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How To Grow Your Company Faster
Direct Selling Education For You!
Ask Victoria: What Are The Characteristics Of A Successful Catalog?

Startup Guide
Startup Guide

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Who Wants To Recruit, Sell and Retain More?

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How To Grow Your Company Faster


If you have a direct selling company, you probably want it to grow faster.  Faster means more reps, more sales, more sales per rep, and more retention.


So, how do you get all of these mores?  First, you need to be ready for growth. 


What does that mean?


Two Days of Pure Direct Selling Education

Back to school.  The kids are going, so why not you, too?

On September 4 and 5, come to Nashville for two full day of direct selling education.  Learn what you absolutely need to know to start or grow your new or young direct selling company.

Here is a sample of what our students tell us:
  • "This two-day class was exactly what I needed."
  • "Every session was valuable."
  • "It's one of the best conferences I have ever been to."
  • "I'm so glad I attended the Direct Selling Edge."

Here is my favorite one:

  • "Definitely worth the money.  As a matter of fact, after 30 minutes, I think I got my money's worth."

If you are starting, or plan to start, a direct selling company, you need to come to the Direct Selling Edge Conference!



Ask Victoria

Victoria Dohr

What are the characteristics of a successful catalog?


A successful catalog is a catalog that captures the attention of the buyer and encourages that buyer to order from your company.

I have some tips to share with you that I've learned over the years

that can help you to create successful product catalogs.



Did you know that Sylvina Consulting improves new and established network marketing and party plan direct selling companies so that they can grow faster?  This is not just our business; it's our passion!

Compensation plan design and evaluation are two of our specialties.  Others include business plan development, editing and writing marketing content, sales training, software implementation consulting, and business performance reviews.


With guidance from Sylvina Consulting, you can benefit from our suggestions, recommendations and deliverables gained from 28 years of experience working with more than 400 direct selling companies.


We welcome the opportunity to be of service to you, your company, and its independent representatives.  

Jay Leisner
Jay Leisner
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