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January 14th, 2014 Edition

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Upcoming Career Services Workshops & Panels
Start the new year off strong by attending these events!

Resume and Cover Letter Writing: 
Tailoring Your Professional Documents for Success
Thursday, January 23rd, 2014  from  2:30pm - 3:30pm in Rowley G211
Resumes and cover letters are typically an employer's first glance into who you are as a professional. Make the right impression and get that interview by tailoring your documents to reflect your past experiences and skills in a way that potential employers will notice and care about. In addition to covering the most important elements of constructing, refining, and perfecting your professional documents, this workshop will focus on tailoring your documents for job search success!


Connecting the Dots: Health Promotions Panel Discussion 
Monday, January 27th, 2014  from 6:00pm - 7:30pm in the Reinsch Library Boardroom
In today's world, we are seeing a rise in the demand for health education/promotion, fitness,
 and wellness services. Are you interested in a career in health education, health promotion, or wellness? Curious about what these terms mean and
 what kinds of jobs are associated with these growing and in-demand fields? Come to this panel to learn from and speak with some industry experts and alums with first-hand experience working in these hot occupations.


Business School Night

Thursday, January 30th, 2014 from 4:30pm - 6:30pm in the Ballston Conference Center
Thinking about going back to school to get your MBA or a specialized degree in the fields of Computer Science, IT or Cybersecurity? Then this event is for you! This two-part event will start with an interactive panel of faculty members and current professionals who pursued a graduate business education and who are eager to share their insights and advice about making an informed and meaningful decision about pursuing graduate school in a business or technology related field. The panel will be followed by an hour-long educational workshop about navigating the path to business school, which will include information on business school admissions and preparing for the GMAT exam. This workshop will be led by a professionally trained Kaplan Test Prep Faculty Member and will offer students key insights into the business school admissions process, up-to-date information about the GMAT Exam, and free study materials and resources so that everyone leaves with all the information they need to make an informed next step! 
Plan Ahead
Build Relationships and Advance Your Career
Why proactive networking is essential to a successful career

Networking is not a mere exchange of business cards nor is it bragging about yourself or begging for help from people you barely know. Successful networking is about building relationships on the basis of trust that involves a give and take.  It is about teaching people who you are and what kind of opportunities to send your way and then it's about listening closely to others so that you can also help people accomplish their goals.


Most people wait to build their network until after a career crisis hits them and then scramble to make contacts and find a new job. Because this style of networking comes across as desperate and insincere, it is doomed to failure. You should already have an effective network in place that can help you in such a situation.  More importantly, you should never stop networking once you get a job.  Not only does networking help you find a job, but if you want to grow in your career you need to network within your current company and outside your workplace. Your network, once efficiently in place, becomes not only something you maintain on a regular basis like a chore, but it becomes a part of your lifestyle.


So, how do you start?  Whether the goal of your networking effort is to find a job, change jobs or grow on the job, it is essential that you strategize accordingly and develop a clear plan. Who are the right people to help you achieve this goal and how can you develop a relationship with them?  Once you have identified the population you want to connect with, organize and focus how you will get involved with that group.  For example, don't join a professional organization and then volunteer to be on every committee.  Pick one or two and get involved so that you really have the chance to get to know people and they really have an opportunity and a forum to get to know you. Finally, follow up with the people you meet.  After you have a conversation with someone, take some notes on the back of their business card to remind you of what you talked about and follow up with an email or a LinkedIn invitation reiterating some of the key points from the discussion. Once you have established the connection, remind yourself to follow up periodically, ask questions, and respond with helpful information or interesting resources you both share an interest in.  Frequent and thoughtful engagement goes a long way in maintaining a healthy relationship!


Want to Develop Your Networking Strategy?

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