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The Aging Journey can be challenging...let us be your guide.™

Upcoming Events:
April 9, 2015
Boston, MA

April 9, 2015

San Francisco, CA


World Medical Innovation Forum

April 27-29, 2015

Boston, MA


Brigham & Women's Health Luncheon

May 5, 2015

Boston, MA


Aging 2.0 Global Innovation Summit

May 18-19, 2015

San Francisco, CA


Menus of Change Culinary Institute of America

June 17-19, 2015

Hyde Park, NY


Connected Health Conference

October 29-30, 2015

Boston, MA



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March 2015



Fifteen years ago when I decided to focus on aging in America, I saw a void in leadership, few people collaborating across disciplines to address the now too real scenario of an aging planet. What a difference a decade makes! 


Each month this newsletter is read by thousands of leaders whose work impacts hundreds of families and millions of lives: business leaders and entrepreneurs, thought leaders in medicine and research; writers and professors, and many skilled professionals who provide legal, financial and caregiving advice. I'm delighted to see so many unfamiliar names on our mailing list as you invite others to Join the Circle.


We continue to respond to families who reach out to us for help, overwhelmed by the sudden need of an older relative. That work allows us to see what we cannot ignore: exhausted mid-career caregivers, a medical system that can hurt as well as help, elders neglected, ignored and abused, financially if not physically, sometimes from the very people entrusted to oversee their wellbeing. That is also part of our collective responsibility and it's a challenge that we can meet.  


So, cheers to all of you! Thank you for inspiring us. And for those who are reading this while immersed in the challenges of caregiving, please remember, you're not alone. We're here to help.


Here's some news from across the network.




The Business of the Brain 


On April 9th, I'll be joining a panel with Steven Hyman, MD of the Broad Institute, Jeff Morby co-founder of the Cure Alzheimer's Fund and Brian Wainger, MD, PhD of Massachusetts General Hospital to discuss the urgency and opportunities to accelerate the treatment and cures for brain-related conditions and diseases. The science is ready. The need is great. Register here to join the conversation. 

Future Travel


With purchasing power of $15 trillion and anticipated longevity, Baby Boomers are fueling changes in housing, financial services, health care and travel. The Livewell Collaborative and Boeing have teamed up to re-imagine future travel. Watch this video of their vision that includes the Take-Me-There Chair that makes it easier for older adults to navigate airports. Where will you celebrate your 90th birthday? 


BungyPump - Fitness Walking Poles
BungyPump - Fitness Walking Poles
Walk Much?

Finding time for self-care can be a challenge when juggling work, family and aging relatives. Recently, I spoke with Jules Pieri, founder of the Daily Grommet, who uses BungyPump Fitness Walking Poles to boost her workout when she is pressed for time. Between power walks and the well-researched Seven Minute Workout, it is easier to fit exercise conveniently into a busy schedule.  

Warm weather brings countless opportunities to run, walk, cycle and raise money for a cause. On our blog we've posted some upcoming events that support our favorite non-profits. Join us.

 Fraud, Scams and the Helpful Nephew


How can we reduce the vulnerability of our elders to financial exploitation? Friend Claire McDonnell and her colleagues at TrueLink Financial are building a system to monitor and protect seniors with custom alerts for family members. Read their shocking research and become informed about the nine common scams that may impact your family. Follow Truelink on Facebook or @TrueLinkCard.  

Women's Health


After reading Mogul, Mom & Maid, the Balancing Act of the Modern Woman, by friend Liz O'Donnell, you may want to join us at the annual Brigham and Women's Health Luncheon. The topic? Our Mothers, Our Daughters, Ourselves, Exploring the Science of Healthy Aging. If you cannot attend, consider a donation to support the work of Dr. Paula Johnson and her colleagues as they work to bring gender equity into medical research. Read their call to action to learn more. 

Age 62: A Boomer's Magical Birthday 
Do your parents or grandparents remember turning 18? Voting for the first time? Registering for the draft? Buying their first drink (yes, it was legal then)? A magical year. If someone in your family is celebrating their 62nd birthday soon, include Get What's Yours with their birthday gift. Listen to author Laurence Kotlikoff on NPR as he shares strategies for how to maximize Social Security benefits. Give them the book and then hide. Boomers are humor-less about getting old but they'll thank you later. 

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