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Why Are Compensation Plans So Complicated?
Training Done Right
Ask Victoria: What Advice Is Given Most Often To Established Direct Selling Companies?

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Have you ever wondered why compensation plans are so complicated?


Deb Bixler interviewed compensation plan expert Jay Leisner on this topic on her radio show.  You'll find the link to listen to a recording of the show below.


Training is something all direct selling companies should provide to their independent representatives. 

In our second article, learn or review what yours should be trained on.



What advice does Victoria Dohr give to established direct selling companies?  Find out when you read her column this month.


Why Are Compensation Plans So Complicated?

Not everyone has the same financial goal when they join your direct selling company. 
Some are interested in part-time income, while others want their business to generate full-time income or more.
On her Create A Cash Flow Radio Show, Deb Bixler interviewed Jay Leisner about compensation plans.


Training Done Right


Your company's success depends in part on how well your independent representatives are trained.


Are you training on the right topics, in the right ways?


I want to find out.


Ask Victoria

Victoria Dohr

What Advice Do You Give Most Often To Established Direct Selling Companies?


Each week, I talk with executives of party plan and network marketing companies.


Sometimes, a company has a specific issue or a group of issues in which our help is requested.


At other times, everything appears to be running fine, but that's when I worry most. 


What is Victoria concerned about?


Summer will be here very soon.   It's not too early to book your airfare and hotel, and buy your tickets to our 9th Direct Selling Edge Conference.  At only $199 for your first ticket and $100 for each associate, this is the best money you will spend to build your company.  When you book your airfare now to Nashville, you'll save money.
Direct Selling Edge is a two-day school for new and young direct selling, network marketing, and party plan companies.  Unlike other conferences, this one is pure education.  DSE #9 will be held in Franklin, Tennessee (just outside of Nashville) on Thursday and Friday, September 4 and 5, 2014.

Did you know that Sylvina Consulting improves new and established network marketing and party plan direct selling companies so that they can grow faster?  This is not just our business; it's our passion!

Compensation plan design and evaluation are two of our specialties.  Others include business plan development, editing and writing marketing content, sales training, software implementation consulting, and business performance reviews.


With guidance from Sylvina Consulting, you can benefit from our suggestions, recommendations and deliverables gained from 27+ years of experience working with more than 400 direct selling companies.


We welcome the opportunity to be of service to you, your company, and its independent representatives.  

Jay Leisner
Jay Leisner
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