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Spirit Points Update
Parent Volunteer Appreciation
SpiritSpirit Points Update
It's been an exciting year for Spirit Points so far and it looks like Rockin' Royals (Gr 3) are out in the lead with 339 Spirit Points, followed closely by Castle Crashers (JK) with 299 Spirit Points and in 3rd place is The Mighty Royal McDiarminators (Gr 2) with 273 Spirit Points.  All teams are showing outstanding spirit for their class.  Keep up the good work and keep up those Spirits!

1stRockin' Royals

2ndCastle Crashers

3rdTMR McDiarminators
4thRoyal Pipsqueaks

5thNoble Fraser Arms and Legs


7thThe Royal Corlinations

8thReigning Pentathletes

9thRegal Eagles

10thFirst Knights

11thThe Royal Stain in the Glasses

12thThe Royal Ramblers



Parent Volunteer Appreciation Evening

Urban Academy staff would like to thank all our parent volunteers for you hard work, dedication and support this year. Please join us for a drinks reception at Centennial Lodge, Queen's Park, on Friday, June 12th from 6-8pm. Please RSVP to
2014/2015 Issue: 4
June Issue

It is difficult to believe we are entering the final month of the school year! We have had a wonderful year at Urban Academy in the Year of Intention. Our school has been focused on its future and our increased enrollment and school programming is strong evidence of that. We are also turning our attention to alternatives for our school expansion plans. Hard work is underway with our Board of Directors and professional consultants to provide direction for our school.

June brings with it an array of exciting events marking the culmination of our students' hard work. Last week UA won our first soccer game in the girls' ISA league! Our first year out and our team did amazingly well. Soccer, volleyball and track and field were our focus and all of our teams, both boys and girls had fun, learned a lot and acquitted UA very well.

Our Grade 2-7 students are at Camp Sasamat this first week of June with a family campfire evening planned for the whole community on Thursday, June 4th. This week, Senior School students are also taking a week long course at the world-renowned Gulf Islands Film and Television School on Galiano Island.

Our whole school will have fun at Sports Day on June 12th at Queens Park. Students will have a pizza lunch provided and will enjoy everything from the water balloon toss to the tug 'o war with UA dads. Junior School fathers will be treated to a continental breakfast with their child on June 12th at Robson to mark Father's Day.

Staff wish to thank and pay tribute to our amazing Parent Volunteers for their work on behalf of our students. We will host a wine and cheese reception at Centennial Lodge on June 12th from 6-8pm, and hope all of our parents are with us to be celebrated. June 12th is a big day with activity planned from start to finish.

The highlight of June will be graduation. Our school will honour our graduates at Commencement on June 22nd at the Uptown campus. Our students are moving on to wonderful post-secondary opportunities, at institutions all across the country. We wish them the very best, and are proud of their accomplishments.

Thank you for a wonderful year. We have been most thoughtful in our Year of Intention and our school is focused on a bright future. Enjoy June with us as we look forward to the conclusion of a most successful year.

Mrs. Cheryle Beaumont
Head of School

Artastic 2015


An annual Urban Academy tradition since 2007, Artastic celebrates the students' work in their visual arts classes, and is an opportunity to showcase their crossed curricular arts-infused projects. Previously held at Robson Manor and our Uptown campus, this year Artastic moved to 100 Braid Street Studios, opening the art to a wider audience.

Filled with over 100 works of student art from JK to Grade 12, plus submissions from artists within the greater UA community, the studio was a collage of colour and concepts. Some of the wonderful art on display included set designs for the upcoming Spring Plays by our Grade 5 class, totem poles created by our Grade 1 class, a wishing well constructed by Mr. McDiarmid's Grade 2 class and symmetric self-portraits by the Grade 6 and 7 classes. The opening cheese and wine reception with a performance by the senior rock band was a great success, attended by almost 250 guests, and raised $450 in donations.

The following day, students visited the studio and were given time to truly examine the works on display, and do some sketching before being taken on a tour of the artists' studio by owner Susan Greig. 

100 Braid Street Studios is a beautiful space with high ceilings, natural lighting and unique hanging features that allowed Urban Academy's students to experience the excitement of seeing their work displayed in an actual gallery setting. Special thanks to Ms. Spencer who led and curated the event, and the many additional staff, student and parent volunteers who helped to make Artastic 2015 the splendid success it was.
Other Events

Our students have been busy since returning after Spring Break. As well as getting ready for their end of year exams, they have been writing and performing plays in both English and French, hosting Mother's Day Tea and going on field trips.

French Appreciation Week

French Appreciation Week took place at the end of April and was a fantastic success. Guided by our two French specialist teachers, Mme. Bourgeois and Mlle. Spencer, our Grade 1-12 students embarked on a creative journey to learn French through plays from the Aim: Histoire/Jeunesse en Action series. This year each class added creative licence to Aim stories by adding new characters, scenes and music components to make their stories more original. Everyone did an outstanding job of developing characters and adding theatrics to their already comedic stories. Students performed in full costume, with props and backdrops to create an authentic theatre feeling for their parent and student audiences. 

The Grade 1-3 classes performed creative versions of their plays Le chat et la lune and L'Arbre Ungali at Robson Manor. Grades 4 and 5 performed their plays Les Animaux du bayou and Louis la grenouille twice, once at Uptown and once at Robson. Grades 6-9 performed two plays from the same series, Veux tu Danser? and Qui arrive ce soir?, while Grades 11-12 collaborated on a 25 minute film they called, La derniere heure.

Mother's Day Tea
On Friday, 8th May students and teachers hosted a special Mother's Day Tea reception at Queen's Park Church to celebrate all the wonderful moms in the UA community. Students from the senior school served up a delicious homemade spread of baked yummies. Students from the junior school entertained the moms with a special concert. Our two hosts for the afternoon created a jovial atmosphere with running commentary, jokes and a few anecdotes about moms in the audience. There were smiles all round, a room filled with laughter and a river of tea.

Run for Water

On Wednesday, May 13th, our Robson students ventured to Queen's Park to take part in Run for Water. All age groups from our JKs up to Grade 5 took part in the event.

With enthusiasm, gusto and support from teachers, parents and Mr. McDrip the students ran the track for over half an hour. Well done to all for getting out and raising $1,000 so that the people of Yella, Ethiopia have access to a piped, clean water supply.  

Spring Plays

On Thursday, May 21st, the Senior school students debuted their Spring Play, A Grimm Night for Hans Christian Andersen. Performed at Columbia Theatre, the students starred in, directed, designed and produced the show with help from Ms. Newman, Ms. MacLeod and Ms. Spencer. The students put on a great show of their comical take on a mish-mash of classic fairytales.


The Junior school students got their turn to shine a week later on Friday, May 29th. From JK to Grade 5 everyone put on a stellar performance. The JK class, buzzing with excitement to be performing to a packed house of family and friends, put on a puppet show with help from Ms. Vassev and Mrs. Burnet. Grade 4 condensed Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream and hit the ball out of the park. Ms. Budd's Grade 5 class wrote and performed their own engaging play about human connection and the importance of friendships in a world buzzing with technology.


Thank you to everyone who came out to see the plays and for supporting all our students tread the boards.

Graduation 2015


On June 22nd Kristi Clarke, Kanako Watanabe, Mariana Nandayapa Barrera and Bryanna Drummond will graduate from Urban Academy. Some of the girls have been with us since their first day of school and some have joined us along the way. All agree they have mixed emotions about the end of their time at UA. "Urban Academy is like family, I've never known anything else. But I'm excited for the next adventure," commented Kristi Clarke. This year, our graduating class will continue their studies at UBC, SFU and McGill, and we congratulate all our grads on being accepted to every post-secondary school that they applied to! We wish the ladies all the best as they continue their studies, and in the exciting adventures awaiting them.


The Urban Academy community is invited to join the graduates for their convocation on Monday, June 22nd from 9.30 to 10.30am at our Uptown Campus. If you would like to attend, please RSVP to or by calling 604-524-2211 by June 17th.

Bus Service and Carpool

Exciting New Bus Service

In September 2015, Urban Academy is launching a morning bus service covering the East Vancouver, Burnaby and New Westminster areas. Starting at 7:45am, the bus will make five or six pickups at central locations before dropping Senior students at Uptown in time for class and continuing on to the final stop at Robson Manor.


If you would like more information about this exciting new service, or to register, please contact


We will also be implementing an online carpool system for the next school year. More information will follow over the summer months regarding this software system where families can input their carpool needs and link with other UA families in the area to coordinate collective school runs. 

JuneEventsJune Events
Thank you to everyone who has helped with the planning, set up, or participation in UA events so far this year. June is another action packed month so please mark your calendar with these important dates:
June 2015
1st - 5th: Senior School Trip to Gulf Islands Film and Television School on Galiano Island (Grades 8 -12)
3rd - 5th: Urban Academy Camping Trip to Camp Sasamat (Grades 2 - 7)
3rd: JK Teddy Bear Picnic in the Park
4th: JK Camping at Robson Manor
5th: JK Movie, Popcorn and Pizza Day
9th: JK Father's Day Celebration
11th: New JK & K Parent Orientation
12th: Father's Day Breakfast and Celebration
12th: Sports Day
12th: Parent Volunteer Appreciation
13th: Uniform sale
15th - 19th: PAX Clothing & Bottle Drive
22nd: Grade 12 Commencement Ceremony and Graduation
22nd: Report cards sent home and last day of classes
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