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                                     April 2014          

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April is All About Skin Care!
Spring has finally sprung and we are ready here at Walsh. We have lots of new product in and will be holding our Annual Skin Care Event & Sale at the end of the month. We will kick off the event with a fun Evening of Beauty Girls Night Out on April 24th and have 15% off all of our skin care products that night through the 27th! See more details below.
We have a brand new line of sunscreen called Suntegrity that I LOVE! Dr. Hauschka has new packaging to clarify the use of their products, but with the same trusted formulations. We will also have a new, clean line called Organic Excellence and have expanded our offerings of the ever-popular MyChelle line.
Our new line of enzymes is finally here! We had told you that we would be bringing in Enzymedica but decided to go with their doctor's line called Enzyme Science. Better formulations and a simpler product line. I especially like their Intolerance Formula--great for those with food sensitivities like gluten, soy, dairy, beans, and more.
Here's to Your Health!

What's Inside
New at Walsh! Suntegrity and Megafood
Natural News You Can Use: Nutirents for Allergy Relief
Event: Evening of Natural Beauty
Featured Article: 10 Secrets for Beautiful Skin

New at Walsh!

Suntegrity Sunscreen         


This great new sunscreen uses non-nano zinc as a sunblock and adds antioxidants and amino acids to further protect the skin from UV damage. Treat yourself to ther awesome facial sunscreen for an easy application and nourishing protection.


Megafood Whole Food Supplements


As we continue to strive to offer the best quality supplements, we have added this superioir line to our product mix. These wholesome nutritional supplements offer the promise of farm fresh foods. They use whole foods to make their supplements and respect those ingredients with a Slo-Food process that uses cold milling, heat-free tableting, and glass bottles to protect nutrients. Megafood has 42 certified non-GMO products and is continually seeking new certification. We are especially excited about their new whole food powders--a great addition to smoothies or yogurt and a great fit with our focus on healthy skin!


Natural News You Can Use: Top Nutrients for Allergy Relief

The pollens are finally here! I never thought I would be excited about this, but it has been a very long winter. With spring, though, comes allergy challenges for many of us.

We have many great products to control allergies including herbal formulas, vitamin/herb combinations, and homeopathic combination formulas. Some are targeted to specific allergens like tree or grass pollens and others address the general symptoms of allergic reactions. Look for these key ingredients:


Quercetin--A bioflavonoid that acts as a natural anti-histamine

Euphrasia or Eyebright--Helps with runny nose, and itchy, watery eyes

Bromelain--a digestive enzyme from pineapple that soothes inflammation in the sinuses

Vitamin C--A great antioxidant that also helps with immune system response

Cat's Claw--An anti-inflammatory herb that acts as an immune modulator

Stinging Nettles--A herb that is great for sneezing and itching

And last but not least don't' forget your Vitamin D. Having adequate Vitamin D status is vital to so many body functions, but relative to allergies it is an excellent immune system modulator.


 Evening of Natural Beauty

Girls Night Out!

Thursday, April 24th

7:00 PM


If you are concerned about the chemicals in traditional skin care products, want to protect your skin from aging, or have sensitive skin, come to our Girls Night Out that is all about caring for the skin, inside and out. We will have skin care experts on hand to talk to, mini make-up consultations, a facial acupuncture demonstration, great nutrition tips for skin health, and solutions for problem skin. It will be an open format where you can mingle with friends and get some great deals and samples on skin care products. Join in the fun and bring a friend! See our website for more details www.walshnatural.com, and go to the event page.


The cost is $15, good toward any purchase. Reservations are required as space is limited, call (847) 864-1600.


Three generations         
10 Secrets for Beautiful Skin
"Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art."~Ralph Waldo Emerson  


We often think of our skin from the standpoint of external beauty, and I am as vain as the next person where that is concerned. But our skin is so much more than that. It is our largest organ, and is a good barometer of our overall health. Beautiful skin reflects and clean and clear body within. The skin is a protective barrier and helps us produce the ever-important Vitamin D. Because the skin is a two-way membrane, it takes things in and also releases things. Toxins, found in many conventional skin care products, can be taken into the skin. Likewise, toxins in our body can find their way out through the skin. The release of internal toxins is a factor in many skin issues including acne, rosacea, psoriasis and even premature aging.


The skin is made up of two layers. The top layer is made up of fats and proteins, mainly keratin. This layer helps us synthesize Vitamin D, determines pigment, aids in hydration, and protects against UV damage. The inner layer is made up of connective tissue, mainly collagen and elastin. This layer keeps the skin healthy by supporting it from the inside out. Sagging skin and wrinkles can result when this layer is weak.


A healthy diet, exercise, fresh air and stress relief are all important for healthy skin. For those of you who would like some extra help, here are my TOP 10 SECRETS FOR BEAUTIFUL SKINRead More...