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ARTFORM - Portfolio Pick

Recently, an Interior Design firm was looking to design an acoustically correct conference room for their hedge fund client. They considered using traditional, square acoustic panels.
With ARTFORM Custom Shaped Fabric Panels they were able to take familiar fabrics, use DFB's Quiet Core substrate with an NRC rating of 0.8 and create a mural while keeping all the functionality of traditional acoustic panels.  

With a variety of interlocking shapes, ARTFORM tiles can be made to fit the wall precisely or done as a floating mural.  Most upholstery fabrics and any of DFB's standard cores can be used.
Change Fabrics - or Leave Open Spaces 

Artform allows you to custom design your walls and scale the shapes to fit.  You can completely fill the wall or leave open spaces to create a more 3D effect.  Different edge options can also add to the effect. 

Contact me directly if you'd like to learn more about ARTFORM.


Jon Gmora
Photos by: Madkats Productions and MKDA