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Everybody Wants To Rule The World
Everybody Wants To Rule The World
Senior Science Fair
Jr. School Packed With Activity
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 UA Spring Plays


Mark your calendars, the Urban Academy Spring Plays are around the corner.  The entire UA community, friends and families are invited to both evenings of UA talent.  So make a note of it as both evenings will surely not disappoint.
A Midsummer Night's Dream
 May 22rd, 7pm
The Columbia Theatre

Uptown Downtown 
 May 30th, 7pm
The Columbia Theatre

See You There!!!

 Spirit Point Update!


The competition is fierce in the world of Urban Academy Spirit Points! As the end of the school year draws near, parents are looking at the Spirit Point Ranking regularly.  So take a look at how your class is doing in the race for UA bragging rights (in ranking order):

Teams          Points   Grade
Royal Frogs       186         2
Put Up Your Dukes 160  JK
Wright Royals    150      KW
Queens Cavalry 122     4/5
gUAards of Kndrlnd 120 KLB
High Sovereign   108    8-11
Lady Meek's Majestic Minions                88        3
Royal Monarachs 74        1
The Nobles of the Fourth Kingdom               68       4
Mystic Knights    62     6/7

There is still time to earn points before the end of the year, so let the competition heat up!

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2013/2014 Issue: 5May Issue
It has been a busy and enjoyable spring term. Our students are working hard at their third term and are immersed in the learning activities both in and out of the classroom.

This term our Junior School opened the doors to the Celebration of Learning where every student hosted their parents in an individual
student-led conference. Our school became a wonderful display of student art, inquiry-based projects and the active learning that we have as a central focus at UA. At the Senior School, students hosted the Senior
Showcase. Artwork was beautifully displayed from projects across the
curriculum. Students showed off their prowess in the kitchen as they
shared their culinary development in the catering offered to guests to
complement the evening. It was also the evening to celebrate our Honour
Roll students as they completed their second term.

The Junior and Senior plays are in production. The Senior School students
are performing "A Midsummer Night's Dream" and our Junior School are
producing "Uptown Downtown". Both are wonderful examples of our work in the dramatic arts. The performances will be held at the Columbia Theatre for the Senior School on May 22nd and the Junior School on May 30th. We are looking forward to enjoying their work!

The grade 2-8 students will be off to camp at Camp Sasamat during the week of May 14-16. The camp provides an excellent outdoor instructional
experience and it is a wonderful community experience for UA. The campers will return exhilarated, inspired and connected with their classmates as they reflect upon the wonderful memories created.

May is the month when Urban Academy celebrates one of its' most-loved
traditions, the Mother's Day Tea. We hosted a lovely afternoon for our
mothers and the students prepared the refreshments, the gifts and the
entertainment as a tribute to their mothers. Thank you to our guests of
honour, our mothers- for such a special opportunity to come together in
celebration of family.

We are looking forward to year end activities as we prepare for June. Our
Senior students are studying for exams and staff are working on the plans
for school opening in June. An exciting aspect of this is our work on a
planned school expansion of our current facility. We are working through
all the various aspects of developing our site to allow for school
construction to accommodate our growing enrolment. Please follow our
community updates as we work through the project over the coming months.



Mrs. Cheryle Beaumont
Head of School   

Mandalas Demonstrate Mathematical Understanding 

Representations of the Universe Help Students Learn Math

Students in the Grade 6/7 class explored geometric transformations on the Cartesian plane, circumference, and properties of polygons through the creation of mandalas this term. Often detailed with geometric shapes and designed with various forms of symmetry, a mandala is created to represent the universe in Hindu and Buddhist traditions.


Tibetan Monks typically spend several days producing intricate mandalas out of sand, only to ritualistically destroy them.   

Through the construction of a pair of mandalas with reflectional and rotational symmetry, students were able to engage in a creative process while demonstrating mathematical understandings. Each mandala was based on a geometric design following specific yet flexible criteria, allowing for original results and artistic freedom:  

* A scalene triangle touching the origin of the Cartesian Plane

* A concave hepatagon, including several diagonals  


Applying geometric transformations such as reflection and rotation to these compositions fulfilled mathematical and art objectives in parallel; rotation is one of a number of image-development strategy explored by students throughout their visual arts education.   


Although the 6/7s enjoyed adding finishing touches to their geometric mandalas with coloured sand, we decided not to destroy them. Visitors are welcome to view the work displayed at the Uptown campus this month.  


Ms. Herman

Uptown Math Specialist

Astronomy Collides with Music for Harmonic Learning 

Music and Science Infusion

Ms. Meek's Grade 3 students wanted to create musical compositions for each of their assigned planets.  Through a brain storming process a variety of rhythmic and melodic pieces emerged.  To pull the eleven compositions together with some idea harmonic intervals were used.  Harmonic intervals measure the distance between two sounds or notes.  If "C" is the sun, the increasing intervals represent planets or asteroid at progressively farther distances from the sun.  Oddly the sounds correspond to some common ideas about the planets from Greek and Roman mythology.



The entire arts infused project, partnering Music, French, Math, Art and Science can be seen in the grade three room.  And for the lucky mom's, you will be shown the final result of months of work at the Mother's Day Tea presentation.


Ms. Seneshen

Music Specialist

Costa Rican Adventures
Just prior to Spring Break, Urban Academy Uptown Students journeyed to Costa Rica to explore, learn, serve and discover the beautiful country of Costa Rica. As part of their adventures they went on an adventure walk that made a lasting impression on many of the students. Thirteen senior UA students, one alumnus, two parents and two teachers gathered rocks, sticks and leaves on the walk through Costa Rican rainforest from the Main House to the Classroom at Rancho Mastatal. They reflected on their experience visiting a sustainable living centre: 
What "rocked"? 
* Hiking through the rainforest to swim in a stream with a waterfall.  
* Learning to surf in the warm, Pacific Ocean from skilled instructors - and their children. 
* Juan-Lužs, the local cocoa farmer's chocolates. 
* Our knowledgeable, insightful, patient, and caring tour guide, Scott.  
What will "stick" with us?  
* An understanding of how the living choices we make have an impact on our environment.  
* The appreciation circle at dinner as a time to share moments of gratitude with other interns, visitors, and workers at the Ranch. 
* The beautiful biodiversity of Costa Rica - to name a few: toucans, tree frogs, geckos, iguanas, monkeys, cashew trees, and coconut palms. 
* The stories of Ticos (Costa Ricans) and Gringos (travellers) living in Mastatal.  
What we "leaf-ed" behind 
* Our own service at the Ranch: raking a trail in the rain forest to prevent dangerous encounters with snakes, potting plants for an agro-forestry project, preparing Ginger Ale, and building a bathroom wall using cob. 
* Revitalized screen doors in a Costa Rican senior's residence that we helped repair.  
* Our own energy in the composting and biodigester toilets - whose fuel was used to prepare our meals! 
Team Costa Rica Presenting Their Reflections At Artastic
Thank you to all those who supported this enriching experience for members of the Travel and Service Club. Pura vida!  
Ms. Spencer and Ms. Herman 
Urban Academy Uptown Teachers 
Aspiring to Uptown Artastic Showcase!
Grades 4's and 5's Get A Peek At Their Future
The Grade 4 and 5 students had the pleasure of having a private tour of the Artastic art show at our Uptown campus. Our Fine Arts specialist, Ms. Spencer, kindly took the time to show us around their beautiful exhibit.  She explained to us the different projects in the display.

The Grade 4/5 students were given the assignment of picking a piece of artwork that they connected with. They were asked to sketch it and write a bit about why (in terms of the elements and principles of art and design) they liked the piece.



















This was a very valuable experience for all of our students. They were able to take time to observe the works thoroughly and just be in the space. We really enjoyed our visit to this fantastic exhibit at our Senior school. 


Ms. Budd
Grade 4/5 Teacher  

EventsEvent Update
A big thank you to everyone who has already stepped in to helped plan, set up, or participate in UA events! Please mark your calendars for these upcoming events:
May 2014
9th: Mother's Day Tea (formal uniform)
14th-16th: Grades 2-8 Camping Trip
19th: Victoria Day Holiday (No School)
14th: Report Cards Go Home
22nd: Senior Spring Play - Midsummer Night's Dream
23rd: Personal Safety & Sexual Health Education (K- Grade 3) 
30th: Junior Spring Play - Uptown Downtown
June 2014 
12th: Father's Day Sports Extravaganza (Robson)
20th: Parent Volunteer Appreciation Night
25th: Report Cards Sent Home & Last Day of Classes