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                                     October 2013          

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A Focus on Homeopathy
This month we are going back to our roots to promote an awareness of homeopathy. Those little blue tubes are filled with healing gold but are a mystery to so many. Homeopathy requires not only a sharp awareness of our own body, but the necessity of matching our symptoms to a particular remedy.
Our article below, "The Beauty of Homeopathy: Safe, Quick, Effective" explains the the way that homeopathy works, some common uses, and takes the mystery out of homeopathy. For help in choosing a specific remedy, download Boiron's new app, Boiron Medicine Finder. For common concerns, combination formulas are a great way to get an introduction to homeopathy and work for many different people.
In November we are happy to announce a talk on Non-Drug Solutions for ADD/ADHD with Dr. Archana Lal-Tabak. Sign up soon as space is limited. See details below.
Here's to Your Health!
What's Inside
What's New: Dr. Hauschka Make Up and More
Natural News You Can Use: The Benefits of Cleansing
Event: ADD/ADHD Non-Drug Solutions
Featured Article: The Beauty of Homeopathy: Safe, Quick and Effective

New at Walsh 

They're BACK! Everyone Products by EO 
You asked that we bring these back and we have heard you! These great soaps and lotions are made of all plant based ingredients and pure essential oils and are an excellent value! We have brought back the soaps and lotions and added the skin toner and the exfoliant. At $9.99 and a 32 oz size of the soaps and lotions is a great value!
Re-Usable Food Cannisters by Kleen Kanteen  
Get rid of the expense of paper bags and plastic wrappers and the health issues of plastics with these great re-usable food cannisters by Kleen Kanteen. Made from 18/8 food grade stainless steel, they are strong, durable, leak-proof, and shatterproof. Keep items hot or cold with the option of insulated cannisters. Choose from 8 oz or 16 oz sizes.
Ultimate Flora RTS Probiotic Value Size

This best-selling probiotic is now available in a larger value pack of 60. With 10 different probiotic strains and 15 billion CFU's, this probiotic strongly supports digestive and immune health. It does not require refrigeration and is gluten free and dairy free. Save $6 as compared to buying the 30 pack twice. A great value for those who are using this everyday!  


Natural News You Can Use: The Benefits of Cleansing
Periodic cleansing seems to have finally taken hold in people's minds as a great health habit. Fall is a great time to detoxify the body. Here are some benefits you can expect:  
  • Get rid of toxins--This is perhaps obvious, but with all of the pesticides, food dyes and other questionable things in our food, not to mention environmental pollution, periodically taking the load off of the liver is a great idea.
  • Help the body function better--Since cleansing will improve the functioning of the liver and our other means of detoxification (lungs, lymph system, blood filtering, etc.), it follows that every bodily function can be improved by cleansing.
  • Kick off weight loss--While losing weight is not the end goal of detoxification many people do lose weight on a cleanse. Since toxins are stored in the fat in the body, preparing the body to release the fat by being able to handle the release of toxins will assist with weight loss.
  • Have more energy--Because cleaning out the body improves its functioning, you should experience more energy after doing a cleanse.
  • Look better--I have always noticed that cleansing improves the quality of my skin and that even my eyes look brighter. Get that healthy glow!

There are many ways to cleanse the body, from as simple as adding milk thistle to your daily routine to doing a full detoxification program such as those designed by Metagenics. Talk to our staff about the method that best suits you. Fall is a great time to cleanse, so stop by and get started soon. 


ADD/ADHD: Non-Drug Solutions

With Archana Lal-Tabak, M.D.,

Doctor of Integrative Medicine,Wholistic Psychiatry,Homeopathy,Nutrition

Wednesday, November 13


ADD and ADHD are prevalent and growing problems in our schools today. If you have ever felt uneasy about medicating your child for ADD/ADHD, find that medication has undesirable side effects, or just want to improve your child's attention in a natural way, join Dr. Archana Lal-Tabak for this informative talk. Dr. Lal-Tabak has seen first-hand the bias of doctors and school districts toward medicating children versus working with kids and their parents toward a non-drug solution. You will learn about diet and supplements that support healthy attention levels, mind-body techniques to enhance learning, the impact of sleep habits, the effects of electromagnetic radiation, and more. Space is limited, so please make a reservation at (847) 864-1600. Cost is $15, payable upon sign up.
The Beauty of Homeopathy: Safe, Quick, Effective 


"I can't manage without homeopathy. In fact, I never go anywhere without homeopathic remedies. I often make use of them."~Paul McCartney

Funny that those who have access to the "best health care available" would consider homeopathy such a big part of their everyday health needs. Something so simple yet powerful at the same time. A local doctor once told me of her journey in discovering and using homeopathy: " I realized that when I would give a prescription drug, one thing would get better and something else would get worse, When I use hoemopathy, one thing gets better and something else gets better too." Homeopathy is a great way to use natural substances to heal yourself that are specifically tailored to you and how you experience a disease or condition. It requires a matching of your individual symptoms to a remedy picture. Hence, it requires us to look closely at our symptoms, their severity, what makes us feel better when we are having them, and how we are responding mentally and emotionally. 


Novices to the world of natural health often think that the word "homeopathic" equates to the word "natural" or "home remedy", but homeopathy is actually a field of medicine in its own right. Samuel Hahnemann, a German doctor and chemist, founded this field of medicine in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Homeopathy is based on the principle that like cures like. In other words, taking a miniscule amount of a substance that would produce exactly the same symptoms that a patient has will actually cure that patient by stimulating the body's natural defenses to fight the illness. The beauty of homeopathy is that since it only uses micro doses of the substances to achieve healing, it does not interact with medications. This makes it a great choice for those on prescription drugs, particularly multiple drugs.


Dr. Hahnemann studied the effects of certain animal, plant and mineral substances on himself and patients, coming up with a "remedy picture" for each substance whereby he matched patients' symptoms to each remedy. This remedy picture includes physical symptoms as well as mental and emotional symptoms. The closer the match for a patient's symptoms to the remedy picture, the better results he got by treating his patients with the substance. After noticing that patients sometimes got worse before they got better, Dr. Hahnemann diluted and succused (a shaking process) remedies, which made them more potent. The more potent remedies actually lessened the aggravation of symptoms for patients.


In the U.S. in the 1820's, Drs. Kent and Hering further developed homeopathy. They noticed that different kinds of people reacted more strongly to certain illnesses than others. They discovered that people with similar body shapes and personality types tended to suffer from the same types of disease and thus responded to the same types of remedies. They also believed that high potencies of these remedies produced the best results. This became known as "constitutional" prescribing or classical homeopathy.


How Homeopaths Classify Illness


Homeopaths classify illness as either acute or chronic. An acute illness is one that comes on suddenly and strongly and runs its course naturally, such as a cold, the flu or an injury. The focus of a remedy in this case is to lessen the effect of the illness and make it run its course more quickly. A chronic illness is one that develops over time, is recurrent, and may deepen in the severity of its symptoms over time as the illness progresses. Some examples of chronic illness would be arthritis, lupus or MS. Very generally, it is more common to treat acute illness with lower potencies and chronic illness with higher potencies.


How Remedies are Made 


Homeopathic remedies are made from plant, mineral, or animal extracts in very minute amounts. In their original form, some of the substances may even be poisonous, which is why it is important to stress that the remedies are used in miniscule amounts and are heavily diluted. A mother tincture is made by taking soluble substances like animal or plant extracts and dissolving the raw material in a mixture of alcohol and water, and letting it stand for 2-4 weeks. The mixture is then strained through a press. For non-soluble materials like gold or graphites, the materials must be ground continually until they become soluble and then prepared the same way.


To make the potencies, a mother tincture (full strength) is diluted and succussed (shaken vigorously) according to one of the scales, decimal (x) or centesimal (c). The "x" potency is lower than the "c" potency and the number in front of the x or the c indicates how many times it has been diluted. For example, an arnica 30c has been diluted in a 1/100 ratio and succussed 30 times. Once a remedy has been diluted beyond a 12c, it is unlikely that a molecule of the substance still remains, but rather that the energy of the substance is what produces the healing. The potentized mixture is delivered in either a lactose tablet or liquid form for consumption.


Using Homepathic Remedies At Home


With acute, or shorter term illnesses, it may be more appropriate to self-treat than with more chronic, complex and longer term illnesses. There are certain remedies that are commonly used for first aid such as arnica, hypericum, ledum, calendula, etc. that can be used safely with a basic understanding of homeopathy or with reference to a homeopathic book. Treating colds, sore throats, minor headaches, the flu and other common illnesses is also okay. It is important to look at the specific symptoms you are experiencing and match them to a remedy as closely as possible. This can be done by reference to a book on homeopathy.  Boiron, one of the large manufacturers of homeopathy, now has an app called Boiron Mecidine Finder which can also be very helpful. If you have any doubt, it is wise to consult a homeopath to help you.  


Common Health Issues and How to Address Them With Homeopathy


Injuries/Bruising/Inflammation-Arnica is the classic single remedy for these issues. For something minor and a single occurrence, such as a bump or bruise, a lower potency like a 6C or 9C would be sufficient. For more complicated or repeated issues, with additional symptoms, you would want to go up in potency. For a serious injury, you may even use a 200ck. Traumeel, a combination of 14 different homeopathic remedies, can address all types of injuries and contains remedies that combat inflammation, soft tissue damage, nerve pain, and swelling. Traumeel can be effective for repetitive use strains or injuries but is not the first choice for the initial stage following a major injury (potencies are not high enough).


Cold/Flu-Friends and family that tell me that they have colds or flu lasting a full week and there is no need to suffer for that long. Even homeopathic novices have heard of Oscillococinnum, the primary homeopathic remedy for flu and colds. This remedy, if taken at the onset of symptoms, will significantly speed the healing process. Unlike herbal formulas, it is easy to keep down even when the flu is accompanied by stomach symptoms. It is delivered in lactose tablets that go under the tongue. For more severe flu or one that has progressed beyond initial onset, we have Flu Plus or Flu Guard, both combination remedies. Coldcalm can be used to move through colds quickly.


Anxiety/Calming/Sleep-We have several combination homeopathic remedies for these issues. They are called Calming by Heel, Neurexan by Heel, and Quietude by Boiron. Ask us which formula might be right for you.


Allergies/Sinus-There are multiple solutions for this, depending on your issue. Bio-Allers has combination formulas targeted to specific allergens like Mold/Yeast/Dust, Hay Fever, or Tree Pollens that are great for periodic relief. Adrisin is a formula that works well for allergic reactions accompanied by some kind of skin reaction. Sinusalia is good for sinus pressure, congestion and headache. Sinusin is a nasal spray that is excellent if there is some kind of sinus infection. Allergy Relief by Vogel deals with all kinds of outdoor allergens.


Heartburn Relief-Considering all of the side effects of acid-blocking drugs (such as reduced mineral absorption), using a homeopathic aid could be a real plus. Boiron makes one called Acidil that is great for heartburn.


Menstrual Cramps-3 different remedies combine in a formula called Cyclease Cramps by Boiron to relieve cramps, whether severe or moderate. Cramps are often a signal of the need for magnesium. Boiron also makes Cyclease PMS for mood issues surrounding the menstrual cycle.


Headaches-We offer several headache formulas for minor headaches and even migraines. Hyland's makes one called Migraine Relief that is especially good for those whose migraines are caused by "stuffing" feelings and those that are triggered by weather changes. Heel's Headache II formulas is for severe headaches and migraines, while the Headache formula can be used for minor to moderate headaches.


Arthritis-Heel makes two combination remedies help relieve arthritis. Zeel is particularly good for osteoarthritis and the more complex joints like the shoulder, hip, and knees, while Traumeel works for repetitive use injuries and those characterized by inflammation. Some of our customers combine the two remedies, using Zeel everyday and Traumeel occasionally. Both remedies come in both tablets and a topical cream. The tablets work better for deeper injuries, while the topical is excellent for the small joints. I prefer Traumeel for any injuries where the nerves are involved (spine, fingers, toes) since it contains hypericum. If the injury is serious, however, you may want to take hypericum separately in a higher potency. Both remedies can also be used for pets and many of our customers have found relief for their furry friends with these two formulas.


Dental Work-Two remedies are classic for any work on the teeth; arnica and hypericum. Arnica works on the swelling and bruising, while hypericum relieves the nerve pain that accompanies dental work. Since dental work is usually a one-time event, potencies up to 30C are appropriate. Alternate the two remedies both before and after dental work to minimize pain and swelling.


Leg Cramps/Restless Legs-Hyland's makes a great formula for leg cramps that is well-loved by many of our customers called "Leg Cramps" (creative, huh!). They also have one called Restful Legs for those with restless legs.


As mentioned above, if your illness or injury is complex or serious, or both, please do consult a qualified professional. Because homeopathic remedies are tailored to the way an individual responds to a condition, it is not wise to take recommendations from a friend, unless it is for a very common remedy like arnica.