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September 17, 2014

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Public Service Announcement: City of Leesville to begin enforcing no cell phones in school zones 

LEESVILLE- The City of Leesville will be installing signage by Friday, Sept. 19 that corresponds to a new state law which prohibits the use of wireless phones to call, text or use social media while driving in a school zone.


The law officially took effect Aug. 1. However, school zones must have visible signs that indicate the ban during certain times. The prohibition does not apply to the use of a hands-free wireless device or various types of radios.  


"The City of Leesville expects to begin enforcing this law by October 19, thirty days after the signs are installed," said Leesville Mayor Rick Allen.


Some exceptions to the law do exist; for example a wireless device can be used in a school zone to report an accident or crime, and wireless devices can be used in school zones if the person is sitting in a parked car at the time.


Those caught violating the new law can be fined up to $175 for the first offense and $500 for subsequent offenses. If the person who committed the violation was in an accident at the time, the fine can be double the normal amount.


The City of Leesville, the best hometown in the world, is a historic yet visionary community. As the parish seat of Vernon Parish, where Fort Polk and the Joint Readiness Training Center are located, the City of Leesville is home to military families, retired veterans and a growing and strongly patriotic citizenry that provides the basis of a well-rounded and work-ready workforce.   


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