Dear, B.YOUtees,

Happy April and Happy Spring Break to those who are traveling this week!  We are very excited to offer our first-ever online class library to our VIB's during Spring Break. We hope you are enjoying the videos and look forward to your feedback so that we can improve and grow. With our recent MyZone addition, mobile app, online classes, and a new website in the works, we are busy, busy keeping B.YOU all that is modern and fun!  But that's not all...we are very excited to announce we will be launching a BRAND NEW class, B.Bounce, a trampoline fitness class, in just a few months.  We want you to know that no matter what your fitness goals, no matter what fitness level, YOU will never get bored with your workout at B.YOU.  We are committed to keeping it fun, keeping it interesting, and keeping it REAL.  

Rashna & Stephanie 

We are thrilled to launch our first-ever online classes to our VIBs this week for Spring Break! We sent the login information via email, so if you are a VIB and did not receive this message, please notify us at [email protected]

1st place:  Toni Aulick with 8,038 calories
2nd place: Tammy Moorman with 7,692 calories
3rd place: Christie Lee Scott with 6,308 calories

Congratulations to our winners and everyone who participated!  The top 10 participants burned more than 60,000 calories in just 2 weeks!  

Our top Inspire-ers burned more than 30,000 calories! Here are the top 3 burners..
1st place:  Rashna with 8,363 calories
2nd place:  Elizabeth with 6,284 calories
3rd place:  Stephanie with 4,536 calories

Sunday, April 24th at 1:45pm
benefitting Crohn's & Colitis Foundation of America
B.Barre {b} with Ruth at B.YOU Springhurst

Welcome to the #500Circle
Mara Legere


Welcome to the #250Circle

Lisa Wells
Jenny McChesney
Allison Stickland
Erin-Trager Kusman
Deb Flowers
Taylor Parker
Christina John
Kimberly Robinson

Welcome to the #100Circle!

Elizabeth Harlament
Erica Parsley
Elizabeth Cassady
Burcum Keeton
Hope Pitman
Janis Young
Patty West
Morgan Pearson
Lucy Hammond
Stacy Shaffer
Christie Lee Scott
Erin Francis
Ashley Frey
Kelly Scott

Congrats B.YOUtees!

Dedicated client, Lisa Causarano, opened a fabYOUlous new blowout bar, Dry Bar!

Mary Reisert, will be relocating to Austin, TX.  We will miss you!

Kate Meuter Bigg had her baby girl!

Christy Waltrip, Brittany Brown and Lauren Gross will all be getting married this month. You will all make B.YOUtiful brides!
B.YOU Staff Announcements!

Stephanie Bristow, Emmi Howard, Ashley Smith, Sarah Cupkovic, Michelle Lane and Katherine
announced their pregnancies!

Please keep Emily Hughes in your prayers as her mom recovers from a major surgery.

Elizabeth Augustus and her husband will be relocating to Colorado in July. Also, Kerry Spears and her husband will be relocating to Florida. They will missed dearly by their B.YOU family, but we wish them the very best! 

  "As I think of my feelings for B.YOU, the theme song for the TV show "Cheers" comes to my mind. The environment at the studio is always one of fun, laughter, friendship, loads of positive encouragement, upbeat music, and sweat! It has always been a struggle to find an exercise plan that not only worked for me, but was enjoyable as well. After recovering from a major surgery, I decided to try a week of classes at B.YOU. Admittedly, I was sure it would be like any other place where I would be just another face in the crowd. I couldn't have been more wrong! From the moment I stepped through the doors I was welcomed by name, encouraged by the instructor, and followed up with in the next day or so. All of this interaction was extremely genuine. I am nearing my one year anniversary at B.YOU. I have never been in better shape than I am right now. While getting in shape was my initial draw to B.YOU, there is so much more that brings me back for each class. I have gained strength, self confidence, and sweet friends. So if you "wanna go where everybody knows your name and are always glad you came", then I encourage you to visit B.YOU!" - Tricia Donaldson

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