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School's Out...Let the Camps Begin!

It's almost time for summer so we are highlighting Camp Essentials this month. Stop by for a deal on safe sunscreen, bug repellent, arnica, lice control, water bottles and more. If you buy any three products you get 10% off the entire purchase.
Back by popular demand are our detox and weight loss classes! If you are "feeling it" right now and want to get your health back on track, see the information below. Both classes start VERY soon, so don't hesitate.
Our article this month is about recovering from an injury, surgery or other trauma. Take a look if you are dealing with any of these and want to do some speed-healing!
Here's to Your Health!

What's Inside
New at Walsh! Camp Essentials
Natural News You Can Use: EWG's 2014 Sunscreen Guide
Event: Detox Group and Summer Weight Loss Group
Featured Article: Speedy Recovery: Restoring Health After Injury, Surgery, or Other Trauma

Camp Essentials
Consider These Great Items for Your Camper
Eco Friendly Water Bottles--Kleen Kanteen and others
Safe Sunscreen--We carry only brands highly rated for safety by ewg.org
DEET-free Bug Repellents--Featuring essential oils, a plant's way of protecting itself from bugs
Lice Protection--All Lice Detectives products and Neem products
Rescue Remedy--Support for homesick campers
Arnica and Calendula--For bumps, bruises and burns
Wellness--Send your overnight campers with a probiotic to keep them from getting sick and keep their digestion working well
sunscreen kid Natural News You Can Use: Environmental Working Group's 2014 Sunscreen Guide

It's time to think about sunscreen for the days when you are out in the sun for an extended period of time. Environmental Working Group has just come out with their 2014 Guide to Sunscreen. The Guide rates sunscreens by safety of ingredients, both what is used to block UVA & UVB rays and the other ingredients that form its base. At Walsh we carry only those that are top rated for safety. Some #1 rated brands we carry are Badger, Suntegrity, and Goddess Garden.


Remember that the sun also provides you with Vitamin D--much more than you can get from a pill. If you get 20-30 minutes of mid-day sun your body can make as much as 50,000 IU's of Vitamin D. Vitamin D regulates over 200 genes in the body and is important to immunity, mood and muscle function. To boost your vitamin D get 15-30 minutes of unprotected mid-day sun three times per week. Use caution if you have extremely fair skin, have a skin condition, or are on prescription drugs that cause sensitivity to the sun.


Summer Weight Loss Group

12 Weeks, June 17-September 2

Tuesday Evenings

7:00 PM-8:15 PM 


Our much-requested weight loss group is back! In this group we will cover a wide range of topics including the effect of stress on weight gain, the importance of eating non-GMO and organic,different forms of exercise and stress relief, the benefits of using natural remedies instead of drugs, healthy meal preparation, and more!
The program will be based on Metagenic's First Line Therapy program. This program includes a protein shake targeted at healthy body composition, a Mediterranean diet plan focused on fruits, vegetables and lean protein sources, and lifestyle management techniques. To this we will add our own expertise about how supplements can assist with weight loss, how herbs and flower essences can assist with the emotional side of eating, and what consumer products surround us that could be preventing weight loss.
If you are interested please respond to this email and I will send you more information about the program and its cost. Sign up and prepayment are required by June 10th.

fresh food  Get Clean With Our Group Detox!

 Two Mondays, June 9 & June 16

 7 PM-8:15 PM

Every day we are bombarded with environmental pollution, chemicals in consumer products, preservatives in food and even harmful chemicals generated by our body's own everyday function. Give your body an "oil change" by doing periodic detoxification.


In this two-part series you will learn the whys and hows of detoxification, choose the detox product that best suits you, and learn the benefits of detoxing beyond just the physical. Whether you are looking to jump-start a weight loss program, or just to get rid of toxic build up in the body, this program is for you.


Cost is $20 plus the cost of the detox product you choose. Class will run with a minimum of 8 people. Sign up with a friend and get $5 off.



Injuries - sports running knee injury on man. Male runner with pain, maybe from sprain knee. Close up of legs, muscle and knee outdoors.           

Speedy Recovery: Healing From Injury, Surgery, or Other Trauma


"Want to feel better? Participate in your healing."  ~Jennifer Kruse


This subject is near and dear to my heart after both a recent injury and surgery that affected my back, abdomen and nervous system. It was a true test of my knowledge of how to repair the body, my willingness to get the help I needed, and my patience (with which I am not that blessed)! I admit that I had moments that I thought I would never get better and had pain so severe that I had to use prescription painkillers. Given my natural aversion to drugs, this was a big deal for me! The good news is that I am feeling much better and nutrition and supplements were a crucial part of my healing process. After my own experience I want to pass on what I have learned. If you have experienced any trauma to the body, including surgery, an injury, or just prolonged stress that has affected your physical health, there is something here for you.


The most surprising part of this whole process has been all of the ancillary issues I had to deal with due to the surgery. First there was the pain in my throat from the trache tube-slippery elm lozenges got rid of that in a snap. Then there was the pain from the catheter-the perfect job for marshmallow root. For laparoscopic surgery they pump you full of CO2 gas. You can suffer the discomfort of that for a week or you can take fennel tincture to get rid of it in a couple days. The brain fog was the worst. I couldn't call up words, forgot what I was saying mid-sentence, and was overall just dull-witted! Needless to say that was kind of frightening and was aggravated by the pain meds. No loss, though, because I was able to try PQQ, a nutrient from which three recent studies have shown positive effects on the brain. I used 60 mg of CoQ10 and 20 mg of PQQ with great results! It took about a month, but definitely got my marbles back!


I would love to say that there is an herb or combination of herbs that will alleviate severe pain but if there is I don't know about it. Before I had the surgery I was in so much pain that I had to take the pain meds. The goal, of course, is to use them as little as possible and get off of them as quickly as possible. The brain fog, damage to the stomach lining, and potential for addiction argue for using them wisely.


The Acute Phase


Immediately after trauma, the body responds with inflammation. The homeopathic remedy arnica, 200 CK or above, works really well to minimize inflammation and swelling at the time of the injury or surgery. I took arnica 200 ck the day before and the morning of my surgery, as well as for 4-5 days after. This works amazingly well for pain too. After my surgery, I only had to use the pain meds a couple of times. If the injury or surgery affects any area that is nerve-rich such as the back, the eyes, the hands or feet, then alternate the arnica with hypericum. Hypericum will assist in nerve healing. Healing of the nerves can also be accomplished with the B vitamins, particularly B12 and benfotiamine (B1). When bone is involved, use the cell salts Calc Phos, Calc Flor and Silica internally to heal the bone. Read more