder
School Leaders Network
1100 East Washington Road
Hinsdale, Massachusetts 01235

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