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September 18, 2014

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Leesville Fire Department conducts live fire training event

LEESVILLE- Tuesday night marked the end of a two-day training for area firefighters.

Leesville Fire Department hosted Burr Ferry, Hornbeck, Savage Forks, Sundown and New Llano fire departments Tuesday evening to practice fire suppression techniques that are specific to propane fires.

Jim Wells with the Fire and Emergency Training Institute of LSU conducted the training.

In order to put a fire out that is emanating from a propane tank, two teams of three firefighters each direct a water stream at the tank to cool it off. At the same time, a team leader, standing between the streams, directs the two teams forward.

Once the two teams are close enough to the propane tank, they modify their water streams to a fog pattern, which captures the fire and pushes it back, allowing the team leader to reach in and safely shut off the valve.

To view or use photos from the event, click here.


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