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About Compensation Plan Transitions
The Gift Of Education
Ask Victoria: What Is The Dynamic Duo?

Startup Guide
Startup Guide

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If you're transitioning or even thinking about transitioning to a new compensation plan, how you introduce the new plan is important.




"The best thing about learning is that it can't be taken away from you."   B.B. King


If you want to be successful with your new or young network marketing or party plan company, give yourself the gift of education by attending the Direct Selling Edge Conference near Nashville, TN in September.




Victoria answers the unusual question, "What Is The Dynamic Duo?" in her August column.


About Compensation Plan Transitions


How should you transition from one compensation plan to another?


The simple answer is "carefully" but you need to know more.


What do I need to know?


The Gift Of Education

"Try to learn something about everything and everything about something."
    Thomas Huxley.

To be successful, you'll need to do both.

Without knowledge, you'll head in the wrong direction.

Head in the right direction by coming to Nashville, Tennessee in September to learn what you need to know to start or grow your party plan or network marketing company.

Attend the Direct Selling Edge Conference on Thursday and Friday, September 26 and 27, 2013.


Will I learn a lot?


Ask Victoria

Victoria Dohr

What Is The Dynamic Duo?


Perhaps you think it's Batman and Robin, or maybe Jay and Victoria.  If so, you've got the wrong one!


I recommend this dynamic duo to you if you have a new or young direct selling company.


OK. Tell me about it.


Sylvina Consulting improves new and established network marketing and party plan direct selling companies so that they can grow faster.  It's not just our business.  It's our passion!

Compensation plan design and evaluation are two of our specialties.  Others include business development, editing and writing marketing content, software implementation consulting, and business performance reviews.


With guidance from Sylvina Consulting, you can benefit from our suggestions, recommendations and deliverables gained from 25+ years of experience working with more than 300 direct selling companies.


We welcome the opportunity to be of service to you and your company.  

Jay Leisner
Jay Leisner
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