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June 2015


Well, the summer heat is finally upon us. Please make sure to stop by our air-conditioned store to pick up some great summer reads for the pool or beach!

We'd also appreciate it if you could let us make copies of your kids' or grandkids' summer reading lists from school so that we can make sure we have everything they'll need in stock.


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2015 Reward Club
Our Reward Card is $20 for the 2015 calendar year. Signing up for our Reward Card allows you to trade books with us and gives you a $10 store coupon after every $100 you spend in a calendar year. That makes it free for those who spend at least $200 a year with us.

And remember, whether you have a Reward Card with us or not, every time you spend $50, you get to pick a free book off of our giveaway cart!

Upcoming Events
If you are unable to make one of our author events, you are welcome to reserve signed copies by contacting us in advance, by email at info@fiction-addiction.com or by phone at 864-675-0540. Personalized copies will need to be prepaid.

In-Store Signing with Robert Venditti

New York Times bestselling comic and graphic novel author Robert Venditti will be signing copies of his debut middle-grade novel, Miles Taylor and the Golden Cape: Attack of the Alien Horde (Simon & Schuster, hardcover, $16.99, on sale 6/16/15), at Fiction Addiction. This is the first of a series about twelve-year-old Miles who unexpectedly inherits a golden cape that gives him amazing superpowers. This event is free and open to the public, but RSVPs to info@fiction-addiction.com are requested.


Nil Unlocked
The Death Code
Conspiracy of Blood & Smoke
Liars, Inc.
The Secrets of Attraction

Meet these five YA authors for a Q&A session followed by a book signing at Fiction Addiction: Lynne Matson (author of Nil and its sequel, Nil Unlocked), Lindsay Cummings (author of The Murder Complex and its sequel, The Death Code, as well as the Balance Keepers middle-grade series), Anne Blankman (author of Prisoner of Night and Fog and its sequel, Conspiracy of Blood & Smoke), Paula Stokes (author of Liars, Inc. and The Art of Lainey), and Robin Constantine (author of The Secrets of Attraction and The Promise of Amazing). *Note: Tickets are $10 each. Each ticket can be redeemed toward a purchase of the authors' books prior to or at the event, and includes one admission pass to the event. Tickets can be purchased online or by calling us at 864-675-0540.


In-Store Launch Party with Sue Lile Inman

Greenville, SC, author Sue Lile Inman will be celebrating the launch of her debut novel, Year of the Snake: 1989 (Fiction Addiction Publishing Services, paperback, $19.99, on sale 6/23/15), at her launch party at Fiction Addiction. The book follows minister David Archer and his nemesis, the new associate minister Deborah Baker, during the time after the textile industry's demise and before the days of electronics. This event is free and open to the public, and refreshments will be served.


Wendy Wax Book Talk & Signing
Book Talk & Signing with Wendy Wax: Saturday, June 27th, 2pm @ Fiction Addiction, $16.96 or 10*

Southern women's fiction author Wendy Wax will be discussing her latest novel, A Week at the Lake (Berkley, paperback, $16.00, on sale 6/23/15), at Fiction Addiction. Emma Michaels needs her friends' support, but when a terrible accident keeps her from saying her piece, her friends begin to learn about the past on their own. *Note: The $16.96 ticket admits two to the event and includes one copy of A Week at the Lake. The $10 ticket admits one to the event and is redeemable for $10 off any merchandise purchased at the event. Tickets can be purchased online or by calling us at 864-675-0540.


Love Your Indie Day

On July 3rd, come celebrate the independents, the underdog writers who put themselves out there, sometimes at their own expense, because they've got a story to tell. We will have three authors at a time signing in the store throughout the day. Click here to see our author schedule.


Even More Events...
July 17th
August 26th
September 16th
November 6th
Susan CrandallLaura Lane McNealLisa WingateDiane Chamberlain
Susan Crandall Book Talk & Signing, 2pm, $10*Laura Lane McNeal Book Talk & Signing, 2pm, $10*Lisa Wingate Book Talk & Signing, 3pm, $10*
(More info coming soon.)
Diane Chamberlain Book Talk & Signing, 2pm, $10*
(More info coming soon.)

*Additional ticket options available for select events. See event details for more information.

Fiction Addiction Cookbook Clubs
Lidia's Commonsense Italian Cooking
Monday, June 15th, 7:00pm @ Fiction Addiction

Fiction Addiction's Cookbook Club meets monthly.

We will be preparing recipes from and discussing Lidia's Commonsense Italian Cooking by Lidia Matticchio Bastianich (Knopf, hardcover, $35.00).
If you're interested in joining our cookbook club, please email us at info@fiction-addiction.com or call us at 864-675-0540 for more information or to sign up. You can preview the club agreement here.


Children's Storytime
Join us for storytime every Thursday morning at 10:30am. We will be reading the following titles in upcoming weeks:

June 4th
June 11th
June 18th
June 25th
July 2nd
There Is a Crocodile Under My Bed
Chu's Day at the Beach
Me and My Dad!
Sophie's Squash
The Book with No Pictures
Hardcover - $17.95
Hardcover - $17.99
Hardcover - $16.95
Hardcover - $16.99
Hardcover - $17.99

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Signed First Editions Club
June 2015
July 2015
August 2015
September 2015
The Bone Tree
The Secret Wisdom of the Earth
Hardcover - $27.99
Hardcover - $26.00
Hardcover - $26.99
Hardcover - $25.95

Our Signed First Editions Club makes it easy to become a collector! We pick great books -- past picks have included a National Book Award Winner and an Edgar Award Winner for Best Novel -- and you get one signed first edition every month. Our picks run the gamut from memoirs to popular fiction, cookbooks to mysteries. All you have to do is provide us with payment information and commit to purchasing at least 10 of the 12 books picked each year. Collect for fun or for profit -- our club members have seen their books increase in value since they purchased them! A club membership also makes a great gift for the book lover in your life.

(Prices are subject to change by the publisher.)

June New Releases
Regional Interest
The Stories We Tell The Stories We Tell by Patti Callahan Henry
Eve and Teddy Morrison are Savannah's power couple. They're on every artistic board and involved deeply in the community. And they have the wealth and name that comes from being part of an old Savannah family. But things aren't as good as they look. The Morrison marriage is taut with tension, but when Teddy is involved in a car accident with Eve's sister, Willa, the questions surrounding the event bring the family close to a breaking point. Sifting between the stories, Eve has to find out what really happened -- and just who she believes.

St. Martin's Griffin - Release Date: 5/19/15 - Format: Paperback - Price: $15.99

All the Single Ladies
Hardcover - $26.99
Signed Copies On Order!
On sale 6/9/15

The Better Man Project The Better Man Project by Bill Phillips
The Better Man Project isn't just a reference guide to life. It's a great read too, with every health and fitness tip served with a side of Men's Health's trademark authority and humor. You'll feel stronger and healthier. You'll be stoked about waking up and attacking your day. You'll be more impressed than ever, no matter your age, by the guy staring back at you in the mirror. And, let's just say it: Your wife or girlfriend will probably be 20 to 25 percent more into you. You deserve better. Start today.

Rodale Press - Release Date: 6/2/15 - Format: Hardcover - Price: $26.99

Things That Matter
Paperback - $16.00

General & Historical Fiction
Beach Town Beach Town by Mary Kay Andrews
Movie location scout Greer has been given one more chance, if she can find the perfect undiscovered beach hideaway for a big-budget movie. She zeroes in on a sleepy Florida panhandle town called Cypress Key. There's just one problem. Town mayor Eben completely objects to Greer's plan. But Greer has a way of making things happen, regardless of obstacles. And Greer and Eb are way too attracted to each other for either of them to see reason. Now Greer is forced to make some hard choices: about the people and the town she's come to care about, and about her own life.

St. Martin's Press - Release Date: 5/19/15 - Format: Hardcover - Price: $26.99

Water from My Heart
Written in My Own Heart's Blood
Hardcover - $26.00
Signed Copies Available!
Paperback - $18.00

Science Fiction & Fantasy
Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke
In the year 1806, with the Napoleonic Wars raging on land and sea, most people believe magic to be long dead in England -- until the reclusive Mr. Norrell reveals his powers, and becomes a celebrity overnight. Yet the cautious, fussy Norrell is challenged by the emergence of the brilliant novice Jonathan Strange. Young, handsome, and daring, Strange is the very opposite of Norrell. He becomes Norrell's student, and they join forces in the war against France. But Strange is increasingly drawn to the wildest, most perilous forms of magic, straining his partnership with Norrell, and putting at risk everything else he holds dear.

Bloomsbury - Release Date: 5/26/15 - Format: Paperback - Price: $18.00

The Invasion of the Tearling
Hardcover - $24.99
On sale 6/9/15
A June 2015 Indie Next Pick.

Young Adult
Paper Towns
The Cage
Paperback - $10.99
Hardcover - $17.99

Shelf Awareness Email Newsletter
Would you like to learn about even more great books and book-related news? Shelf Awareness sends out a twice-weekly email newsletter filled with book reviews, book lists, author interviews, and more. If you're interested in subscribing to the Shelf Awareness email list, please email us at info@fiction-addiction.com.

Volunteer Picks
The Evidence Room The Evidence Room by Cameron Harvey
When Aurora Atchison returns to Cooper's Bayou, the Florida town where she was born and where her mother was murdered, to settle her grandfather's estate, she finds more questions than answers to what really happened so many years ago. She meets Josh Hudson, a cop who has been put on administrative leave at the Evidence Room (a warehouse full of old and forgotten crime-related items), and together they delve into the past, which now seems as murky and dangerous as the bayou that is the setting for this intriguing police procedural.

Minotaur Books - Release Date: 6/2/15 - Format: Hardcover - Price: $25.99

Stay Stay by Victor Gischler
David Sparrow seems to be an unassuming stay-at-home dad on indefinite leave from his pencil pushing job with the army. David's wife Amy is the newly appointed deputy district attorney for Manhattan. When Amy inherits a major case prosecuting crime lord Dante Payne, everything changes. Dante kills Amy's prime witness and then goes after Amy herself. In order to protect his family, David reverts to his previous secret and hidden persona -- a highly trained special operative with a deadly skill set. David Sparrow is the new Jack Bauer, providing non-stop action for 24 hours or for however long it takes you to read this over the top suburban thriller.

Thomas Dunne Books - Release Date: 6/2/15 - Format: Hardcover - Price: $24.99

Eeny Meeny
Never Coming Back
Hardcover - $25.99
Paperback - $15.00
Paperback - $16.00
On sale 6/9/15

Blood Ties
Benefit of the Doubt
Hardcover - $25.99
Hardcover - $25.99

The Summer's End
Citizens Creek
Paperback - $16.00
Signed Copies Available!
Paperback - $16.00

The Fangirl's Guide to the Galaxy
The Secrets We Keep
A School for Unusual Girls
Deep Blue
Hardcover - $15.95
Hardcover - $17.99
Hardcover - $17.99
Paperback - $9.99

Letters to the Lost
Hardcover - $25.99

The Fold
Hardcover - $25.00

Staff Picks
Because You'll Never Meet Me Because You'll Never Meet Me by Leah Thomas
Told through the correspondence of two teenage boys with unusual abilities (you could even call them superpowers), Because You'll Never Meet Me is a novel of loneliness, bullying, first love, and fighting for the life you want. Leah Thomas's marvelous debut has the quirkiness of John Green, the heart of Wonder, the imagination of one of Ollie's beloved comic books, and a unique voice all its own.

Bloomsbury USA Children's Books - Release Date: 6/2/15 - Format: Hardcover - Price: $17.99

A Southern Girl
Hardcover - $17.99
Seconded by Nancy.
A Summer 2015 Kids' Indie Next Pick.
Paperback - $19.95
Hardcover - $16.99
Hardcover - $25.00
A June 2015 Indie Next Pick.

Openly Straight Anything Could Happen by Will Walton
Tretch has just realized that he's in love with his best friend. This is a problem because Tretch is gay, and his best friend Matt isn't. And Matt has no idea. In fact, no one knows, and Tretch is scared to tell the people who care about him because he doesn't want to make their lives harder. But Anything Could Happen is more than a coming out story. It's a coming of age story that shows just how much of a difference love of any kind can make.

PUSH - Release Date: 5/26/15 - Format: Hardcover - Price: $17.99

The Girl at Midnight
Say What You Will
Hardcover - $17.99
Paperback - $9.99

Hardcover - $35.00
A June 2015 Indie Next Pick.

Store & Community News
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Spend $50 in one transaction on in-stock merchandise (event tickets excluded), and pick a free "advance reading copy" from our selection!

Or volunteer and help us at the store! Our volunteers receive a free "advance reading copy" for every three hours worked, and a 20% discount on all merchandise. If you're interested in volunteering at Fiction Addiction, please email Jill at info@fiction-addiction.com or call 864-675-0540.

Thanks for your continued patronage!




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