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We hope you had a fantastic 4th of July weekend!  We love that so many of you stay committed to your fitness routine and filled the classes over the holiday weekend!  We kicked off the fireworks bright and early on Saturday with our Sexy Back Grand Finale during our Outdoor Sweat Sesh!  WOW, we are so very proud of how strong you ladies have become after doing a 4 minute plank during EVERY class in June!  And now, we get to challenge ourselves again all month long with our annual B.Driven JULY CHALLENGE.   Get ready for an energized, motivating month at B.YOU :) 

Rashna & Stephanie 
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B.Driven JULY Challenge
21 Classes in 31 Days

We love all the energy in the studio this month as we challenge one another to achieve 21 classes in 31 days!!  Do you want to participate in the challenge, but your schedule won't allow it?  Then check this out...we are giving you an opportunity to earn class tallies every Monday by sharing what motivates you!  Not in the challenge?  Earn $5 Boutique Bucks every Friday by sharing!  

B.Heartful for the YMCA Safe Place
July 26th at 12:30pm, Springhurst

V.I.B + 100Circle Poolside Party
July 30th at 4pm


Welcome to all who have reached the #500Circle

Cherri Schnautz
Alison Tucker
Christy Waltrip
Abby Johnson

Welcome to the #250Circle

Laura Schuhmann
Lizzie Cohen
Mady Mitchell
Robin Miller 
Toni Aulick 
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Welcome to the #100Circle!
Erin Erwin 
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NEW Class Time!

Join Sarah Cupkovic on Wednesdays and Fridays at 3pm at B.YOU Springhurst

Inspire-er News!

We have another baby on board -- Congrats to Brittany Trentham!

Happy Birthday Paige Buckwalter!!

We will miss YOU!
We wish Alexandra Dowd the best on her move to Atlanta, but your B.YOU Family will miss you!!! 

Congrats Beautees!!!!
Amy Calabrase
who had a baby boy!

Laura Singleton
who got married!

Erika Furlong
who had a baby boy!

Katie Morrison who recently got married!

Laurie Horner
who rocked out a 19 minute plank at a recent Louisville plank challenge and WON! #umthatssexybackx5

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I was born and raised in Lexington, KY. I have one older sister, now in Chicago (who is going to make me an aunt this coming August, yay!) and a half brother in Atlanta. After graduating high school, I went to Georgetown College, not very far from home. I started off cheerleading there then switched to the dance team. I loved cheering on those TIGERS! In 2007, I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology. I decided to further my education and went on to Eastern Kentucky University where I received my Master's Degree in Education, specializing in School Counseling. That following fall, after a day out at Keeneland, I was lucky enough to meet the man of dreams, Brandon. We packed up our dogs and moved to Louisville for our careers, two years ago. He popped the question shortly after the move, and we recently got married on June 6th! It really was the happiest day of our lives and I'm incredibly excited to be Mrs. Smith now! J


Life Outside of B.You:

Outside of the studio, I'm a full-time high school counselor. I have worked in Shelby County schools for the past three years. However, I recently accepted a school counselor position with Oldham County schools beginning this school year, which I am beyond ecstatic about! I am extremely passionate about the work that I do with students by helping them reach their full potential. I truly value my career and the opportunity I have to positively impact our kids each and every day.

Outside of my career, I love to travel! Brandon and I recently went to the Dominican Republic for our honeymoon and had a blast swimming with dolphins, horse-back riding on the beach, and taking a catamaran out to a spa on the ocean. I enjoy exploring new places, different cultures, and their local food. In addition to traveling, I love to be outdoors. Brandon introduced me to cycling not too long ago. I was so excited to get my first road bike and discover a new way of staying fit. We are still a part of the Bluegrass Cycling Club in Lexington and the Louisville Bicycle Club. I'm still working on beating my personal record of riding 54 miles straight, hoping to do my first century ride this coming year.


Fitness for Me:

I couldn't imagine a life without fitness. Ever since my mom started me in dance lessons at age 3, I have had a passion for staying active. It is a passion that I hope to instill in our future children someday. A great workout can completely turn your day around. If I've had a stressful day or maybe just having one of those blah days, working out always makes me feel better. After completing a good workout, I feel empowered and energized. Growing up, I continued to dance competitively until high school when I switched over to cheerleading. Then college came around and I loved it so much I continued cheerleading and dancing there as well. After college, I kept looking for new ways to stay in shape. I tried different gyms, every type of fitness class you could think of, and I liked mixing it up every now and again to keep it fun and challenging. I love group classes the best because you can stay focused and motivated by all the energy around you. When we moved to Louisville, and I came across B.YOU, I was so excited to try it out. It didn't take long before I knew this was the place for me. The positivity around you, from both the clients and instructors, is contagious!



When I lived in Lexington, I had taught a different type of barre method there and enjoyed the experience. Moving to Louisville, I really missed teaching classes. When I first came to B.YOU, they were posting about inspirer auditions and I knew this was my chance to get back into something that I love to do. I was so excited to go through the certification process with some amazing women and get the opportunity to start teaching again. Just like working out can turn your day around, so can teaching these classes! There were a few times I would come in to teach, from having a very long day at work, and it would completely change my mood. Seeing each one of you push yourself a little harder than yesterday or close your eyes to really connect your mind to muscle is so motivating. Our clients inspire us just as much as we hope to inspire each one of you. When you come to my classes, I want you to be selfish for that hour. I hope you are able to leave your stressors or to-do lists at the door while you're in class, and just be in the moment, focusing on your strength and goals. After class, I hope you leave feeling re-energized, empowered, and stronger. To be surrounded by other women who are also determined to better themselves and build one another up along the way is a gift. All of these things make teaching at B.YOU so rewarding and I am thankful to be a part of such an amazing community!