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Arts for Every Student Catalogue

The AFES 2012-2013 Catalogue is Here! 


Click Here to View the AFES CATALOGUE 


View our wonderful Arts for Every Student offerings provided by our members for the upcoming school year.  Hard copies of the catalogues will be out shortly! Please forward the catalogue to other teachers and principals to assist in the AFES event selections in your schools! 




New Policies School Year 2012-2013


Registration for Fall AFES Trips Opens Sept. 10; Registration for Spring AFES Trips Opens Dec. 3


Based on teacher feedback,  the DC Collaborative will stagger Fall and Spring fieldtrip Registration into two separate opening dates in order to try to alleviate overloading the system. Registration for Fall trips opens Sept. 10 and registration for Spring trips opens Dec. 3.   Teachers also suggested that we open registration at 7 am on those days so it does not interfere with the teaching day.


Registration Dates


Fall Registration (trips 9/15-12/12/2012)- Monday, September 10th, 7 a.m. 

Spring Registration (trips 1/7-6/14/2013)-Monday, December 3rd, 7 a.m.


Requirements Prior to Registration

  • School Partnership Agreement- Click here to download-
    Please return via mail (1835 14th Street, NW Washington, D.C. 20009), email (info@dccollaborative.org), or fax (202.204.7803). 
  • Orientation Attendance- If you missed both orientation sessions but still want to participate in Arts for Every Student (AFES) please contact Tracey Alperstein at tracey@dccollaborative.org or 202.204.7753.


Policy Guide


The Policy Guide contains the Arts for Every Student (AFES) Policies and Procedures and Registration Instructions. 

Orientation Review 

Thank you!


Thank you to the 80 teachers and school administrators in attendance, the volunteers (Melissa Starr and Joanna Lewton), and member presenters that participated in the final orientation of the summer!   The DC Collaobrative is looking forward to providing access to the high quality Arts and Humanities experiences, provided by our members. 


The Presenters    

Christylez Bacon 

National Geographic Museum

Wolf Trap Institute

Library of Congress

The Textile Museum

Kids Euro Festival


View the PowerPoint Here 

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