July 2016

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Must Direct Selling Companies Treat All Reps The Same?

This article was written by Kevin Grimes, J.D., an attorney with Thompson Burton, the premier MLM/Direct Selling law firm in the United States.

The short answer is a very precise, lawyer-like "Yes and No".  The the long answer depends upon the context of the question.  You need to know the long answer.

Compensation Plans:  Why Structure Matters

In compensation plans, there are positions of achievement we call titles or ranks.  To qualify for them, independent representatives meet volume and structure requirements.  Both are measurements of organization performance.

Ask Victoria:  How Long Should A Trip Incentive Qualification Period Be?

People are motivated not only by money.

Earning the reward of an incentive trip is perceived to be more valuable than the money it would have cost to pay for it directly.

Trip incentives are useful to keeping your most productive representatives excited and focused.  They are great motivation tools and often a company will see a measurable increase in sales during the qualification period.

"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page."
- St. Augustine


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