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Is it November Already?
I always hate it when retailers talk about Christmas before Thanksgiving even happens but I am caving to the more organized among us by doing our gift ideas this month. Since both September and October both seemed about a minute long, I guess it's time to get started. See our article section below for Good-for-You gifts to consider this season.
November is a time that we give thanks and I am thankful for all of your support. We are having a very good year! Thanks also to all who made their purchases on Community Day and allowed us to support 10 deserving local charities with a portion of your purchase. Last Community Day on Central Street participating merchants raised $4000 for local charities and we hope the total will be even better this year.
We have two great programs coming up: On November 13th, a local medical doctor will be giving a seminar called "Non-Drug Solutions for ADD/ADHD" and on December 4th we have "Flower Essences: Coming to Your Emotional Rescue" given by a 25-year veteran of flower essence practice. Sign up soon as space is limited, see details below.
Here's to Your Health!
What's Inside
New Gifts at Walsh!
Natural Gifts You Can Use: The Vitamix
Event: ADD/ADHD Non-Drug Solutions
Event: Flower Essences: Coming to Your Emotional Rescue
Featured Article: Good for You Gifts

New Gifts This Year! 
Dr. Hauschka Gesture of Beauty Gift Set
Give the gift of beautiful hands and nails. Loving care for the hands and nails with a full size Neem Oil Nail Pen and Limited Edition Hand Cream. The Neem Pen strengthens, protects and nourishes the nails and cuticles, while the hand cream provides moisture from botanical oils and extracts. The perfect gift for a friend or the lady in your life. $24.95
Dr. Hauschka Dream of Roses Gift Set  

Close your eyes and feel yourself transported to a field of roses in bloom. Gentle, sensual and sublime, the rose bud opens its petals to reveal its beauty in four luxurious products from Dr. Hauschka. Includes a full size Rose Nurturing Body Wash, Rose Body Oil, Rose Nurturing Bath Essence, and Rose Soap that is exclusive to this gift set. $49.95 



Earth Dreams Jewelry 


Inspired by nature, these silver, gold, and copper plated bronze pieces with Czech and Swarovski bead accents have intriguing art designs. Wearing these pieces will uplift your soul and increase your connection to Mother Earth. Each one is made in America. Choose from many different designs!



vitamixNatural Gifts You Can Use: The Vitamix, My Favorite Machine!!  
Not only is this a fabulous gift (for someone you really like a lot!), but it is a great investment that you will enjoy for many years to come. I have never known anyone to be less than thrilled with a Vitamix and we sell two great models right here at Walsh. Buy Local!
Here are my Top 3 Reasons to Buy a Vitamix:
  • It's an investment in your health--People ask me why this is better than other blenders and my answer is because you will make nutrition a part  of your life with this--using whole foods to make things that you now buy at the store quickly and with little mess.
  • It's versatile--Not just for smoothies, this machine is great for making whole food soups, sauces, dips, nut milks and desserts!
  • We have a great price on it--The Turboblend 2-speed is only $379 and the Turboblend VS (variable speed) is $449. Our models come with the Live Fresh Cookbook full of raw/vegan/vegetarian whole food recipes and a nut milk bag to make your own almond and other milks. Vitamix only makes a couple of different machines, so the rest is packaging and marketing--compare at as much as $649! We also gift you with a $25 gift certificate good for smoothie fixin's and a little goody bag to get you started!

ADD/ADHD: Non-Drug Solutions

With Archana Lal-Tabak, M.D.,

Doctor of Integrative Medicine,Wholistic Psychiatry,Homeopathy,Nutrition

Wednesday, November 13


ADD and ADHD are prevalent and growing problems in our schools today. If you have ever felt uneasy about medicating your child for ADD/ADHD, find that medication has undesirable side effects, or just want to improve your child's attention in a natural way, join Dr. Archana Lal-Tabak for this informative talk. Dr. Lal-Tabak has seen first-hand the bias of doctors and school districts toward medicating children versus working with kids and their parents toward a non-drug solution. You will learn about diet and supplements that support healthy attention levels, mind-body techniques to enhance learning, the impact of sleep habits, the effects of electromagnetic radiation, and more. Space is limited, so please make a reservation at (847) 864-1600. Cost is $15, payable upon sign up.

  Flower Essences: Coming to Your Emotional Rescue

Wednesday, December 4th

7:00-8:15 PM


Discover this natural health gem and how it can transform any emotional or mental issue you are dealing with. Flower essences are subtle yet powerful remedies made from plants. They can be used for issues as complex as reclaiming self-esteem or recovering from a failed relationship, or as simple as removing fear of public speaking or dealing with holiday stress. You will learn several methods for choosing the right remedy for you, a variety of ways to use flower essences both internally and externally, and suggestions for general remedies that can help with everyday stress. Louise has 25+ years of experience recommending flower essences to clients, including developing her own unique combinations. Space is limited so please make a reservation at (847) 864-1600. Cost is $15, payable upon sign up.


Good-For-You Gifts
"Our talents are the gift that God gives to us...what we make of our talents is our gift back to God"~Leo Buscaglia

I can't go so far as to put Holiday decorations in here, but wanted to to give some gift suggestions for those of you who are more organized than me, celebrate Hanukkah, or want to spread the expense over a few months. A customer suggested this to me and I guess I had not thought of it that way, but it makes sense to me. So here goes...


Nurture the Goddess by Bodhichitta Botanicals


Aside from loving the name (because who doesn't want to think of themselves as a goddess!), this line of body lotion, bubble bath, shower gel, massage oil, and body balm has a smooth texture and soothing smell that will make you feel truly nurtured. Made with the essential oils lavender, rose geranium, clary sage and the flower essence ladies' mantel it is perfect for balance, relaxation, and the celebration of being a woman! A gift set with a sampler of all 5 products is available, along with one containing the shower gel and body lotion.

salt lamps

Himalayan Salt Lamps


These beautiful and functional lamps employ the healing power of Himalayan salt. This mineral-rich pink salt produces negative ions when lightly heated, neutralizing positively charged toxins such a electromagnetic radiation and air pollution. The lamps provide a wonderful an soothing ambience. Their latest lamp plugs right into the USB slot of your computer and is perfect to take to work.  


Sunbeam Manifestation Aromatherapy Pillars

Light up your life with these 100% beeswax and soy candles made with quality essential oils and eco-friendly dyes. Each candle has a unique theme and a deep, beautiful color. Due to the quality of the waxes, you will get 60 hours of burn time from these beauties.

Dreamtime Therapeutic Pillows and Wraps


An old favorite that our customers have been buying for years, Dreamtime continues to come out with fun, creative ways for us to nurture ourselves. Pictured are the hot water bottles perfect for you or your crabby teen on "those days". Dreamtime also has a great line of cute animal wraps and snugglies for the younger members on your list. Old standbys are their wonderful eye pillows, shoulder wraps, and hand mittens.


Re-Usable Insulated Food Cannisters by Kleen Kanteen


Get rid of the expense of paper bags and plastic wrappers and the health issues of plastics with these great re-usable, insulated food cannisters by Kleen Kanteen. Made from 18/8 food grade stainless steel, they are strong, durable, leak-proof, and shatterproof. Keep items hot or cold with the option of insulated cannisters. Choose from 8 oz or 16 oz sizes

Soapstone Aromatherapy Diffusers and Candle Accessories 


These fair trade items from Triloka support cottage industries in India, Nepal, and Thailand to bring you handcrafted gift items. They work with cooperatives that use recycled materials and employ sustainable practices. Choose from beautiful aromatherapy candle diffusers and candle plates.


Badger Aromatherapy Products  


Badger is a small, family-owned company in New Hampshire that makes certified organic healing balms, massage oils and lip balms. Their products harness the power of aromatherapy, vitamin-rich oils, and essential oils. Their massage oils make great gifts (complete with massage, of course), and their lip and healing balms are great stocking stuffers. Their products have a base of extra virgin olive oil and jojoba oil so are truly nourishing to the body and mind!