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www.fiction-addiction.comJuly 19, 2016

Calling all book addicts...


Fiction Addiction is testing out a new service aimed at book lovers ...
The Book Addict Information Service!


One of the things we think we do well at Fiction Addiction is letting our customers know about new releases they might be interested in. Longtime customers are used to getting an email or call from us letting them know that a new book by an author they read has just released. 

With The Book Addict Information Service, we'd like to expand on that service for our existing customers as well as open it up to those who don't live in our area. So please feel free to forward this email to your friends and family across the country.


For a small yearly fee (the beta test price is currently just $15/year), we will send you a monthly email with updates on up to 10 of your favorite authors and their upcoming releases. You will be getting information about new releases much earlier than the day before the book releases, so you can use your knowledge to plan your book buying budget; to pre-order books from us (just reply to the email), from your ebook provider, or from your local bookstore; or to become first on the waiting list at your local library.


If you're interested in helping us test this new service, please subscribe here. After we process your subscription we'll contact you for your list of favorite authors and what kind of release information you're interested in (just paperbacks, just initial releases, etc.)


Please note that by subscribing you authorize us to keep your payment information on file to use to renew your subscription or to fulfill any pre-orders you place with us.


Thanks in advance for your interest!


-Jill Hendrix, Owner

Fiction Addiction