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It was under threat of snow last winter that many of you stopped by to pick up your "trust fall" book, which turned out to be The Martian by Scott Weir. So today seems like the perfect time to ask yet again:


How much do you trust Fiction Addiction? Will you take another trust fall with us?


I have fallen in love with another debut novel that I'm afraid not enough people will find on the shelf. It is publishing in mid-May 2015 for $17.99. I have coerced several people into reading it who LOVED it, including:


- Me, Jill Hendrix

My mom, Nancy McFarlane

- Local author and Presbyterian minister Matt Matthews, who says of the book "This layered story doesn't set a fire, but steadily creates enough heat to peel the wallpaper in every room of the house."

- other booksellers across the country


I know that many of you will love it as well, but again I'm afraid that the title/cover will turn you off. So, what I want to know is whether you'll again agree to pre-order this book from us, sight unseen, just based on our love for it. We will again give you a full money-back guarantee if you read it but don't love it as much as we have.  


For those of you who took part in our first Trust Fall, please note that this new book is NOT science fiction nor funny. However, I do think it is commercial and can appeal to both men and women (all the main characters are men but the book is written by a woman). The story is not set in the South, but the book's themes of family, baseball, and religion should appeal to many Southerners. 


As you know, it's hard to find a book that everyone loves, but even the advance readers who didn't love the book had strong opinions and wanted to discuss them with me, so I'm thinking it will also be a great book for bookclubs!


To take part in this trust fall challenge, pre-order your book online or call the store at 864-675-0540 with your payment information. We dare you :)


Jill Hendrix

Fiction Addiction
1175 Woods Crossing Rd. #5
Greenville, SC 29607


P.S. If I've given away too many clues and you figure out the book's identity, please don't out it to anyone but me :)