October 2013



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October Key Communicator Newsletter  





Dear Key Communicators,


AFES registration went very well with over 11,000 FREE registrations to some great arts and humanities education programming in the DC region!  Thank you for your patience with the new system.  I've included a list of the trips that are still available and two fabulous NEW Professional Development Opportunities with a theater focus, presented by Kids Euro Festival.  You can click the links directly to register.  I will be in touch soon about the in-school residencies!  

There are still more professional Development spots open on the AFES registration portion of our website. Please view them and get the word out to your colleagues! Go to www.dccollaborative.org and click on AFES and PD registrations)

As the first trips of the year are starting tomorrow, I wanted to re-confirm my contact information: 


Desk: 202.879.9327; Cell: 973.800.5513 (day of trip issues only); tracey@dccollaborative.org; info@dccollaborative.org 


DC Collaborative Team 


Kennedy Center and Kids Euro Festival 
Events Available

The following performances are available for registrations; 
Kids Euro Festival Professional 
Development Opportunities

Playing for  your Audience

Presented by: Kids Euro Festival- Ireland

Register HERE


Louise Lovett, joint Artistic Director of Theatre Lovett, will host a training course to introduce actors to theatre making for the young and old. The workshop includes an introduction to European models of theatre practice for children and young audiences by Muireann Ahern Lovett.


Date: October 16, 2013

Time: 4:30 P.M.              

Length of Event:  2.5 hours

Location: Fillmore Arts Center West

1819 35th Street Northwest 3rd Floor, 

Washington D.C., DC

Focus: Arts Learning

Grades: K-12th

Story Play

Presented by: Kids Euro Festival- Denmark

 Register HERE

Jesper la Cour Andersen will share his latest experiences from two successful Master Class held at the Meyerhold Center, Moscow, where 32 actors, writers and directors had the chance to tab the fabulous energy produced through experiencing Jesper's method of Story Play. In Washington, the workshop will be for actors, directors and storytellers and focusing on how storytelling can be developed into interactive theatre performances by using his method.


Date: October 17th, 2013

Time: 4:30 PM                             

Length of Event:  3 hours

Location: Fillmore Arts Center West

1819 35th St NW 3rd floor, 

Washington, DC

Focus: Arts Learning

Grades: K-12th


In this issue...

Events Available
NEW Euro Festival PD
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AFES Policy FAQs
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AFES and PD Catalogues
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Policy FAQ's:


Key Communicators ONLY may register their school for field trips.


How many reservations is each school eligible for?

There are 100 tickets per grade grouping for the entire year Kids Euro Festival is not included in the 100 ticket limit. Grade Groupings: PreK-K, 1st-2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th-7th, 8th, 9th-12th. 


If I only need 65 tickets, should I ask for 100?

NO.  As we have a limited number of tickets for every event, we ask that schools only request what they need.


Does the 100 ticket limitation include chaperones?  Yes.


What if I have less students attend the event than I requested?

Schools must notify our office of ticket reductions 30 days in advance in writing.  Schools will be invoiced for the cost of the unused tickets and transportation if there are costs incurred.


How do I cancel a trip?

Trips must be cancelled 30 days in advance. To cancel a trip, contact the AFES Program Manager at  info@dccollaborative.org. All cancellations must be made in writing.

NOTE: Your school will be invoiced for the cost of the tickets and transportation if fees are incurred.



What if the bus does not arrive on time?

If the bus is more than 15 minutes late please call the DC Collaborative offices at 202.879.9327.  Make sure that you check for the bus all entrances at your school.


May students eat on the bus, or after a trip?

No. Please arrange for your students to eat prior to the trip, and/or notify the school cafeteria that students will be eating after the trip. Schools may not ask bus drivers to take them anywhere for lunch.


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