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Golden Gala
Client Awards
Client Spotlight | Troy C.
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Accurate Component Sales, Inc.
Accurate Component Sales, Inc.
Accurate Component Sales, Inc., is a fastener distributor that not only supplies standard and specialty fasteners, but also adhesives, stampings, springs, hinges, plastic, molded rubber, and screw machined parts. They commonly provide kitting jobs for the clients here at Merrick.
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Summer's End

As September approaches, Merrick is buzzing with talk of plans for the end of the summer such as attending the Minnesota State Fair or having last minute gatherings with family and friends. As staff and clients close out the summer, they are staying busy here at Merrick with various projects and fast approaching events.

Clients at State Fair
Clients enjoy the 2012 State Fair and look forward to attending this year!

In this issue: 

  • We celebrate the online launching of Merrick Paper Products; 
  • See what to expect at this year's Golden Gala; 
  • Recap the Client Awards Ceremony; and 
  • Wrap up with a spotlight story on Troy C., who is always willing to put in the extra two cents with a smile on his face!

Thank you for your continued support! 

Merrick Paper Products


Evan loading the paper into the trucks


Merrick Paper Products (MPP) is a social enterprise that was started in 2011 when we were awarded a contract to sell copy paper to all State offices in Minnesota. That contract has been renewed twice and we are now launching an online service to local businesses. We only sell copy paper made in Minnesota and our distributor is Wilcox Paper out of Champlin. As a social enterprise, MPP operates as its own unit within Merrick to both create work opportunities for clients and generate some excess revenue to offset declining government reimbursement. We offer competitive pricing on a variety of paper products, next day delivery, convenient online ordering of five cartons to multiple pallets, and free delivery within three business days. If you are a local business, and would like to compare our prices, please contact Marissa Jenson at 651.789.6218 or marissaj@merrickinc.org.

Golden Gala
This year's Golden Gala will take place on Friday, October 11th at The Prom Center in Oakdale MN. The theme for this year, following our three-year plan of past-present-future, is Celebrating our Present...I have a gift. Merrick will be spotlighting the book entitled Princess Sophia's Gifts by Diane Hovey and incorporate it into this year's theme. Princess Sophia's Gifts is based on the true story of Diane's daughter Sonia, a client at Merrick, who is disabled due to a tragic childhood accident. However, from this accident, the family has discovered the gifts of joy and wisdom that Sonia brings to others.  Integrating this into the event, we are asking guests to dress in a manner that expresses the gifts they have to share or have been given. As an example, if you are musically gifted come dressed as singer, composer, or musician. If you are a peacemaker come dressed as a Nobel Laureate, diplomat, or referee. If you are an amazing cook come dressed as a famous chef.  If you are patient as a Saint come dressed as - you guessed it - your favorite Saint or other person known for their patience. We will give more examples in future messages so that you can give some thought to your evening attire. Last year we had a number of guests come dressed in 60's attire that added a fun element to the event and we hope even more will have fun with it this year. It will be interesting to see if JWB can bring Zubaz into his gift attire?
Save the Date!
Come Celebrate Our Present with us at this year's Golden Gala!


Client Awards
David receiving his award
David receiving his award for 35 years with Merrick


On Thursday, August 8th and Thursday, August 15th, 48 clients at Merrick received recognition awards for their years of service to the company. The awards are given out for every five years of service ranging from five to 45 years. This year, Patty M. received her 45 years of service award. Every client was excited to receive their award and proudly stood displaying it as Colleen Timbers, Program Director, read a personalized description of their gifts and talents. Colleen incorporated a song title to each of the clients, fitting it perfectly to their individual personality or work ethics. There were thank you's said by the clients to the staff, van drivers, family, and friends. Each recipient had a cheering section and once again, Linda Studley was on hand to take a professional portrait of the award recipients. We are so grateful that Linda has volunteered her services for the last 12 years. Overall, the much anticipated event was a success and the clients on the list for next year are already looking forward to their turn.


Congratulations to all the clients who received awards! 
Troy C. | Individual Services

Troy C. came to Merrick in 2009 and was instantly liked by everyone as he spread his charm quickly throughout the program. He receives support through Individual Services, which focuses on job development, job training, intermittent job support, transportation, inclusion, and expanding social networks. Troy's two jobs, independent transportation, and ambition to be involved in politics personally demonstrates the focus of  Individual Services.


Troy drives to succeed in everything he does

Troy has been employed with Freedom Value Center in White Bear Lake since July 2009. He has been willing to pick up extra shifts since day one. His work tasks include: cleaning the bathrooms, cleaning the gas pumps, unloading the trucks, making pizzas, and setting up the deli area. Most recently, Troy was offered a second job at Glamos Wire Company in White Bear Lake where he works Monday, Wednesday and Friday. At Glamos, Troy's work include collecting the garbage throughout the warehouse, work floor and bathroom areas, cleaning the break room, and any other miscellaneous tasks asked of him. His supervisor says that Troy is a tremendous employee who has a great work ethic and comes to each shift with a smile on his face and a willingness to help out. He delivers amazing customer service due to his wonderful people skills---they come first!


When Troy is not working he enjoys fishing, camping, riding his motor scooter, watching wrestling, riding his bike, talking with neighbors, and spending time with family. He values civic responsibility and would like to become more active in politics. One of the ways he plans to do this is to help with the Ride-to-the-Polls project next election year as a rider assisting persons with disabilities. He also possesses a passion with the weather---keeping his eyes on the skies. Troy states that his drive to succeed comes from his mom and grandmother who taught him that life is important and not to take anything for granted! Overall, Troy is a wonderful person who enjoys a good day's work and helping others in need.

Troy diligently stacking the shelves
Troy works diligently as he re-stacks the shelves at Freedom Value Center.


Get to know more clients at Merrick with the client spotlight stories on our website: 


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