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New FTC Business Opportunity Rule
MLM Software Is Your Heart
Ask Victoria: How Do I Attract Top Leaders To My Company?

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Startup Guide

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Direct selling businesses are regulated by various governmental entities, one of which is the Federal Trade Commission or FTC.  In March, the FTC's new Business Opportunity Rule took effect.  This rule is one you absolutely need to know about now.


It's true.  MLM software is the "heart" of your business. If this heart isn't healthy, your business is in trouble.   


In the third of a three-part series on leadership, Victoria answers the question, "How do I attract top leaders to my company?"


New FTC Business Opportunity Rule

Last week, I attended the 2012 Global Regulatory Summit held by the Direct Selling Association in Washington, DC.

In March, the Federal Trade Commission or FTC promulgated a significant new Business Opportunity Rule that is relevant for your direct selling business. 


How does it apply to me?


MLM Software Is Your Heart


MLM Software

On the day I was hired as a software developer for a network marketing software company in 1986, I didn't understand how important MLM software was to the success of direct selling companies.   My ignorance was short lived.


Really, a heart?


Ask Victoria

Victoria Dohr

How do I attract top leaders to my company?


Everyone wants top leaders to join their companies, but how do you get them to choose you?  


Tips to get chosen.


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