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June 2013




Notes from the Executive Director




Louise Kennelly


DC Collaborative Spring Member Meeting featured Speaker Ayanna Hudson on the NEA Strategic Plan on Arts Education


Members convened at Shakespeare Theatre's Sidney Harman Hall June 4th for the Spring Members meeting which featured speaker Ayanna Hudson, Director of Arts Education at the National Endowment for the Arts, on the "NEA Strategic Plan on Arts Education."


The central vision of the plan is that "every student across the country will be engaged and empowered through excellent arts education." To achieve this, she asserted that it will be necessary to "weave arts education into the fabric of schools" and "change systems," involving collaboration for collective impact and the data and research that proves that impact.


Members also participated in an interactive presentation offered by the talented team from  Wolf Trap. As part of this presentation teaching artist Laura Schandelmeier led an experiential exercise on the integration of dance and music in kindergarten math instruction.


Wolf Trap's approach to research is considered exemplar and encompasses many of the elements outlined in the NEA's arts education plan. Dr. Meredith Ludwig of the American Institutes for Research noted the importance of "keeping the framework simple, which is especially difficult in arts integration. Focus on student achievement and build relationships with the schools to gain access."  See full meeting notes here.


 Thank you Shakespeare Theatre for hosting!



 View the PowerPoint from the meeting. 



 AFES Update




Arts For Every Student School Year 2012-2013 Recap 

26,039 Public School Students were provided learning experiences at cultural institutions and in-school performances

104 Public Schools participated in the Arts for Every Student program

69 teachers enrolled in member-offered Professional Development Workshops


The Arts for Every Student program's most reservations came from schools in Ward 8, with 5,069 students, totaling 19% of the reservations.  




The DC Collaborative is still collecting surveys from teachers and members for the Arts for Every Student program.  Teachers and members who have not participated in the survey should email info@dccollaborative.org to request a survey.


Arts for Every Student 2013-2014 

AFES 2013-2014 is well underway.  The DC Collaborative has hosted three training workshops for teachers to be trained in the online system and AFES policies/ procedures. 

Stay tuned for more information on the final Member Fair/ Teacher Orientation. Members wishing to present should email info@dccollaborative.org.

Sign up your school for the 2013-2014 offerings today with the 2013-2014 Partnership Agreement. Read the School Handbook.

New Member Feature



The DC Arts and Humanities Education Collaborative is pleased to welcome George Washington's Mount Vernon to the membership!




George Washington's Mount Vernon offers a variety of educational experiences for students of all grade levels. In addition to touring Washington's iconic Mansion, student admission to Mount Vernon also includes access to the Pioneer Farm (seasonal), Blacksmith Shop, Ford Orientation Center, and the Donald W. Reynolds Museum and Education Center.  All of Mount Vernon's special student programs were specifically designed to help teachers meet relevant curriculum standards for the subjects of History, Civics, Economics, Geography, Science, and Math.  Student tours can focus on Washington's innovative farming practices, the legends and legacies associated with our first President, or be led by a lively 18th century character from Washington's world. Mount Vernon also has numerous education resources available online, a field trip companion guide, a teacher of the year program, teaching American history grants, a portrait in the schools program and professional development training for teachers. 



Click HERE to Visit Mount Vernon's Website

Member Map Data Collection


Member Map Data Collection


Member's Map  



The DC Collaborative is compiling data for School Year 2012-2013 Member Map.  This exciting project will serve as resource for our members and represent the DC Collaborative Members' reach into the District's public school system. 


Each Member will receive a map that illustrates their reach across Washington, D.C., by pinpointing sites where Members are active in delivering arts and humanities education and experiences to DC students and teachers. This project will live on an interactive, on-line platform and will be distributed annually via PDF.


View the data from School Year 2010-2011 on our website, www.dccollaborative.org on the right side of the home page.


Data Collection


Please contact us at info@dccollaborative.org or 202.879.9327 to receive the data collection forms so your organization can join the School Year 2012-2013 Member Map!


Example Map from Choral Arts Society's 2010-2011 Data



Time Line



Members fill out template and return to




Members receive a map for proofing/approval



2012-2013 School Year Update Completed!

Receive a your organizations mapping profile, a complete mapping profile of the project including all participating organizations and view the interactive, on-line updates.

City Fund Briefing


 City Fund (Innovation Fund) 6/25 Meeting Summary


The City Fund was approved unanimously by the DC City Council for $15 million to be awarded as competitive grants for the district's 501(c)3 non-profits.  The fund administered by the Community Foundation for the National Capital Region.


The fund will have two types of grants: a capacity-building grant, for the period of 1 year and up to $100,000 per organization;  and a program support grant, for a period of one to three years (up to $100,000 per year).


Your  non-profit must fit in the following categories:

  • Growing & diversifying economy
  • Education
  • Increasing sustainability
  • Improving quality of life for DC residents (arts)
Time Line:
  • Program Support applications deadline Nov (grant recipients to receive money in April-up to $300,000 over 3 years. Release of RFP in October)
  • Capacity-Building apps deadline March (grant recipients to receive money in August up to 100k over 1 year. Release of RFP in February)

 Review Criteria:

  • Organizational History and Track Record
  • Governance and Executive Leadership
  • Organizational Vision and Strategy.
  • Planning, Outcomes, and Evaluation
  • Human Resources/Staff Capacity       
  • Financial Health 

 More information can be found on the Community Foundation's website.

Sign up for the mailing list!


View the PowerPoint from the meeting.


Barriers to Creativity Study



Global Study Determines How Parents and Educators View the Education System's Emphasis on Creativity in the Classroom


A global study by Adobe called "Barriers to Creativity in Education: Educators and Parents Grade the System"  found that educators and parents agree that creativity is integral to a child's education because it develops critical thinking skills, fosters an engaging classroom environment, and promotes innovative thinking. Moreover, the study found that in the United States 90% of parents and 87% of educators believed that creativity will be integral to the future economy. Given the importance of creativity in the classroom, the study also sought to determine how parents and educators evaluated the education system's emphasis on creativity in the classroom. The study found that in the US 87% of educators believed that the education system could do more to teach creativity. In comparison, in Australia 70% of educators believed that more could be done to promote creativity, in the UK 67% of educators believed that more could be done to foster creativity, and in Germany 67% of educators believed that the role of creativity in the classroom could be increased.  


Educators and parents in the United States believed that the top three barriers to creativity are that the education system puts a disproportionate emphasis on testing, that educators are restricted by the curriculum, and that there is lack of resources to promote creativity. When American educators were asked to identify what contributes to the difficulty in integrating creativity in the classroom, the top two responses were that there is a lack of resources and that the education system does not value creativity.

The study concluded that the three most important steps to promote creativity in the United States was for school systems to provide the tools and training to educators so that they would be able to incorporate creativity in their classrooms, to increase the emphasis of creativity in the school curriculum, and to eliminate any mandates that would repress creativity. To watch a short video describing the results of the study click here. The complete study can be found here.




Member Spotlight





A New Age of Exploration, Celebrating 125 years

Exhibition Dates: June 13, 2013 - June 8, 2014


Since its founding in 1888, National Geographic has inspired explorers from around the world. Celebrate 125 years of vivid storytelling through stunning photography, film, and interactive experiences. Follow Geographic's continuing exploration of world environments and cultures, from the top of Mount Everest to the remote Amazonian rainforests. Visitors will go behind the scenes with photographers on assignment, scientists in the field, and cartographers mapping the far corners of the Earth. From the first Society sponsored expeditions to the poles and Machu Picchu to James Cameron's recent dive to the deepest spot on Earth, the Mariana Trench, the exhibition will feature exploration and ground breaking research. 




Price:  Exhibition included in Museum Admission; Adults - $11; Members/Military/Seniors (Over 62)/Students/Groups (25+) - $9; Children (Ages 5-12) - $7; Local School & Youth Groups (18 and Under) - Free 

Non-profit Office Space Opportunity



Hill Center is delighted to offer the opportunity for nonprofit organizations to locate administrative offices in the beautifully renovated Civil War- era Old Naval Hospital located at  921 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE, Washington, DC 2003 (2 blocks from the Eastern Market Metro).  One office approximately 190 square feet is available on the third floor of the ADA accessible building.


Office space comes with reception services at the front entrance of the building; shared access to a staff kitchenette; a conference furnished with a table and chairs that will accommodate 14+ individuals; an informal seating or "huddle" space; and toilet facilities.


Every office has been equipped with wired internet access via Ethernet jacks.  Basic internet connectivity and utilities are included in the monthly use fee of $800 per month.  A state-or-the-art geothermal heating and cooling system allows each occupant to individually set their thermostat, and the windows in every office open.


Additional rooms on the first and second floors of the building are available for rental on an hourly basis, and can accommodate 10-250 individuals for meetings, workshops, functions and other events.  For more information please e-mail diana@HillCenterDC.org or call 202.549.4172.


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 Provide the Keys to Wonder

Make the DC Collaborative a part of your giving plan this year! Help us bring quality arts and humanities education to all DC public and chartered public schools. Your donation can provide tickets and transportation through the Arts for Every Student program, support teacher registration fees for Professional Development workshops, or provide for support for arts-integrated work with schools as part of the Arts Education Initiative.


About the DC Arts and Humanities Education Collaborative:
More than 60 members strong, the DC Arts and Humanities Education Collaborative (DC Collaborative) provides equitable access to quality arts and humanities education for all DC public and chartered public schools for the growth of the whole child. Working with its partners, since its founding in 1998, the DC Collaborative produces such exemplary programs as Arts for Every Student and the Arts Education Initiative. View our Member's roster.

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