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Make the most of your SUMMER internship!

Congrats! You made it through the interview process and have landed yourself a summer internship. As you finish up the semester and prepare for a jam-packed summer of meeting new people, learning about your chosen industry, and discovering what you really want out of a future career, keep in mind that there are a number of things that you can do (and be aware of ahead of time!) to make sure you're getting the most out of your internship experience.

It is important to know that not all internship experiences are the same - while some are very structured with clearly defined duties and project work, others can lack structure and require you to take a strong lead. Thus, the first two weeks of an internship are crucial in setting expectations and establishing your path to success. Here are a few tips to get you started:


1. Take control immediately by mastering the basics
Even though the first few days/weeks of an internship often require you to take a back seat and learn from observation, there are some things you are in control of right off the bat: your professional dress and appearance; your use of appropriate language and email/office etiquette; showing up to work fresh, energetic, and ready to give 110%; actively  participating in work events and collaborating with other staff members as a team player.


2. Think of your internship as an extended job interview

Many internships will offer full-time jobs to recent graduates at the end of the internship program. Thus, if you think you want a permanent role in the company, your internship is the best time to prove to your supervisors that you're the right choice! Even if you don't get a job offer straight away, you can still build up contacts for later in your career.


3. Be aware that failing to plan is planning to fail 

The internship will be over before you know it, so it's important you plan exactly what you want to get out of it. By letting your manager know upfront what you want to do, it will be a lot easier to design a program tailored to your interests. Try to set up brief weekly meetings with your manager so you can update them on your progress or flag any concerns you have.


4. Be realistic in what you want to achieve, and have a daily plan

Even though it is difficult to deliver a major project to the company in just a few short months, you should look to add value in any way you can. Tagging along to meetings is a great way to find out what your manager actually does all day and to discover what problems they face and how they deal with them. Offer to record the meeting minutes and send them to your manager afterward. This will help keep you in-the-know and will get you well-acquainted with the different stakeholders and the steps required to complete a project in the company.


For additional tips and support, come see us or set up a phone appointment ASAP!

MU Alumni Tweet About their Careers! 
Over the past academic year, a variety of Marymount Alumni have generously offered to "tweet" throughout a day in the life of their particular career @MUCareerInADay as a way of sharing an inside  perspective on what it is really like to have their job.  In addition to describing their experiences, some of them even link out to helpful sites and share photos to enhance their posts!  Check out the @MUCareerInADay Alumni Contributors below and what they currently do - if you think you might be interested, click on the link to see a compilation of their tweets!  New contributors are added periodically, so check back on this site for updates soon!

Charlie Coe

Current Title & Career Industry: Manager of Software Development, Software Development
Current Employer: Ellucian

Graduated from Marymount in 1983 with a degree in Human Resource Development


Jeanette Arthur

Current Title & Career Industry: Special Events & Operations Manager, Non-Profit

Current Employer: Fairmont Park Conservancy

Graduated from Marymount in 1995 with a BA in Liberal Arts


Lauren Prause

Current Title & Career Industry: Assistant Director of Reunion Giving, Non-Profit Development

Current Employer: Yale University

Graduated from Marymount in 1998 with a BA in Politics


Rebecca Proznick

Current Title & Career Industry: Study Abroad Coordinator, International Education

Current Employer: Marymount University

Graduated from Marymount in 2002 with a BA in History


Crystal Foley

Current Title & Career Industry: Special Education Teacher, Education

Current Employer: Stafford County Public Schools

Graduated from Marymount in 2006 with a BA in Liberal Studies

Student Employment
  postings have moved to Jobs4Saints
Although many summer campus employment positions have already been filled, there are a few positions that are currently hiring and new positions may be posted in the next couple of weeks!
Log on to Jobs4Saints and search for Student Employment by position type to see the opportunities available to you!

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The Center for Career Service's Career Ambassadors are out and about on campus this semester, interviewing MU students about their internship experiences so that all of us can get a better idea of the diverse and unique things our fellow Saints are up to. 
Click HERE to check out our current posts and don't forget to visit the blog regularly for new stories!

Have an internship experience you want to share? Let our career ambassadors know by emailing  Who knows, you may be our next feature!

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Keep it Professional
Your Bi-Weekly Tip to Making a
Positive Impression

Regardless of how hard you have worked to score your upcoming summer internship, do not assume that by landing the internship the hard work of impressing your employer is over! Instead, remember to treat your internship like an extended job interview. Employers will remember and spread the word to colleagues about their interns - especially those who show up late, dress inappropriately, take long lunches, and/or have the wrong attitude!   Do the work to become aware of expectations right at the beginning of your internship so that you can avoid making a negative impression and ensure the development of a positive professional reputation for yourself. 

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  Tips for Finding a Mentor During your Summer Internship

Connector Career Byte   

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