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Some companies measure runout over the end discs and call it TIR. It isn't - we provide rollers with true TIR as low as .003.
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     Bryant Products has the answers to your conveyor component design problems and needs. If you are looking for superior designs for the roller, pulley, takeup, and friction coatings used in your systems, look no further.  

     We are a collection of creative, knowledgeable, and talented individuals focused on the design and production of conveyor components and custom products and coatings for industry.  

Far Beyond Stock Components!
Far Beyond Stock Components video

June 2013
The Earth isn't flat, so why would your rollers be?

flat earth
"Precision" rollers come with poor runout with no concern for bowing, ovality, and straightness.

Non precision boardline rollers on the wet side of the gypsum line cause the board to fluctuate during the crystallizing and drying process. This affects the strength and flatness of the board.

In addition, the poor run out results in bearing failure for a variety of reasons, including "wallowing out," when the plastic ends push in.
Bryant Precision Roller with Replaceable Bearing


Enter Bryant's high precision rollers with replaceable bearing cartridges.

Bryant rollers can be specified with TIRs as low as .003.

We make gypsum rollers standard with a replaceable cartridge bearing that has an L10 life - 8 years at a 200 lb load!
Replaceable cartridge bearing

Bryant offers a CEMA E mine duty rated bearing in a replaceable cartridge. It's not just for wet, sloppy gypsum conveyors, but anywhere contaminants are an issue.

Replace your bearing - not your entire roller!

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