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September 2013

Greetings from Robie


I am very pleased to come on board at Home Healthsmith and to offer my resources to make homes safer for the aging in place population or those with less mobility. For more than 25 years I have designed means to overcome the bumps and barriers created by the effects of my own MS and others' disabilities, by moving beyond a disability and enjoying life. 


Working with adaptive design for walkways, bedrooms, kitchens and lavatories along with accessibility products, such as stairlifts, elevators and access ramps, I look forward to working with other "four wheelers" to enable enjoyment of their adapting independence.


Robie Pierce
Sales Administrator

401-846-5549 Direct Phone

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The American Parkinson's Disease Association

Information & Referral Center at Kent Hospital


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Parkinson's disease is a slowly progressive movement disorder characterized by the loss of dopamine-producing cells in the brain. The most common symptoms are tremor (at rest), slowness of movement, muscle rigidity and impaired balance or posture. Tremor, perhaps the most widely known symptom, does not affect everyone and is not required for diagnosis. Secondary symptoms may include: lack of facial expression, depression, difficulty multitasking and changes is speech, swallowing and writing.


If you have been newly diagnosed with Parkinson's, facing new challenges with your PD, or have questions about this illness, please feel free to call the Rhode Island Chapter of the American Parkinson Disease Association's Information & Referral Center, as we have much to offer. We provide education with many free books and materials, a large lending library, chapter newsletters and frequent educational and social programs. We also have many peer support groups throughout Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts.


For more information please contact Mary Ellen Thibodeau, RN at 401-736-1046.


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Is Your Kitchen User Friendly?


We continue our look at aging-in-place home modifications in the kitchen. 


Kitchen modifications help make kitchen space more usable for everyone while increasing safety and independence for the elderly and others with limited mobility. As a place that historically has been for families and enjoyment, seniors can still enjoy kitchen activities as their capabilities decline.



Here are just a few ideas to consider: clear floor space for a 60-inch turning radius, use lever faucets and handles rather than knobs on cabinets and drawers, create knee space under the sink, install a side-by-side door refrigerator and other accessible appliances, as well as cabinets with drop down fronts.



With these types of modifications completed, your loved ones can continue to enjoy their kitchen space as they age. We would be pleased to discuss these and other aging-in-place options with you or family. 


We would be pleased to discuss these and other aging-in-place options. Email or call today to make an appointment today for your Safe Home Audit by a Home Healthsmith, CAPS certified specialist. 



We are proud to support the following events.
If you attend any, please stop by to say hello.



September 14  

Goddard Park, East Greenwich, RI

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October 9, 2013 

PrimeTime Senior Living Expo

Warwick Mall - FREE Admission

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We had a great time at the 3rd Annual Golf Scramble at the Jamestown Golf Course.

A fundraiser for the Wounded Warrior Project. 


Golf Tournament Photos 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the nine enlisted naval personnel who worked as pin attendants. These young men & woman exemplified everything that is right and good with our country and the American spirit. God Bless America. 


Linda & Bill Bohmbach

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