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December 10th, 2013 Edition

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Make the Most of Career Services!
Things to know for the end of the semester and next year

Too overwhelmed with exams to make it to our office in the next week? Don't worry! The Center for Career Services will be open through Friday, December 20th, 2013.  Call 703-284-5960 to set up an appointment.  We will also be in the office the week before Spring 2014 classes begin, so if you are back in the area early, start the new year off right and come see us before your schedule gets too busy!
This fall, Career Services offered FIVE student groups $50 in financial support so
 that they could host a well-funded, career-related event for their club.  Want to be
 the next organization to receive FREE MONEY for a spring 2014 career-related event? Learn more about how to partner with us here!

Career Services has already lined up a jam packed calendar of career-related workshops and events for next semester. Take a look at the upcoming industry panels and mark your calendars for our educational workshops now!  See the full list of Spring 2014 Career Services Events here.
Are your Career Plans "Green" or "Sustainable"?
Understanding how our jobs can help create a greener and more sustainable future

Green and sustainability jobs don't just include occupations like solar panel designer or wind generator installer.  In fact, green jobs, as defined by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, are jobs "that produce goods or services that benefit the environment or use fewer natural resources".  What this means is that any job where people are making decisions about what resources to consume -- from simple items like ordering office supplies to complex items like product development -- are green jobs.  

Green jobs should be understood as a subset of sustainability jobs -- a concept that revolves around making smarter decisions so that our society can have healthy ecosystems, an improved quality of life, and vibrant economies.  As such, sustainability jobs span all types of companies, non-profits and government entities, and encompass a very large realm of environmentally and socially responsible professional career pathways.

To obtain more quality information about green and sustainability career pathways and job openings, check out this resource list that was obtained from the
National Career Development Association website that compiles over five dozen sources of information for use on college campuses across the country! Discover how your career path can have a green or sustainable impact by meeting with a career coach today so you can start articulating this to potential employers.

*Article adapted from a 12/1/13 online article from
Center for Career Services
Suite 1005, Rowley Hall
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