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February 2014

Dear Friends, 


As we enter the new year, we couldn't help but reflect on what incredible progress Home Healthsmith experienced in 2013, our first year in business. The strides we made and the experiences we have had helped shape us in ways we never could have imagined. 


What caused this tremendous growth? A combination of factors. One was the decision Linda made to leave her job in corporate America and bring her considerable marketing expertise to Home Healthsmith. In addition, we selected only the finest materials, equipment and suppliers for our clients' needs. And finally, we have a deep commitment to backing up our installations and service with rock solid performance. This

Bill & Linda at Newport Chamber
of Commerce gala event. 

has proven to be a winning combination all the way around.


Our goal is to further strengthen this approach in 2014. Watch for new programs, exciting products and a continued commitment to absolute client satisfaction. In closing, we want to thank all of our customers, suppliers, friends and family for all the support and encouragement you have provided. 


Linda & Bill

Home HealthSmith


New Year's Resolutions for Aging in Place 

If you haven't thought about your New Year's resolutions yet, start now. Think about things you meant to do last year. The things you knew would make your home or your loved one's home safe. The things you knew would improve yours or your loved ones life.

Now is a great time to make an aging in place plan for yourself or a loved one that can enrich lives, extend independence and keep everyone safer, healthier and more comfortable.


Here are some simple things to do in the New Year. 



Install grab bars 

Last year you saw these great grab bars but never got around to buying or installing them. This is a simple addition that can help a senior remain independent for much longer. Grab bars in the shower and for assistance getting in and out of the shower will help maintain dignity. Grab bars are easy to install and come in many designs and colors to suit most bathrooms.



Check heating and cooling

You meant to have your heating system checked in time for winter, but you started holiday shopping and completely forgot. Plan on having the heating/cooling unit maintained and inspected for leaks or other wear and tear. Replace the unit if necessary. Regular maintenance of this appliance will help extend its life.

Eliminate hazards
Put down the laptop and take a look around the house. Throw out the throw rugs or secure them, Clean up the power cords and rearrange the furniture to make clear paths for walking. Falls in the home cause a majority of senior injuries and some simple cleaning up can reduce the chances of falling.  Fix loose carpeting, cover slippery surfaces, eliminate clutter throughout the home and make sure areas are well-lit.

Get a senior cell phone

Today there are many cell phone models designed specifically for seniors that are easy to use, ready in an emergency and affordable. If you didn't purchase a senior cell phone as a Christmas gift, consider purchasing one for a birthday, mother's/father's day or just because.

Visit your senior community center
Pick a day to visit next week to visit your local senior center. They offer a safe environment where seniors participate in physical and intellectual activities. The best part about a senior center is the socialization, which can extend and improve quality of life.

Talk to your family
Make a point to speak with your family. The whole family needs to know of your plans and wishes. You need to ask who is willing to help and everyone can help form a family plan. Communication is key to ensuring your aging-in-place needs are met.

Resolutions come and go - most people probably forget they even made any by the time spring is near - but take some time NOW to review the things that are important to you and your family. Then then make a plan to check those off the list.


The information from this article came from Aging In Place. Learn more at their website.




A Ramp for the Holidays   


We received a call from a husband who needed to have a ramp installed so his wife could come home from a rehab facility. She had been in a car accident and could not come home until the house was modified for her injuries. We heard from him on December 5th, received a go ahead on our rental quote on December 10th, and installed the ramp before Christmas so his wife could come home and enjoy the holidays with her family. 


Here is their home before and after the installation of the rental ramp. 




We provide rentals on temporary modular aluminum ramps for a minimum of three months. We provide open mesh ramps that allow ice and snow to melt through. The surface is very safe with two way traction and sturdy handrails.
Travel Tips 

From Mayvellin Chavez, Travel Specialist


Traveling with mobility issues may be a challenge but it should not prevent you from seeing the world. 


The following tips should help ease the challenges. 

  • Allow plenty of time to alleviate the stress of feeling rushed or the fear of missing your flight. 
  • Reserve a wheelchair in advance so you're not waiting any longer than needed. 
  • Utilize the airport lounge access if possible, especially during busy travel times when seats may not be available in the terminal. 
  • Request a hotel room or unit on the first floor or close to an elevator unless you are limited to a handicapped accessible room. 

Cruise ships are particularly designed for less mobile travelers offering many mobility aids including special beds and other helpful equipment. Service dogs are now also accommodated, making cruise travel more accessible friendly than ever.


To discover destinations for your next trip, visit my website or give me a call 860.822.3824.


Bold Beautiful Beets
by My Chef Lara 

To be honest, I avoided beets for most of my life.  It was not until I traveled to Russia and had Borscht that I started to realize how fabulous this vegetable was.  I am now in love. Not only do they taste great, they are versatile and the color - fabulous!  Since it is cold outside I am going to share the dish that made me fall in love with beets - Borscht! I am also going to give you a lighter vegetarian option so that everyone can enjoy. View recipe here.

Neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow, nor hail 
shall keep Home Healthsmith
from serving their clients
Here's our crew installing a ramp during a recent cold snap. 

Linda & Bill Bohmbach

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