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Why do we work? By John Crea
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Feeling the Love

We start 2014 with many changes effecting both staff and clients due to funding changes with 245D, the new licensing rules. Minnesota Public Radio published an article highlighting David, a client at Merrick, and how the changes could potentially reshape his funding and how many days he can attend Merrick. Read the full article here: http://bit.ly/MPRMerrick245D

Under the stress of abiding by new regulations, figuring out the new paperwork, and coping with a new "normal", the love for providing services to adults with disabilities keeps everyone going. 


Support Service Coordinator Dede Hauck summed it up well with an email she sent to Merrick staff with some funny work-related happenings including this story:

I was working on EUMR (Emergency Use of Manual Restraint) reports, new paperwork for 245D, and Peg, a client who likes to keep "in the know" came in to my office to see what I was doing. She saw the word "emergency" on one of my reports. She asked if she could help as I looked a bit stressed. Kiddingly, I answered, "Sure!" So she picked up the phone and started to dial 9-1-1.  

The ever-helpful Peg, a client at Merrick, working on address labels
The stress relief from the paperwork, the new regulations, and all that other "stuff", is in living in the moment, feeling the love of working in the human services field, and knowing we have supporters like you that keeps us going.
Why do we work? By John Crea
Money makes the world go around, they say. And unless we were born with a silver spoon in our mouth, the way we get the money we need is to work for it. Our paychecks provide the money needed for life's most basic needs (food, clothing, shelter), and with any luck there's a little left over for less essential, but still important needs (like entertainment and vacations). Why do we go to work each day? That's simple - for the paycheck!
But there's a lot more to it than that. Most of us feel an obligation to work. If we are not working, we are not supporting our families, and we are not contributing members of society. This was ingrained at an early age as we watched our parents go through life. And for us as youngsters, one thing was absolutely clear - you go to school! You go to school so you'll be ready to go to work - this was just understood.

So, once we reach adulthood, it's off to work we go. The type of work we do is very important, as certain occupations command more prestige than others. How high we climb up the corporate ladder is very important, as our job title impacts both prestige and paycheck. And for some of us, our occupation becomes our very identity - Dr. Kildare, Officer Krupke.

But whatever profession we choose, whatever line of work we follow, the simple fact that we are out there working for a living is even more important than our specific job title. By showing up at work each day and giving it our best, we are contributing what we can to the tribe, our personal circle of friends and family.

I think you know where I'm going with all of this. If this is true for everyone reading this newsletter (the staff at Merrick, our Board of Trustees, friends of the organization) it is equally true for the clients.
The clients understand the importance of work. They understand, intuitively, concepts like prestige and self-esteem. And above all else - they understand paychecks!

Merrick is always looking for new work for the clients - light assembly, kitting, packaging - almost anything requiring manual labor. As you travel through your lives, at work and at play, and as you make connections with the friends and family within your tribe, please remember the clients we serve, and all the reasons work is so important to them.

Thank you! 
Bowl-A-Thon registration now open 
Please join us as a bowler, cheerleader, or supporter for the
12th Annual Bowl-A-Thon on March 23rd from 9-11:30 a.m. at Flaherty's Arden Bowl!
Clients, staff, supporters,friends, and family are all welcome to participate! Please sign up today! 

The BAT makes it easy to support the work of empowering adults with disabilities with several giving options available. From Elite, to Lane, to individual bowler sponsorships, and don't forget donations of auction items or services, there is a giving level for everyone. 

Register Now

Client Corner | Art Therapy


Clients participate in art therapy
Clients enjoying art therapy

Art therapy is one of the ways we offer life enrichment to clients. Your donations help support the many therapies that provide clients with projects like the one shown above. These therapies provide experiences that increase well being, independence, and contributions to the community. Please consider making a donation today to help fund these programs for the clients at Merrick. 

art bar horizontal
Thank you for your continued support of Merrick, Inc.