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~In This Issue~ July/August 2012
Economic case study shows 3 to 1 ROI
Second program site opened in late July
Client Spotlight | Melissa M.
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More than 70 area businesses are associated with Merrick through hiring a client directly, to employing a work crew, to having assembly work done at our 3210 location, to sponsoring our fundraisers. We are proud to be an integral part of the Twin Cities business community. 
We partner with: 
Warners' Stellian is Minnesota's retail appliance specialist. Family owned and operated for more than 50 years, Warners' Stellian provides an unmatched shopping experience with incomparable services at its seven store locations. Please support our business partners with your shopping dollars.  
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Thank you for your continued support of Merrick, Inc., and our mission to empower adults with disabilities through vocational and social opportunities, and to guide them toward realizing their goals and dreams. YOU make a difference in the lives of people with disabilities!
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Welcome to our 
growing season!  
With the summer heat in full force we are busy growing here at Merrick. We are thrilled to annouce the opening of our second 
site. Located in North St. Paul, this program will serve an additional 22 clients and created a promotional opportunity for 
one person (see who below!). We also welcomed three new 
employees this summer

We are doing our part to grow the local economy. A recently published study by local economist Dr. C. Ford Runge demonstrates how Merrick "gives back" by a three to one ratio. Read more on the study below with links to supporting materials. 

We hope your summer is bringing growth to your business and personal endeavors as well!  
Economic case study shows 3 to 1 ROI

The Disabilities Studies Quarterly recently published a study by Dr. C. Ford Runge, a parent of a client at Merrick and local economist. The study demonstrates how Merrick "gives back" nearly $3 in local economic benefit for every $1 of state and county funds invested in our program.


View the infographic created to explain the findings at:  http://bit.ly/ECSInfographic 


Additionally, a short video highlighting Merrick's supported employment programs and promoting the economic case study can be viewed online at: http://youtu.be/3ClMUR7s4rw 

Second program site opened in late July 

Through the teamwork and leadership of Finance and Development Director Mike Greenbaum and Program Director Colleen Timbers Merrick's Adult Day Services (ADS) program has been relocated and a new Memory Care Services (MCS) added to our operations. 

Frankly Center exterior
The new home of ADS and MCS

Contractors have been working hard for the last two months improving the space in the Franklyn Center located in downtown North St. Paul. Both staff and client input weighed heavily in the planned upgrades.

Paula and Laurie Lynn
Paula (right) and client Laurie Lynn share a smile


Six staff members and 27 clients made the move to the new site on July 30th. Full program capacity will serve 40 clients: 31 in the ADS program, and nine in the newly formed MCS. The company chose Paula Lindblom (Congrats Paula!) as the Support Service Coordinator to guide both programs. An open house to highlight the renovated space and celebrate our growth to two program locations will take place later this year. View photos of the space at: http://bit.ly/ADS_MCS_photo

Melissa M.| Warners' Stellian

Melissa M. says many who know her call her a social butterfly because of her outgoing personality and love for a good conversation. She definitely fits the description of a "people person" and loves making new friends as well as nourishing existing relationships. Melissa participates in two church classes, enjoys visiting her family, regularly goes out to eat with her long-time boyfriend Alex and relishes occasions when she gets to dress up. She loves to shop and has quite a collection of formal attire. She is also a sports enthusiast, along with being an athlete herself competing in several events for Special Olympics Minnesota. If you ever need to know a team's standing or when 

the next game is-just ask Melissa!

Warners Stellian crew
Melissa (center) with the Warners' Stellian team at the 2012 Golf Schamble

For the past five years, Melissa has been on a mobile work crew for Warners' Stellian. The crew travels to four locations: two in St. Paul, Falcon Heights, and Minneapolis. On the job, she cleans appliances, stocks and cleans bathrooms, locker rooms, and break rooms and assists with picking up plastic for recycling. Melissa says about her job, "I love my job because the people at Warners' are great. I feel like part of their family. We have pot lucks, go to baseball games, and have parties."


One of Melissa's motivations for work is familiar to many:
vacation time. She has a goal to see a baseball game at every major stadium in the U.S., and to visit the Statue of Liberty. Another goal Melissa is working towards is greater independence and to 
utilize public transportation for her commute to work. She 

is currently Metro Mobility certified and recently received her ID. 

With her outgoing personality, personal work ethic, and the support of Merrick those dreams and goals are well on their way

to becoming a reality


Get to know more clients of Merrick with the client spotlight 

stories on our website: http://bit.ly/clientspotlight 

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Thank you for your continued support of Merrick, Inc.