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"I've been working with John for over 3 years. He's always done right by me considering some of the high-end projects we've undertaken.
My expectations have been met, and often exceeded on every occasion. If you're looking for Control4 home automation, these guys are really outstanding"
      - Josh T.
Los Angeles
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Tech Tips - The Benefits of Automation.

Who doesn't like being able to do something without having to get up? If you're old enough to remember watching TV's before there were remotes, you cringe at the memory of being the "channel changer". 


TV's have come a long way since then and so has automation. Now we can turn on and heat up the hot tub on our way home from work so its ready when we get there. Or get a message from the house saying our kids are home from school.


Some additional benefits of automating your home or office include:


1. Ease of access


2. Easy shut down


3. Hands free lighting


4. Security at the touch of a button


5. Instant knowledge of home/office energy usage


6. Control of everything you choose to automate.


However you choose to use it, automation makes life easier. And who doesn't like easy.

For more information on Automation, please contact us. We will send you information and talk with you about how it can benefit your life.

August 22, 2013

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Variable Dimmer - What it is and Why you should use it.


One often overlooked aspects of Automation is the Variable Dimmer.  A Variable Dimmer
not only gives you the ability to govern the power output of many fixtures, but to program specific actions. 

The average person cannot tell the difference between 90 and 100 percent brightness. Setting the lights in your home to 90 percent can save up to 850 pounds of carbon dioxide per year - the equivalent of not driving a car for an entire month. You will appreciate the positive impact you are making on the environment as well as enjoy the saving on your utility bill.


One of our techs recently told me this about Variable Dimmers, "We can program a dimmer to execute an action with a double or triple tap function. For example, a double tap can execute a light scene or, activate security on a triple tap. Also, there are keypads that can program light scenes, security, audio and video."


C4 Outdoor Lighting

Planning your exterior lights to accent pathways, pools and trees will make your elegant landscaping stand out.


So go ahead, design your own indoor or outdoor scene and express yourself through lighting.


Contact us to help you program your scene.

Innovative News

Now you can Stream Music from All of your devices - Wirelessly with Control4.


The Wireless Music Bridge allows any smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac to wirelessly stream  your favorite music to one or every room in the house. Whether it's music downloaded from iTunes or a streaming service, like Pandora or Spotify.  It not only delivers music, but it delivers sports, news, audio books and podcasts through your Control4 system.

Wireless Music Bridge

The bridge can do this for anyone, yes anyone, with any smartphone, etc, that comes into your home. No more sharing ear buds or toting those portable speakers around. You, your family and friends can all listen to anything, any time and in any room. Contact us to get started.

Lighting Control - Automate to Save
Is saving money and the environment a good reason to start?  When you use lighting control to automate the lights in your home, you save. What exactly do you save? By using lighting control, you can lengthen the life of your bulbs. That means reduced electrical consumption, reduced landfill waste and a reduced carbon foot print.

Here are a few ways to help you control and automate your lighting.
  • Occupancy Sensors can automatically turn on or off lights using motion sensors.  In January of 2014, California's Title 24 law mandates that these sensors be installed in building to help reduce energy consumption. 
  • Daylight Sensors will automatically dim then turn lights off once a specific brightness level is reached by detecting ambient lighting.
  • Dimmers can be used to save electricity. Lights can be set to only put out 90% of their light. You won't notice the 10% difference in light, but you will notice the 10% saving.
  • Automatic shades may sound excessive, but they will save you money and protect your home.  Shades can be set to lower or rise at programed times or temperatures. These shades will lower automatically when your home's temperature reaches a certain level and your home will stay cooler, reducing your need for air conditioning. This will also help reduce the amount of UV rays that come into your home and protect your furnishings and flooring.

To get started saving, Contact us. 

If you have questions about any of the products featured in our newsletter, please email us at and we will send you additional information.  

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