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Welcome to Our New Loyalty Program!

     In appreciation of your loyalty over the years we have put in place a great loyalty program for you to take advantage of! You began accruing points for all of your purchases beginning September 1st. Please note that seniors are not eligible for the program since they already receive an everyday discount of 10%. See more details below.
         For info on our other great fall programs--updating your fall look with Dr. Hauschka make up, foundational nutrition for ADD/ADHD, and group detox, please see below.
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Welcome to our Loyalty Program
Event: Dr. Hauschka Consultations
Event: Foundational Nutrition for ADD/ADHD
Event: Group Detox
Featured Article: Take Care of Your Smile Naturally:Good Oral Health

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 Some of you have expressed an interest in earning rewards on your purchases and we are happy to welcome you to our new loyalty program...
It's easy! If you are receiving this email and you are not a senior (seniors already receive an everyday discount) you are now enrolled in our loyalty program, the Walsh Connection Club. In thanks for your loyalty, we will now be providing the following benefits:
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There are no cards to carry or anything to keep track of. Our new point of sale system will do all the work. Our staff will let you know when you have points available for use!



Discover Your Fall Look With 

International Dr. Hauschka Make-Up Artist Karim Sattar
Monday, September 29th
6:00-8:00 PM

15-minute consultation
Reservations required
$15, good toward any purchase
Join us for a special visit with Dr. Hauschka's international make-up artist. Sattar has worked on such prominent names as Jane Fonda, Princess Charlene of Monaco, Annie Lennox, Nina Eichinger and Dame Anita Roddick. He regularly oversees photo shoots for fashion magazines, including Vogue, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan and Glamour. He will be available for 15-minute private make-up consultations here at Walsh for those interested in switching their make-up to one of the leading natural companies worldwide. We can hold your reservation for $15, good toward any purchase. Please call (847) 864-1600 to reserve your spot.
Our Dr. Hauschka representative and the regional manager will also be on hand to consult with you about their skin and body care lines. Please join us for this special event!

chemistry-boy.jpg Foundational Nutrition for ADD/ADHD  Thursday, October 9th

 7:00 PM

$15 fee


All conditions or diseases result from an underlying imbalance in the system. In the case of ADD/ADHD, this imbalance lies in the brain and nervous system. Join owner Lynn Bednar for an informative talk about the basic nutrients that fortify the brain and nervous system, and thus can really make a difference in helping your child manage ADD/ADHD. While ADD/ADHD is sometimes quite complex and often requires medical attention, proper nutrition can make a world of difference in this problem. Learn what nutrients your child might be missing that are contributing to their attention issues and how to safely add them to your child's regimen. Call (847)864-1600 to sign up.


raw food Group Detox

Two Classes on Thursdays

October 16th and October 30th


$20 Plus detox product

Every day we are bombarded with environmental pollution, chemicals in consumer products, preservatives in food and even harmful chemicals generated by our body's own everyday function. Give your body an "oil change" by doing periodic detoxification.


In this two-part series you will learn the whys and hows of detoxification, choose the detox product that best suits you, and learn the benefits of detoxing beyond just the physical. Whether you are looking to jump-start a weight loss program, or just to get rid of toxic build up in the body, this program is for you.


Cost is $20 plus the cost of the detox product you choose. Class will run with a minimum of 8 people. Call to sign up (847) 864-1600.



Take Care of Your Smile Naturally: Good Oral Health


"We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do."

~Mother Teresa




Oral Care is often overlooked, but it couldn't be more important to your health.  Most disease enters through the mouth and nasal passages. Keeping these areas free of bacteria and other pathogens can go a long way toward keeping you healthy.  The Chinese even believe that the health of the body is mapped out on the tongue and use the condition of the tongue to identify trouble spots in the body.  Keeping the mouth clean and healthy can improve not just dental but overall health.


A healthy tooth is a living structure nourished by blood vessels and supplied by nerves.  The root is covered by a shock-absorbing periodontal tissue, and the base of the crown of the tooth is held in place by gums that are pale pink and do not bleed easily.  The enamel that covers the crown of the tooth is one of the hardest substances in the body, and has a dentine layer beneath it.  The dentine is somewhat softer and contains nerves and blood vessels that allow the tooth to detect sensations like cold and heat and also nourish the tooth.  



Regular Oral Care


Most of us understand that good dental hygiene consists of brushing and flossing the teeth on a regular basis and regular cleanings by a trained professional.  Tongue cleaning, with a specific tongue-cleaning device, is a lesser known but important way of cleaning bacteria from the mouth. Just as important are the foods we eat.  Chewy, fibrous, non-sugary and non-acidic foods keep teeth healthy.  The bacteria that typically reside in the mouth feed on sugar and produce an acid by-product that erodes tooth enamel.  Foods that contain citric acid can also be harmful to enamel if eaten in large amounts.  This is one reason why it is not wise to take a chewable Vitamin C on a regular basis.  Good dental habits can overcome the lack of a good diet, but only for a period of time.  Eventually the piper must be paid!  Many of the everyday oral care products we use are filled with sugar, chemical whiteners, and undesirable preservatives. Paying attention to the foods we eat, the gum we chew, the mints we use to freshen our breath, and the toothpaste we use can all improve dental health. 




Xylitol--A Secret Weapon for Dental Health?


Caries is a bacteria in the mouth that acts on the sugar we eat and produces an acid that erodes tooth enamel, exposing the tooth to damage and decay.  Caries is the most common reason for tooth decay. While we are not born with Caries bacteria in the mouth, most of us have acquired it by casual contact by the age of 18 months. Caries bacteria cannot feed on xylitol and thus is unable to thrive in the mouth. Studies have also shown that in the presence of xylitol, bacteria in the mouth and upper respiratory system lose their ability to adhere to the tissues, allowing the natural cleansing process to wash bacteria away. Xylitol is an alcohol sugar with 5 carbons that is used as a sweetener in everything from baked goods to gum and mints.  It can be derived from either corn or birch bark.  The corn derivative is from the corn stalk and thus free of the part of the plant that can produce allergy symptoms, according to the companies that make it from this source. Xylitol is naturally found in the body.


The quality of dental health of a mother can also have a profound impact on the dental health of her child.  Xylitol has been shown in studies to be more effective than flouride in protecting the teeth against caries and hence decay.  If a mother chews gum or uses mints that have xylitol 2-3 times a day during pregnancy, her child will have 70% less tooth decay than a mother that did not use xylitol.  The key is that the xylitol be the #1 ingredient in the product, assuring that there is enough of it to have an impact.  The brand Spry is one brand that can make this claim.  We carry it here at Walsh and it is available in gum, mints, and toothpaste. The Spry baby tooth gel is a great way to protect infants and very young children as tooth brushing can be a challenge with them. The gum and mints are recommended in addition to the toothpaste because they stay in the mouth longer and thus provide more benefit. The mouthwash is also a great option, so long as you keep it in the mouth for several minutes.


Xylitol is also available in a nasal wash by Xlear as well as nasal drops, which are used to keep the nose free of bacteria. By using this wash we can improve the overall health of the mouth and nasal passages, eliminating the primary way for disease to enter the body. It has also been shown that the use of Xylitol has reduced ear infections in children, probably due to the common passages shared by the ear and the back of the throat.


Since Xylitol tastes very much like sugar it can be used as a sugar substitute in baking, cooking, or even your coffee or tea. Using Xylitol is a great way to reduce your glycemic load (it has a GI rating of only 7 versus 68 for sucrose) and hence improve blood sugar and reduce the inflammatory effects of sugar on the body. It has about 40% fewer calories than sugar and can be used 1:1 in baking. Larger amounts of xylitol can cause gas and bloating in certain individuals, so you may want to use half xylitol and half raw sugar. Read More