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     Bryant Products has the answers to your conveyor component design problems and needs. If you are looking for superior designs for the roller, pulley, takeup, and friction coatings used in your systems, look no further.  

     We are a collection of creative, knowledgeable, and talented individuals focused on the design and production of conveyor components and custom products and coatings for industry.  

February 2014
Things that you want to last?
Your machined rollers, of course!

Bryant is now offering replaceable, precision grade mine duty bearings used in CEMA grade idlers.

Save the cost of replacing an entire roller - replace just the bearings!
  • retained bearing ensures bearings will stay in the rollers even upon impact or when subject to vibrations
  • the precision, sealed bearing runs smoother and longer than commercial grade bearings
  • the triple seals provides protection from contamination


Some of the feedback we have gotten from gypsum plants using these bearings:


"so far it is nothing but good...they look brand new"


"I have checked the rollers myself...there is no radial or end play, no sign of fatigue" 


Something that you don't want to last?


Our new catalog is available as PDF download - click here for your copy!

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