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Book Signing with Greenville Author Kate Porter



Greenville, SC, March 2, 2015 - Greenville, South Carolina, author Kate Porter will be signing copies of her latest novel, Black Harvest (CreateSpace, paperback, $14.99), at Fiction Addiction on Saturday, March 14th, from noon-2pm. Her previous books will also be available for purchase and signing.


Black Harvest


The devastating betrayal by the only man she'd ever loved has taken its toll on Rose Bradigan. For the last two years, she has slowly rebuilt her shattered life amid accusations of duplicity and disloyalty by her own child. The constant skirmishes between Rose and her precocious sixteen-year-old daughter, Lily, have nearly severed their mother-daughter bond. With Lily's father serving a life sentence in prison, Rose is at a loss as to what to do with the angry, hurting teen. Finding that Lily has slipped out of her bedroom window in the middle of the night only to be escorted home by two police officers, is the straw that nearly breaks Rose.


Hoping to help them both heal and regain some semblance of normalcy, Rose and Lily set out on an impromptu road trip to Florida. It seems to be working, too...


Until Rose awakens in a hospital bed in a small town in South Carolina with no memory of the past five days and Lily is missing.


With the aid of Lucas Manning, sheriff of Cherokee County, a man who is battling his own demons, they race to find the key that will unlock the terrifying memories hidden in Rose's traumatized subconscious. With a mounting list of missing young women and someone who is willing to kill them to hide the truth, Rose and Lucas must find Lily before she becomes the next victim.



About the author:

Kate Porter Kate Porter, in her own words:

"I grew up in Spencer, Indiana, a small town approximately fifty miles southwest of Indianapolis, with a population of about 3,000. As a child, electric cars, personal communication devices and hand held computers were technology that could only be found in Star Trek episodes. (The original Star Trek, that is) There were no Internet video games, text messaging or Skype, which left a lot of time for reading -- which is still one of my favorite past times. So much so, that I'd gotten to the point where I wanted to create my own stories. By the time I was a junior in high school, I'd had my first short story, "The Lake", published in the school paper, The Patriot Guide. Since the first moment I saw my story in print, I dreamed of becoming a real writer.

"I'd taken journalism classes and creative writing classes all through high school. After graduation my life took a side road as life often does. On that side road I met so many people from every walk of life who gave me an infinite well of characters from which to draw. That side road had many branches and forks with innumerable experiences waiting for me. Those experiences created within me a need to build fictional worlds that others could experience and learn from and, if nothing else, perhaps even to escape reality for a short time and to give my readers a sense of wonder.

"In 1990, after Desert Storm, I was touched by the tragedy in Kuwait and had to put a voice to my emotions. That was when I penned the poem Warriors of the Storm which was subsequently published in The Daily Journal newspaper in Greenwood, Indiana. I continued to write both poetry and short stories since that time but in early 2003, I took a long hiatus from writing and life in general due to the tragic loss of my husband, Donald, after a year-long battle with lung cancer.

"By the time I recovered from the loss of the love of my life and my greatest inspiration, I finally found the courage to write again. I took Fiction Writing classes at Greenville Tech, in Greenville, SC and traveled to Macon, GA, with my best friend Anna, for a writer's workshop taught by Sarah Domet.

"I'd found my muse once more and have been writing with a vengeance ever since. I've completed four full length novels: Secrets in Bethlehem, Chase Nightly, L'Uccisore, Hunter's Sword, and Black Harvest.

"Both my debut novel, Secrets in Bethlehem, and Chase Nightly, L'Uccisore were the recipients of the Indie Book of the Day Award. My most recent release and the first in a trilogy, Black Harvest, has received 5 stars from Reader's Favorite.

"I have been featured in Woman's Day magazine, The Greenville News and the Spencer Evening World newspaper.

"For me, creating fictional characters is like making new friends. I can delve into their deepest, darkest secrets and bring out the best and the worst in them.

"I imagine you could say that my mission statement is to bring to my readers an entertaining and provocative experience with a fresh voice that will not only pique their imagination but immerse them into the very heart of the action. I want my readers to think, after reading that last page, 'Wow! What if...'"

If you cannot make the event, you can reserve a personalized copy of the author's book by contacting Fiction Addiction in advance at 864-675-0540 or at




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